It is no secret that in our house, we love all things small. From animals to dolls. But trying to find something a little bit different is getting harder and harder so when we got a chance to review  Glimmies we were we all very excited toys that are small but with a magical twist.

Glimmies are small woodland fairy-like animals that magically light up when it gets dark and then when the sun comes up they will stop. You can do this by simply putting them in your hands, these are great for helping your little one get used to the dark too.

There is a whole world available from the different magical dolls in different colours and designs, with their own homes from a lantern house which helps activate your Glimmies light-up function as do all the different house that are available to collect to Glimmie house there are 6 different ones to collect ranging from around  £8 with a house.

The Lantern house also has lights up has a shower and bedtime sounds for your Glimmies. Some of the Glimmies homes have little star pin on top of them so that your Glimmie can be hung anywhere, this is especially fun at bed time making your little ones room look like a fairy forest.

There are many different Glimmies and of course they all have their own magical names 23 to collect altogether. The Glimmies are cute forest animals that get up to endless adventures. They have their own unique symbol, colour and facial expression.

The Glimmies come in single form around £4 which is a great pocket money price.

There’s Glimmies will make any little girl happy and if they are like our two great for them to collect and save their money for. From ages 3 and upwards.

Extreme Co-Parenting

Something that I have noticed we do these days is extreme co-parenting. It is certainly not your average co-parenting scenario.

I have to say, it’s something I struggled with in psychology. The guilt side of it. The fact I am not the be all and end all of my children’s lives. But is that really healthy?

Apparently, my concerns over this subject were unnecessary.

I think the phrase “it takes a village” came into play. And that phrase has more merit than people give it.

With the way we have to co-parent, it’s literally like the girls are being raised by a village.

Now that’s not to say if you are your child’s be all and end all that’s bad, because it most certainly is not. I envy you if this is you. But it just means that our own situation is not as damaging as I feared it was.

The girls have a network of people who love them dearly. They are never without someone to pick them up when they fall and to applaud when they fly.

Because of this extreme co-parenting, when things are hard at home, they have an escape with my own Mum and sister.

I cannot always be the ever present Mum. The hospital appointments and relapses mean sometimes I simply cannot be there.

But I have to trust the fact they have an army of other people ready to jump in when I am at my worst.

MS is a hard mistress. One who isn’t at all forgiving or thoughtful.

It doesn’t take my children into consideration.

So I have to make sure there are people there for them, the two most important people in my life.

I always feared this set up would somehow take away from me as a mother figure. But with my husband and family, we have made it work. We each play a role. A constant role, which is the most important aspect.

Kids need a constant.

All of us together, Ben, me, my Mum, my Dad, Cherry, and other family are all people who play a real role in the girls lives.

Together we have, so far anyway, shaped two incredibly bright and stable individuals who seem to take everything in their stride.

They don’t know any different.

This is their normal.

My psychologist was right, it does take a village sometimes, and it’s okay for me to be thankful for that.


Puppy In My Pocket Twitter Party!!!! #puppyinmypocket

It’s that time again!

We are hosting a puppy in my pocket twitter part on Wednesday the 28th of September at 1pm!

We are super duper excited about this one. The girls are huge fans of the range and collect both the Puppies and kittens!

We have an amazing party box which I will be opening on my facebook live. Click here so you can take a look 🙂

Make sure to follow me on twitter at @justchelseam and Uk mums tv on @UKmumstv for prizes a plenty!


Myself and the girls will be there with bells on ready for the action and we expect you to be there too 🙂

You could win yourself a perfect prize just in time for Christmas!

See you there!!


The Lion Guard Puzzle

Everything on Disney has been all about the Lion Guard recently. It has been the first thing to come from the Lion King film in years and with that still being a classic, it was highly anticipated.

The new Lion Guard series focused on Simba’s son, Kayan and his rather unique group of friends.

Needless to say, it has been a hit. Not just in our house but all over. So it’s only right Disney come up with a range to go along with the Lion Guard, so kids can bring it to life at home even more.

lion guard

This fairly large puzzle is just beautiful. It challenges them just enough, whilst still being do-able and not too long winded.

There is no way Evie is sticking around for 100 pieces.

It is one of those puzzles I have put away in the games cupboard. I don’t want all the pieces lost, having something like this is special and something they will play with and love for years to come.

If your little ones are Lion Gaurd fans then I urge you to head over to Disneys website and have a look at the range. Maybe pick up a special something for Christmas.




The Sky Kids App

sky kids


It’s here, Sky have rescued our beloved Sky go apps from little hands.

They now have their own app so they can access their own TV programmes on their OWN!

Can you tell I’m passionate about this?

The amount of times Evie has brought me the iPad because she’s lost herself in the normal app in unreal.

So now she has her own version with a super cute interface which is super easy to use. With character pictures and channel logos kids can navigate their way around this app so easily.

Even a four year old can do it 😛

Sky sent us a den kit to celebrate the new release:


We got straight to work in building a den fit for our first Sky Kids viewing.

livs 2 liv den

We do love a good den.

And we do love the new sky kids app. Super easy to use and the kids have had no issues with it at all. Well, apart from the fighting over it.

Well, apart from the fighting over it of course.

So if you are looking for the perfect kids tv/catch up app then I urge you to download Sky Kids, it has an abundance of programmes to watch from their favourite SKY TV kids channels, I don’t think I have ever seen so much peppa pig.

The app is available at no extra cost to the family and variety bundle with sky Q.