The Very Best From LeapFrog?!

We all know we are huge LeapFrog fans. Their products are second to none and they offer so much in the way of learning and play to children of all ages. But this Christmas LeapFrog are looking to find out what you think they have done best.

They want to hear from you, so head on over to their facebook page and cast your votes now!

Of course we have a few of our favourites here t show you. Games and books that both my girls LOVE. So lets start with the Leap reader. 

The Leapreader is a system that helps and encourages children of all ages to read. If they gets stuck on a certain word, the pen helps them to read the word. So they can read and learn independently.

leap reader

So, our favourites from the LeapReader range are Best friends from Thomas and friends which teachers position words and friendship. This one will be great for Eve, at the stage she is at she needs to start looking at words and how they look.

Second is Livs favourite. Sofia the first, a princess thing. It teaches understanding characters and listening comprehension. She loves to read this to her sister. They are both huge Sofia fans, so this was always going to be included. In my eyes, a must have from the range.

Finally from the Leapreader range is Jake and the Never land Pirates, which teaches number recognition and counting objects. Something which Evie is really in to right now. It also helps she is a huge fan of the show, so it keeps her reading along for longer.

leap pad 2

Next is the LeapPad games. Evie is probably the biggest fan of the LeapPad. The games are perfect for her ages and she really does learn along with them. She is a bright little girly, but doesn’t like you to know it.

Livs firm favourite is the My little pony Friendship magic, mathematics game. This game teaches probability, multiplication, adding and subtracting and percentages. It is for the ages 5-8, so perfect really. She is really able to get to grips with number on her own. Something she loves to do.

Next is the Frozen reading game. This game teaches word building, grammar, handwriting and spelling. Evie likes to copy this game as it goes. She struggles to do the tasks,  but they are more suitable for when she is in reception. So this game will grow with her and hopefully give her that little edge.

Lastly is Jake and the never land pirates Maths game. We love Jake. You can probably tell. And this game is fantastic for Evie. It teaches number recognition, sorting, shapes and counting. So perfect for little ones just starting out with maths. I think games like this will help give your little one the edge when they move into school. Another wonderful thing about Leapfrog.

Finally, we have the new and the wonderful LeapTV.

leap tv

The LeapTV has so much to offer. From gameplay, learning and hand-eye coordination.

Firstly is Blaze and the monster machines science game. I think me and Eve love Blaze the most. In fact I am sat here singing it. This game is wonderful for problem solving (and keeping Eve calm at the same time) simple machines, number recognition and physical science. It is the perfect game to ease kids into science and a little bit of maths.

Then Doodle craft. This is something Daddy and the girls love doing together. It teaches creative expression (something Liv is wonderful with) Art and drawing, spatial reasoning and sorting and classifying. The game enables you to build and create your own world. With missions and the ability to design whatever you like, it helps them remember to have fun with it!

Lastly is the Frozen game. This teaches number sequence, place value, addition and subtraction and 2D and 3D shapes. This has been great for Liv now she is looking at shapes more. She already loves the characters, so they fact she can play along with them and learn at the same time is a huge thing for her.

So. These are out favourite titles from the different systems. Make sure to try them out and don’t forget to vote for your favourite!!!!!

LeapPad Platinum

leapfrog platinum

Leapfrog is always a great addition to any household with young children, they are great tools to help children learn alongside having fun at the same time. as well as feeling like a grown up with their own tablet.

There are many different Leapfrog products on the market and all can work for you in different ways to suit the needs of your little ones.

We are dare I say it a gaming family and the girls are no exception to this, but we do like the leapPads as they are learning as well as fun. The new LeapPad Platinum is no exception to this and we are very pleased to be able to review it.

The first thing that we see is how tough it is the toughest LeapPad eve, it has a shatter-safe screen which is 7” and the case that it now has round it is an energy-absorbing one, which is a relief as the biggest is a little clumsy!! It’s still going strong at the moment!!!

The screen is a high res one and makes a great difference. With a 8gb memory there is enough room to store all the things your children want too. The battery is rechargeable so it’s great to go on long journeys in the car!! It has a camera and video recorder, this is a great feature and the girls love it recording their dancing and games. They can also connect with their friends on peer-to-peer enabled pad to be able to play together.

For parents peace of mind as it connects to the internet there is Kid-safe which means the browser will only feature contact that has been approved by LeapFrog but parents can have a hand in this too. which is great in this world and you don’t have to keep checking up on them all time just from time to time. The library has 1000+ games, books, video, music and more.

It comes with 6 bonus Leapfrog imagicard digital games and interactive cards along with 10 apps and the pet pad party which you can also play along with their friends.

