Gtech AirRam, My New Best Friend.

We have been lucky enough to review a Gtech AirRam hoover and sweeper, the amazing cordless, lightweight vacuum cleaner, which really has changed the way we clean!

DSCF1465 We have had so much fun with these fab vacuums, it really has turned the cleaning into fun for everyone, even the four year old can do it!

For me hoovering had become something I was not really able to do, most vacuums, whilst they boast being lightweight are still incredibly heavy. Making the hoovering next to impossible for me to do. With the Gtech AirRam this is not the case, as well as being cordless they incredibly lightweight, even I can carry and use them on the stairs with ease, which is no mean feat trust me!

The AirRam Hoover was really easy to put together, simple easy to follow instructions so in a few clicks it was put together. The battery that comes with it needs a good charge before the first use, this can either be done whilst in the unit or on its own, which is great. I have to say I was really excited to use this, so I let the girls run wild then decided now was the time to give it a try.

I was more than impressed, I even tweeted about it, yes I know I now have a slight Vacuum obsession. It was so easy to use, a simple on and off button and away you go, the swivel on this vacuum is really something I have never seen before, no longer is it a mission to get into the corners!













With the added bonus of the handle for ease of carting it around the house, it was really amazing. I cannot tell you how nice it is to be able to do something like this again. Its even easier to empty and can be used on our wooden floors and carpets with no complicated changes.

I really cannot stress enough how easy the Gtech AirRam is to use, it might look small but it but really does have power behind it and picks up all the little bits lying around.


We also reviewed the Gtech AirRam sweeper, which look alot like the old fashioned push along sweepers, however this battery powered sweeper has become my new best friend, it is great for picking up the endless ‘bits’ the kids leave around. You know the kind, you clean turn around and then they have done it all over again? Yeh, the sweeper sorts that as it is no longer a missions to clean up the bits. It sits really easily in the charger and the battery lasts ages. Its compact and super lightweight with a really easy to empty filer. Even Pops loves to vacuum now, she seriously has a sweeper obsession!



We really do love the Gtech AirRam, for me it is a blessing and for the girls, its hours of cleaning fun 🙂

Head over to the website to find your nearest stockist, trust me, you won’t be disappointed!