Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair


We are big fans of all things loopsy in our house with both of the girls having lots off different ones. This is the great thing about Lalaloopsy there is a huge range available and they are all based around rag dolls. The dolls all have buttons for eyes and looked like they are stitched together.

They started life as an 12 inch doll each with their own theme this is reflected in the material used and they each have a pet. The area Lalaloopsy tinies which can fit in any girls pockets and range from £5 so pocket money can be used!!!! They recently released Lalaloopsy Girls which is are a huge range of the dolls all with their own themes and stories who go to their academy for learning arts. Each one is designed around anything from baking to pirates There is a range of accessories available like remote controlled cars and scooters.

The new range of Lalaloopsy girls to hit the shops are crazy hair ones we had jewel sparkle to review. She is sewn from a real princesses dress and she is always ready for the ball. How your hair looks is always important when getting ready and Jewels Sparkles has hair that you can do all sorts with, the hair is bendy so there are lots of different styles that be created from curling to giving it some sparkle with glitter. The hair can go in water too. Comes with extra hair so she can have longer styles if wanted.  Her hair will also change colour when placed in water. This can be done over and over again for hours of fun. Comes with some accessories for the hair too. Available from £24.99.

Miracle Creams For Mothers Day…

One thing every woman loves is a good face cream. Whether its dry skin or eye bags, we all have our own gripes. The kind we want to cover in something that smells amazing in hopes it will make those little gripes feel a little less, well, gripey? 

I have an amazing selection to show you. All tried and tested and get the seal of approval from both me and my own Mother. And trust me, she knows her creams.

First we have the amazing Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum:


This is an amazing product. As soon as I had it out the box it really did just feel amazing.  It has been designed to Prevent and Protect skin from ageing. With this serum a little bit really does go along way, a pea size will cover the entire face, which for me has meant it has lasted ages. I still have plenty left, which is a relief.

“An exclusive complex of 10 active ingredients at full concentration, which makes this uniquely formulated serum an essential part of every skincare routine. Skin appears youthfully vibrant and radiant. Within a powerful moisturising gel-serum formula designed to protect and to repair, to soothe and to stimulate, to nourish and to defend… The Iconic Youth Serum™ is focused on using traditional ethnobotanical naturals together with the most recent high tech ingredients from cosmetic research, for maximum, sustained effect.

The serum contains echium oil (RevitElix™), which is a “repair- elixir” and natural source of omega 3-6-9 acids, and has been clinically tested to stimulate the production of dermal tissue proteins, soothe the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. ” 

This iconic youth serum really does everything it claims too. And with two small children and a really unique yet stressful life, it has been an amazing  experience to give this product a try. This 30ml serum retails for around £34.50 and can be found the John lewis and Debenhams as well as direct from the Merumaya website.

Next is a fabulous new boutique range from Angela Langford. Angela has worked tirelessly to create this fabulous all natural new range. A range that would make any Mother happy this Mothers day.


Myself and my lovely Mother had the chance to try something each from her Natural face oil range. Firstly, the packaging is amazing, each comes in a small pink organza pouches with instructions on how to use the item. I think doing it this way can make it feel so much more personal. Each homemade face oil is made naturally, and this really comes across in the overall product.

Not only does it smell incredible, because its an oil, a little bit really does go a long way. The effects have been great. My skin feels so soft and I have been left with a real glow. Having slightly sensitive skin, can often mean it goes dry and dull at the worst times, but with this face oil, thats a thing of the post. Angela langford has a fantastic range to choose from. From serums and face oils to cleansers and exfoliators.

The face oils we tried, retail at around £22.55 and can be found on the boutique online shop. Angela Langford has created such an amazing range, I hope you will join me in supporting her boutique brand.

Next is another natural brand Tiana Raw.


I am a huge fan of anything with coconut oil, so the Organic beauty sensations range from Tiana Raw looked fabulous. These little tubs start from £7.99 and go up to £17.99. The hair treatment is a great buy. It contains Argan oil which is incredible for making your hair feel amazing. I put my hair through loads so this was great.