This is a great tablet for kids 3-9 years and retails from only £99.00. There are also extras like cases, headphones and more imagi cards available too.



-LeapFrog Toys back official report which asks the Government to make playing with technology an integral part of initial teacher training-

A new report from a Parliamentary Group has called for play to be at the centre of a ‘whole child’ approach to health and wellbeing. Whilst there is broad consensus about the importance of physical activity in the battle against obesity, play has lost political momentum in recent years and the report, sponsored by LeapFrog, calls for a fresh approach.

What constitutes play in today’s society is questioned by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on a Fit and Healthy Childhood. The report spotlights the positive role of modern technology in child’s play in both home and school settings, affirming that tech toys can be of great value if they are used to support and enhance other learning activities and goals.

The report lands as LeapFrog launch the new Android based tablet for children, LeapFrog Epic, their first device made for sale in the consumer electronics section. Dr Jody Le Vos, director of the LeapFrog Learning Team – a PHD qualified team that sits at the heart of the brand’s educational product development – comments: “We know that children learn best when they are having fun, so tech in the early years setting, be it at home or school, should reflect this – it should be playful”.

Dr. Jody continues: “Dedicated learning tablets designed for kids, for example, hold great play appeal to children and when coupled with the right educational content, it can fully engage a child and help supplement other home or classroom learning techniques.”

The APPG report identifies a need for improved education and guidance for parents and professionals. It calls for initial teacher training to include a focus on playful learning through technology to identify best practises and encourage a varied and balanced classroom diet of learning opportunities through play. It also asks the Government to take responsibility for assisting parents on understanding the criteria for selecting ‘tech toys’ and educating them on how to incorporate them constructively in to child’s play at home.

“There is still a big job out there to support parents” continues Dr. Jody, “for example, we know the amount of screen time parents should give their child is an ongoing concern. As a brand offering a range of educational tech toys for children age 3-9, we take our responsibility to guide parents very seriously. We regularly produce guides and host social Q&A’s for parents on this subject, helping them to understand the positive effects of tech play, the importance of screen quality and often how to develop a screen time ‘plan’ that they are comfortable with at home.”

The launch of the LeapFrog Epic tablet this month illustrates how LeapFrog is trying to further support parents in making tech part of their child’s play diet. Knowing kids are drawn to adult devices and increasingly expecting technology that looks and feels more like their parents, the LeapFrog Epic boasts a sleek ‘grown up’ look. The perfect introduction to tablet play for children, it includes a wealth of parent-pleasing features including parental controls which allows them to set limits on what, when and how long children can use the device.

It also provides children a kid-safe browsing experience through its proprietary LeapSearch browser only allowing access to pre-selected, kid-safe web content from  over 5,000 videos, images, websites and games all reviewed and approved by the LeapFrog learning team. As their child’s interests change and grow, parents can simply add new websites to the LeapSearch browser.

Sally Plumridge, VP Marketing EMEAAA at LeapFrog comments: “We welcome this report as we launch LeapFrog Epic. We believe that a child’s development is a continuous journey and there is a positive place for technology within this. Epic is a shining example of a tech toy that can add value to a child’s learning journey through play. Technology is very much part of the world we now live in and there is a need to refresh our current understanding of play and reshape perceptions around ‘tech toys’. A child’s knowledge and imagination is infinite and technology can help encourage, engage and excite children to reach their full potential”.

The wider report on play analyses indoor and outdoor play, the importance of ‘risky play’ in sharpening decision-making, leadership and team collaboration, play as an essential part of  the learning process both inside and outside the classroom and home and the role of the planning process in making streets and outdoor space playable for children. It calls upon the play industry, advertising, the media and national and local government to recognise the contribution that play can make to children’s lives.

Former ‘Playschool’ TV presenter, Baroness Floella Benjamin chairs the APPG and in speaking of the full report adds: “This is the most comprehensive recent study of play in all its forms and proves the truth of the old saying ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ I am delighted to commend it to my parliamentary colleagues.”

LeapFrog® Unveils LeapFrog Imagicard™, a ground-breaking Digital and Physical Learning Experience for Kids, on the All-New LeapPad™ Platinum

LeapFrog Imagicard offers a whole new way to play through a magical collectible card experience that brings characters and learning to life on the next generation of LeapPad learning tablets – LeapPad Platinum

72 DPI PNG-31565_Platinum_PR03

LONDON, UKJune 16, 2015 – LeapFrog, the leader in innovative developmental solutions for children, today unveiled the new LeapFrog Imagicard, a first of its kind digital and physical learning experience for kids that magically brings characters and learning to life with the snap of a picture from one of 30+ interactive collectible cards included. Full length LeapFrog digital learning games are enhanced by physical interactive cards – featuring top licensed characters mixed with educational content that extend the play beyond traditional tablet gaming. The best way to experience LeapFrog Imagicard games are on LeapFrog’s most advanced LeapPad tablet yet, the all-new LeapPad Platinum with its seven-inch high-resolution, multi-touch capacitive screen and fast processor.  The LeapPad Platinum tablet is the most durable LeapPad tablet and offers kid-safe content to explore and grow.

