Just Beans

So the other night on twitter, it seemed I got myself into a pickle, a true beany situation.

The lovely Hannah from Cupcake Mumma was asking what she should blog about, I felt that beans would be a fitting subject, you know, because there is not much you cannot say about a bean? Right?

Anyway, she replied with “Ever so helpful lol you blog about beans and show me how it’s done ;)” So Hannah, you lovely lady you, I accepted your challenge, this is my blog for beans!

Personally, I am not a fan of beans. Now I know there is a fast selection, broad, baked, kidney, jelly and runner beans to name but a few. The only type of beans I will let past my lips are runner beans, they are by far the least beany’ type of beans going.

They are more of a carrot/asparagus type of vegetable if you ask me.

Even jelly beans make my stomach turn, who really wants a sweet that looks like a bean anyway?!

By far the worst type of bean is the baked bean, even the thought of the damn thing makes me shudder. In-fact my brother in law has a genuine fear of baked beans, a glass full of them to be exact. As crazy as it might sound, I can see where he is coming from!


So, aside from the more athletic runner bean, I personally think beans should be banned. And I am not even sorry.