TalkTalk Homesafe Review

Some readers may know, but we are working with TalkTalk this year. Trying out all they have to offer and this time we have been looking at TalkTalks Homesafe, their very own all round internet security.


Now with the girls growing up and devices being so readily available and easy to use, internet safety is important to us. Especially they amount of time the kids are online playing games etc.

Homesafe is great, its built in so it protects all the devices that use the internet in the home. So even whilst surfing a my mobile, I am still safe. Its free for all TalkTalk customers, so no expensive licensing fees or renewal. With it being built in it also means there’s no complicated programmes to set up, it just takes a couple of clicks on your online account and away you go.

The dashboard is really user friendly, with simple easy to understand options and many thing like virus notifications, homework time and kids safe having simple yes or no options. Meaning its easy to turn off and on when the kids aren’t around.

Always handy.

From spyware protection to email do’s and don’ts, this simple built in programme can protect the entire home via just one quick click online.

The Hubby recently obsessed about having protection for his phone, being a big gamer he downloads many roms to play and was often worried about what could happen to his beloved phone. Needless to say, he got some antivirus for his phone, one that took up loads of memory and slowed the thing right down. But now thats not an issue with HomeSafe, because its built in, it means it can protect anything that logs onto the wireless.

I know with the girls getting older so quickly, the other features like homework time and kids safe will come in handy, ha, I am one step ahead for a change!


Protection or over-protection?

A few months back me and hubby watched a programme on BBC3 about online bullying and ‘trolling’ I have had a few of my own experiances both recently and some time ago. We both decided to get rid of our facebook accounts and not get into the social networking hype. So starting this blog alone was a big choice for me, but I need somewhere to document the feelings and emotions I have for my recent diagnosis.

Anyway whilst watching this programme we were both horrified with how much of an effect cyber bulling has on people, especially teenagers! We have decided that for our children we do not what this, we will do whatever it takes to protect them from this online world for as long as we can. Yes part of me does feel abit of a hypocrite, but I am a grown adult and do not intend to let people scare me away from expressing my feeling and having my online journal. I feel the people who choose to ‘troll’ on certain sites for whatever reason really have nothing better to do with there time. Especially to do it to a child or young person.

I come from a fairly conservative background and the internet was something I was not allowed growing up, at the time I did resent my parents for this, but now I see why they did it. Although, unlike growing up, I will have the internet avalible in my home, I will be sure to closely monitor the girls until I feel they are ready enough to understand what to ignore and when to come to me and hubby for help.

The trouble is children today are growing up so fast, my 3 year old already knows how to use a iphone, ds and wii, you might say I should not let her have these things? The iphone I did sell on as I didnt use it to its full potential, and the temptation for pops to play on it all day is now not there. As for the wii and ds, I dont see why she shouldnt have the things all other children seem to have too, sometimes I do feel I should ‘get with the times’ but at the same time this frightens me.

I have found that these games systems change her behaviour, so like the internet when the times comes I will monitor what she does and how long she does it for. How do you feel about these ever changing times? Are you just as scared for your children as I am for mine? As like any other head strong teen I no she will find a way of using the internet at times when she shouldnt! I just hope I will be three steps ahead of her and her sister. Some might say im overprotective? I just couldnt bear to go through what some of the parents went through on the programme!

For now I will enjoy them whilst they are young and tresure the days when no means no. I guess we all have a lot to learn.