Taking A Stab In The Dark, Or The Arm.

Yeh, I forgot to post this. I started my injections again, to see if that is what is making me down.

A few weeks ago a injected myself a little too high up on my arm fat, here what it looks like when you do this:

bad arm


Yeh, not to good looking. By far the worst bit of this treatment is the after sting of the copaxone. The injection, I don’t feel, its the whole stingy burn after, it really gets me.

Also, I had real issues cutting my finger nails last night, not sight wise, I tend to push the clippers until I feel them on my skin. No, it was the not having the squeeze in my left hand to cut the fingers on my right!

Truly a depressing experience! 

Time To Put This Taboo To Bed!

I really think people need to put this whole taboo subject to bed. Forever.

Yes, I am talking about contraception, emergency contraception (EHC) and such like. From condoms to the pill, people have sex so these thing will always exist.


One of the biggest “face pullers” is the morning after pill, or EHC as it is also known.

Now I worked in pharmacy dispensing for a few years, in this pharmacy we offered said pill, for free. Everyone I worked with was very relaxed and never a face was pulled (unless I was attempting to eat a 5 pack of doughnuts or squashing myself under some drawers) even the pharmacists we had never made the person coming in for it feel embarrassed.

I myself have had EHC a few times, may moons ago. Mostly for genuine accidents but the odd one because I was a careless teen. Each time I went to a pharmacy I was never treated with respect, I was made to feel like a child and dirty for being there, when in-fact I was doing the right thing.

I was seeking help before I became another statistic. I was also in a proper relationship, never one for sleeping around. I till remember the last time I had it, I was still working in pharmacy myself, however went to a different one after work because we were mega busy. The lady was rude and treated me like I was wasting her time and money. When in actual fact, this wasn’t true. I informed her not to patronise me, as I knew she would be getting £25 for spending five minutes talking to me. Ha! Up yours you snotty bitch! 

The only place I ever felt comfortable was the local “Time4U” service in town. I have been going there since the age of 13, I realised when I went there today, I had been going 10 years then Hubs reminded me I can only use it for another two years.

I use it instead of the Doctors because its easy. No appointments or faffing, just in and out. The staff are always lovely and although I now feel like the oldest person in the room, I am glad I do use it, I can get my next injection with no hassle.

Going there today reminded me how great a service like this is and how people in normal pharmacies could learn a thing or two about treating people nicely. Maybe if they did, teenagers would be less afraid to get the morning after pill or by condoms, reducing teen pregnancies that little bit more.



Food for thought, no?!

Ergh, Is It Bedtime Yet?!

I. Am. Tired.

Not because I have been busy, no that would be easy. I am tired because I am full of drugs.

Today was day three of Copaxone, I am not going to keep count forever, I am sure the numbers will fall into the abyss somewhere down the line. But right now, its all new to me.

Today was the tum on my “bum fat” by this I mean love handles, but its joined to my bum so they call it bum fat.

It hurt, no, wait, it burned. 

Yup, Copaxone is a pretty owchy injection, the stabbing bit, I don’t really feel, its the after burn, that’s the real bitch.

Right now I feel quick sicky, got that horrible gaggy feeling at the back of my throat.


I didn’t think injecting myself would feel this “okay” but I am really not fussed by the whole injecting thing, its the after bit I dislike.

My memory has been horrific. I actually forgot I had arranged to meet a friend yesterday, not like the “ow shit I am late” kind of forgot, I mean the realising at bedtime type of forgotten.

I am dreading texting her, like she’s gonna believe someone could be that dim?

Well, I am, I am a total knobhead. 

Had a catch up with my journalist yesterday (I forgot that too, it was her email telling me she was running late that prompted me to remember) She thought I was “dealing with it better” 

Yes, yes I am.

Has nothing to do with the mondo dose of anti-ds I take on a daily basis.

How do you explain that to someone you barely know?! :/

A New Way Of Life, An Achievement.

Today was the day I started Copaxone, today I learnt how to inject myself. 

I know, Tysabri was meant to be a fresh start, however right now, I just want to be at home with no appointments hanging over my head. I am sick of appointments. These  evil little injections are, for now, an indefinite thing, this has become my new life:

all new stuff


It was a learning experience. However I did find out my fatty bits are good for something! 



I got to have a few tries, I have the empties to prove it!

doop bin

So today was giving this a chance, it was about being brave and giving myself a prick!

Lets see how these next few months go. I am now feeling really tired and I am looking forward to a nap! 

Today I learnt to inject myself and this for me, is an achievement! 

Last day of steroids

Well the nurse just left from my last dose! The vein in my arm that had been open for two days had shut down! This meant more stabbing! This time in my leg! But luckily it went in first time so I was soon hooked up and getting my last lot! 

We talked about the vile metallic taste and the nurse said that polos help! Luckily I had some and yes they do help! 

Now ust sat with my foot up to let the steroids go round and not dribble down my leg like I have been warned! I am so glad its over!

Only thing is im only allowed once more course for the rest of the year, so I pray I can start my daily injections soon, and stop the flare ups I have had so many off!