Who doesn’t love a toy that talks?!


And even better a toy that repeats what you say?!


Okay, so us as adults may not always love these talking toys, but the kids really do. They love something they can interact with and something that has a lot to offer.

This is where the new Brightlings toy really excel.


These adorable Brightlings are soft and cuddly but the face has a sort of “interactive interface” style where it lights up and creates shadows around the mouth so she looks like she is actually talking.

Now with toys like these, it can get a little samey. Kids can grow a little tired of the same phrases and or songs.

However, with Brightlings, this isn’t an issue. They can actually say over 100 things, sing songs and even repeat what you say. I don’t know about you but for us, this means hours of fun.


Like literally hours. By holding her ear, she can record and play back what you say, she literally has no filter! Something us adults have had far too much fun playing with.

As well as all that she encourages movement, by walking with her or spinning her around she talks even more and sings some rather catchy tunes. This is great for getting little ones to get up and actually play with the toy.

Making her the first thing they gravitate toy from the toy box.

I think she’s even started singing to daddy when he is downstairs at night time. Something I am sure he loves very much 😉

Overall Brightlings as a toy is fabulous. Fully interactive, colourful and everything the girls need for playing games and having fun. And recording mummy and daddy when they aren’t looking, of course.

Brightlings retail for around the £30 mark and they will be a firm favorite toy for Christmas this year.

Woolly And Tig App

So the Woolly and Tig app is out for all iOS devices and we have been lucky enough to be having a play.

wool and tig


The Woolly and Tig app is designed for all those big fans out there who would benefit from a visual and interactive routine for those boring daily tasks. From getting dressed to brushing your teeth, you can set day and the time for doing all these things with Woolly and even giving him a helping hand along the way.

The interactive games make doing even the most boring things fun and even include him helpful little reminders, like not making a fuss when we get dressed, this is one both the girls need to remember and now we have Woolly to give them a gentle little reminder.

The App itself costs around £2.99, which I did think was a little steep at first, however after playing with the app and seeing just how interactive and lively it is, its well worth the money. 

It also has added little games on the main screen where Woolly talks to you, he asks you to make him bounce 10 times by pressing 10 times, this is great for developing counting skills etc, especially as its so interactive as your doing it.

I have been really taken with this app and may have played on it a little longer than I should, but hey, I am also a massive Woolly and Tig fan. So its only natural I finding brushing his teeth and choosing his socks as exciting as the girls, right?! 

So, if you are looking for an interactive and really fun app to make those daily routines go that much smoother, then this app is perfect for you and even comes highly recommend by the adults of the house!

At the end of last year we tested the new Woolly & Tig App  – featuring the furry blue spider from Woolly and Tig. We loved it and now you can buy it for half the price  –  just £1.49 – It’s a January bargain that you should not miss out on if you have pre-school children.