Vida Steam Mop


More and more people are having laminate or hard floors in their homes not just the lineo in the kitchen or bathroom and cleaning and sanitizing it rather than just pushing a mop round is becoming the norm. So the next problem is which steamer to buy is the next question. There are so many on the market for all price ranges.  

We found this steam mop from Vida at round £19.99 from ebuyer, great value for money. This is a fast chemical-free way to keep the floors clean and germ-free and is also environmentally friendly.

With muddy paws, wet feet coming in from the garden and just everyday household mess this lightweight mop does the trick. Its funky green and white design comes with a built in water tank and the handle extends for easier cleaning. It has a triangular shaped head so that it can get into the corners easily whilst swiveling at the same time. The power cable is 4.5 meters long which is great so that you can do a large space in one go without having to keep stopping and moving the plug

Simple to use put the cold water into its tank using the jug provided it heats up then your away, with the mop heating up to 120 degrees celsius so that you have the peace of mind that the mop is getting rid of all the dirt, grease bacteria and household dust mites using a micro-fiber cleaning pad. It all ready to use in about 18 seconds.

This is a fabulous product at a great price from Ebuyer.


BT Smart Cam 100

BT smart cam

This was a very well-built bit of kit, that is extremely easy to setup and use. All that is needed is the camera unit and the power supply that comes in the box, along with the user guide which is exceptionally simple to follow.

First you have to download the app to the devices that you want to run it on, this can be as many you as little as you want.  Plug in and turn on the BT Smart Cam 100 to the set up position. Then your mobile devices will use the wi-fi connection and find the BT Smart Cam and connect with it. Only now you open the app and select yes to connect.  Once you have completed this remember to switch the BT Smart Cam to camera. Its that simple.

Once your logged onto your BT home monitor account you can set up the camera to alert you to any motion or the fact that something might not be quite right back at home when you’re out and about giving you safe piece of mind.

You can log in online and see live video feed and recorded if needed and save the video to your device if something is happening at home.

The picture quality is brilliant in both normal light and infrared red and you also have the choice to have sound or not.

It can be mounted to a wall with screws and fittings provided or just left to stand on a side.

The wireless range is also great and 15 to 20 meters from the router.  There is a small delay in relaying the live picture but this does not have any effect on the use.

The camera has infrared LED’s that means that the vision in the dark is great, I found that you could clearly see about 5 meters in the dark and the picture was still as good in the day.

I feel that the BT Smart Cam 100 is an outstanding product, great as a gift for the tech loving person on birthdays or christmas or if you’re worrying about your home when you’re away at work or no holiday

I Just Need A Change…

So over the past few days we have been considering a move. I love my house, the area, the people, school, playgroup and being near town but at the same time, I just need a change.

I grew up in a small village, my Mother claims it didn’t do me any good going to a small school, however I really do beg to differ. I think growing up somewhere with so much community and having nothing but fields,and tress did me the world of good.

Granted at the time I didn’t see it like that, but now I do. I see how good it was for me growing up, to be in a place that was safe and almost cut off from everyone else.

I had freedom from the moment I could walk, to roam at my mums, build dens in the trees, play cricket and camp out at night and to explore the village without a worry. Looking back, it was bliss and its something I really want to try and give the girls.

For us there is so much to consider. I want to stay at my Doctors, have the same care and Nurse because I am comfortable and well looked after, I don’t want to loose that.

Then there is Pops. She has just started a new school, she is making friends and has strong bonds with the friends she has had since playgroup, so part of me is thinking we should stay close to town, but then 6 or 8 miles is not far and she can still see them, go over to play and have them over to us.

So its not a ‘real’ issue in a sense.

There’s so many reason to stay here, but then equally, there are the same number of reasons to go. I am really torn as to what is the best choice for us, but then I think we just need a change.

I need a change, I really do.


Not The Happiest Bunny….

I am really not the happiest bunny right now. In-fact I think only crude fart jokes will cheer me up, the mood I’m in. 

Firstly I really miss home. I love being at my home but I just miss my bed and my shower and my toilet roll. Yes the last one was meant to be in that list. Mother has the kind of toilet roll that your fingers go through, but that’s a  post for another day!

Then I miss Skye, she has gone to Nanny Stratfords as Mum and Dad have cats and Skye loves cat, in the eating kind of sense. So I am missing her big doggy cuddles right now.

Another is seeing my house in a state. Plaster dust, like I haven’t had enough of that recently when we had the mould work done. It gets everywhere and is simply impossible to get out.


Lastly and probably the biggest reason I am a moody, disinterested cow is the fact that I have a cold sore. I only ever get them when I am tired out and down, which I am. Only because I am ready for my next infusion of Tysabri, which was Monday. But due to the lovely uninvited guest that is crusting over on my lip, this cannot happen. 

This is more than sucky. This is fucked up. 

I have one because I need the damn drugs, but I cannot have the damn drugs because I have one? How?

I know why, but my stupid brain just cannot comprehend it.

They will put it back a week but if it has not gone or I have a stupid cold or such like, I will have to wait a month. A whole month. This scares me because I know my poor body needs this right now. Also because I am so tired, I need the boost. I enjoyed feeling slightly more human, and I really don’t think I am asking too much for wanting this again.

So, here goes me trying to live a week (I pray that is all) without the lovely, lovely drugs.

Watch this space but don’t stare at my face, the cold sore is rank.


Day One Away From Home!

So this week sees the start of kitchen gate, I sat on twitter watched as the man ripped apart the kitchen. We have come home to my mums as there really is no room in the house right now, the ‘white goods’ have all wondered there way into my front room. I ask you?! 

So this week I have decided to follow my week in photos, partly because I need to catch up on other blog stuff and to finish the first two chapters of my book and get them off to the appropriate people, I doubt I will get either of these things done, I can but hope!

So here goes…..

daddy driving pops and pop road to pebworth nannys house freedom at nannys off down the nursery pops and leafs leaf sniffing bunch of flowers eating the cone ice cream face mush face here comes chocolate beboo cone choc sauce


Well, that was the first day 🙂