With something for the older skin and the younger, Tiana Raw really do have something for everyone. Plus coconut smells amazing, and the smells really does stay around all day.

Then we have Ginvera green tea skincare.

Mothers Day Gift Set

 Ginvera are a huge brand in Singapore and now they are coming to the UK.

“Ginvera was created and centred on formulas based on traditional Asian ingredients and beauty rituals making these products, unique, niche and innovative.”

I had the BB cream to try, its for all year round and offers great SPF protection. I am not a huge makeup wearer, but as the BB cream is to be used in place of other things like foundation and concealer, this was a huge bonus. Its super easy to apply and just seems to look right on my face? It gives a really great flawless look to my face. Something which I have never found before. I find foundation to be heavy on my skin, like I have a mask on. But with the BB cream, my face breath. I dont feel like its about to melt away!

Givera have a fabulous range and great collections for mothers day. I think they will bring something really different into the UK makeup market. Its simple to use and cares for the skin. What more do you need?!

Lastly is that tried and tested brand Simple.

simple illuminateSimple is my go to brand when out and about. This new Illuminating radiance cream is great. I used it in conjunction with the facial cleanser and I think they go together really well. Simple have created something which is affordable yet looks and feels expensive. Something which is not easily done.

The cream was great for a bit of a boost come morning time and gave my face that lift it needed. I always often look tired so it was lovely to have something which was easily applied and worked instantly, meaning I could quickly get on with my day.

The Illuminating radiance cream retails for around £7.99 making it perfect for any budget.

Well, these are my miracle creams for Mothers day. Something for every budget and every skin type. Go on then, get shopping 😛

The Full Hair Chip Chop

Firstly, this is what happens when you’re four and you dress yourself……


So Pop’s has thick hair, like me, hence why I don’t have alot. So SHE decided to get it all chopped off, partly because she wanted to and partly because she hates having it brushed and put up, so off we went to our favourite hairdressers.

Long hair
Long hair
Back Chip Chop
Back Chip Chop
Side Chip Chop
Side Chip Chop
All the hair
All the hair

I was prepared for screaming and ear plugs being needed, however she sat the whole time without a peep. So here is the end product!!


Finding His Inner Woman…

So with having two girls the Husband has had to learn to find his inner woman and I fear he may be a little to much attuned!

I mean take the other morning for example, I timed how long it took to do my hair and it took me approx 3 minutes, yes I know…

How do I do it?! 

Well, it helps only having hair on a quarter of my head….

Anywhooooo, he then went to do his hair, I looked and I waited. I waited a whole 15 minutes before he was done?! 15 minutes to do less hair than I have?


I blame this whole having two girls thing, he is currently learning to do ponytails and one day, I hope to eventually teach him how to plat, however that is still a long way off…..

I fear that the fact he is getting the hang of having no bumps in a ponytail, means his hair should be equally as pretty?!

The next stage is matching clothes, I am sick of seeing dresses over jumpers and jeans!!!!!!!

Although I did okay socks and sandals the other day, due to the fact we were already running late, he even commented on the fact she was wearing socks and sandals.

He’ll be bloody crying at the news next.

Has your Husband managed to channel his inner woman?!

Say No To Snow-Hair!



So, unless you have been shut inside with the curtains closed (much like the people over the road) you will have noticed the snow, yes?

Then why the hell are some people still driving around with snow hair atop their cars?! 

We we driving along the bypass yesterday when someone’s snow hair blew off onto our windscreen, now if Hubby hadn’t of seen it coming we could of had an accident! Luckily we saw it and no harm was done, however this won’t always be the case. 

As well as the snow blowing off onto the person behind yous car, you could brake and it could come down onto your windscreen, then BANG, you cannot see!

Now all it takes is a quick sweep with a broom or something similar, should you not own a broom, which, to be fair who doesn’t own a broom?! 

Its not rocket science!

Also, Mr Police, why are you not doing anything?! Yes its cold but wear some long-johns and grow a pair man! 

Come on people, snow-hair will never catch on, give up trying!

snow car


Say NO to snow-hair!