The Innocence Of My Girls

They drive me mad, some days I just want to hide in the corner, away from the sticky hands and shrieking. 

But mostly, I just love them. For every bad day, there are many good, and the best thing is there innocence. Its something I will do my best to help them keep, so they can be carefree children for as long as they want to be…

It the bathtime fun:

innocence 1


The seemingly edible sand?!

innocence 6

The endless bouncing:


innocene 5

The cheeky tongue poking:

innocence 3

The static hair:

innocence 4

And the endless swinging:

innocence 2

That remind me of the innocence that both girls have and there love for everything and anything going. What reminds you of your kids innocence and love for life?! 

A Few Reasons to Smile

Through everything I do have three very important reasons to smile. Three very noisy but amazing reasons:

There they are, Hubby, Pops and Beboo. They keep me going everyday, they all show me love, in their own weird and wonderful ways, I might not be the most incredible mother or wife but I do my best and I love them all so much.

Without Hubby doing all the usual annoying man things, I mean take this conversation: Me ‘Oh you didn’t tell me you brought yourself new jeans’ Hubby ‘Oh? didn’t I?’ Me ‘No all you said was I got Beboo a coat’ Hubby ‘NO I didn’t I said I got Beboo’s coat!!!’ I mean come on? is that really different?! It still did not contain the word jeans.

With Pop’s I would be without the endless SHOUTING AT FULL VOLUME, about how she has the biggest biscuit in the world and how it a lovely day to eat cornflakes? She really is the funniest person I know. 

Beboo, well she is my little mummy’s girl, always got a smile for me and always wanting a cuddle. She makes me smile when I am fighting back the tears, she listens (because she can’t talk) It makes a big difference. 

Now my sister is working for me, as my career, or general dogsbody as she refers to herself. She hates photos so I will not include one. She helps me and by driving me mad on a daily basis, takes my mind off the bad stuff.

Now I have the blogging community. It has been nice to have an outlet, I hope every person who comes here and reads my blog enjoys it. It won’t always be nice, but neither is life!

So thank you to everyone who makes me smile and takes the time to read, laugh and share with me. My life is changing rapidly, some good, some bad. Least I have people to share it with 🙂