Berrybee Cottage Dolls House

With the summer holidays looming and soon we will be thinking (dare I even say it) Christmas. I’m not ashamed to even say it that I am nearly sorted for Christmas with friends and family and the girls nearly sorted. but we are always up for new ideas for presents.

We were lucky enough to review the Berrybee Cottage Dolls House. It is really simple and easy to put together, they are no nails, screws or glue needed (apart from a couple to put the top 2 windows on) it is all put together with slots the instructions are easy to follow, but you do need someone else to hold an end, well I did anyway

bee 1

bee 3 bee 2

The Cottage is not only easy to put together but it is beautifully painted, there are 3 floors for the children to create endless games. The windows are a great touch with fabric curtains and shutters on the outside giving it a really quaint feel, with an opening front door and letterbox.All the doors windows and letter box are already attached. The front of the dolls house opens up. The roof panels open up to reveal the attic they can come off or can stay on while playing. There are a large number of windows which give a great feel to the house making it light.

bee 4 bee 5

There are many wooden accessories to go with the dolls house that are sold separately for people for the house, or furniture starting from £19.95 again well made and great for the girls to play with.

bee 6 bee 7

This really was a lovely doll’s house and it even inspired them to make a whole street with their other houses:


This really was a lovely doll’s house and it even inspired them to make a whole street with their other houses


Doc Mcstuffins, Doc Is In Playset.

doc 1

These last few weeks we have been trying out the new Doc Mcstuffins Doc is in clinic. The girls both love Doc Mcstuffins, however Boo seems to have adopted this new playset and it has become a very firm favourite. This two story playhouse comes with three figures and furniture a plenty!  With real sounds and stickers to make everything look that little bit more’real’ this set is worth its weight in gold.

doc 2

When buying larger sets like this I am a little bit of a skeptic. I worry the house will be flimsy (my girls can rip apart anything) and also the pieces going missing. I hate that.

However I was pleasantly surprised. The house is sturdy (it has traveled to two locations with us and it still in tact) and the pieces are all still present and correct. Its perfect for little hands and larger ones, heck we have even had a dog playing with this set. Everyone loves it and Boo has had hours of fun, on the first day she was literally quiet for hours.

The Doc is in clinic set comes with the Doc, Lambie and stuffy, as well as the aforementioned furniture. The entire set is ultra durable and with the back of the house being open, is makes for much more accessible play. Something the girls have loved.

The Doc McStuffins Doc is in Clinic retails for around £49.99 and it would be perfect for any Doc fan.

It has come with us on two holidays and is still going strong…

Doc 3










What Is With This Bedroom Tax?!

I don’t get it. Who decided the rules for this bedroom tax business? I mean, I am all for saving money and should we have had a “spare” room, I would be more than happy to live somewhere else, or loose the money.

What I don’t think people realise is that its not just the people with extra or spare rooms that are being affected.

We live in a three bedroomed house. So that’s myself, Hubby, Pops and Beboo. The girls have a room each, one of which is a TINY almost pointless room and me and Hubby share obviously.

We are deemed to have a spare room, because we have two girls. They can share.

Now, maybe then can, but why should they?! At some point they will need their own space.

But that is not the only reason I am mad and perplexed, no. The main reason is because this house is adapted for me.  Before we moved in in-fact. So on my worst days I can still function safely in the house, throw in the fact that due to my extreme fatigue, sometimes Hubby sleeps downstairs as I need to rest, so he is not always in our bed.

Same goes for me, when I relapse, I will stay downstairs, near the toilet as to not risk falling on the stairs.

People and their situations are not always so cut and dry,whoever it was who decided what makes a room “spare” needs to wake up and start living in the real world.

A lovely lady on twitter has been affected as she and her daughter has a two bedroomed house. Meaning they can share?!


Since when the hell was this seen as okay or normal?! 

This country is getting worse not better and so far, I have only seen the poor affected.