“We were looking to create a physical and digital experience with LeapFrog Imagicard games that provided a more social and traditional learning environment, while still offering an incredibly engaging play experience for children,” said Dr. Jody LeVos, director of learning at LeapFrog. “Through parent and child testing, we found that parents loved the idea of a collectible card experience that helped their children develop and grow as they played.  And, children loved that they could bring their favourite characters to life in an interactive tablet experience, as well as collect and share cards with their friends.  We know that children learn best when they’re having fun, and our new LeapFrog Imagicard experience delivers on this in a big way.”


Characters and Curriculum Come to Life with LeapFrog Imagicard

With LeapFrog Imagicard games, children are presented with new ways to solve problems with 30+ interactive collectible cards that come to life on their LeapFrog tablet. Children use the camera to simply “capture” the card on the screen, bringing one of their favourite characters magically into the game and unlocking more ways to play. LeapFrog Imagicard launches with three interactive games that feature favourite characters including LeapFrog’s Letter Factory, PAW Patrol, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Each game features LeapFrog’s proprietary Just For Me™ Learning Technology, which personalises the experience for each child by adapting automatically during play, offering tutorials and more to keep kids challenged. LeapFrog Imagicard is also backwards compatible with all LeapFrog LeapPad™ tablets with the exception of LeapPad™1.  In addition to the multi-levelled downloadable digital game and interactive cards, LeapFrog Imagicard comes with a tin for easy storage, and a play mat for card sorting and offline games. All 30+ cards are also digitally included in the game, so children can still play the full games while on-the-go.

Initial launch titles for LeapFrog Imagicard feature amazing LeapFrog characters and some of the top children’s properties:


  • LeapFrog Letter Factory (for ages four to seven). LeapFrog Imagicard Letter Factory allows kids to step right up to the magical Letter Factory Carnival with LeapFrog’s popular family of inquisitive frogs. Literacy skills are the ticket to unlocking new attractions where children can play fairground games to earn tickets at the prize wheel, use those tickets to let the letter cards into the carnival, and go on quests to find lost items that begin with each letter. For example, find and return the letter A’s apple for a bonus coin. More than 50 Letter Factory trivia questions add to the fun. Take selfies with Tad and Lily, and decorate the images with stickers earned during play.


  • Paw Patrol (for ages three to five). Join Ryder and the PAW Patrol as they lend a paw for Adventure Bay Appreciation Week, and unleash mathematics and problem-solving skills to earn Good Citizen badges. Patrol the bay for citizens who need help, and then find the pup with the right tools and skills for each mission. Challenge your PAW Patrol knowledge by answering 50+ trivia questions, plus, have a PAWsome time taking selfies with favourite pups, and decorate the images with stickers earned for completing missions.


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (for ages five to eight). Team up with the Turtles and deploy shell-tastic mathematics skills to recover mutagen canisters that are scattered around the city. Play as Mikey, Leo, Donnie and Raph and complete fact finding missions by solving equations and feeding the team pizza using fraction skills. Scan in multiple cards to see how they interact in the animation fun zone, play trivia, and take selfies with them in ninjutsu poses.

LeapPad Platinum, The Latest Addition to LeapFrog’s Award-Winning Family of LeapPad Tablets

Our most advanced LeapPad tablet, LeapPad Platinum provides access to a kid-perfect web experience and a library of 800+ age-appropriate, LeapFrog educator-approved games, apps, eBooks, videos and more with all the kid-safe, kid-tough and kid-smart features you expect from a LeapPad.

  • High-resolution and High-speed: With a seven-inch high-resolution, multi-touch capacitive screen and fast high-performance processor, LeapPad Platinum offers the biggest learning experiences.
  • Kid-Safe Web: LeapPad Platinum features LeapSearch™, the proprietary kid-safe web browser that lets kids explore content they love.  LeapSearch allows kids to browse age-appropriate content, handpicked by LeapFrog’s team of learning experts, and now features expanded parental settings for easy fine-tuning.
  • Built to Last: LeapPad Platinum is LeapFrog’s most durable tablet ever with a shatter-safe screen and a wrap-around bumper. LeapPad Platinum has been thoroughly drop-tested, impact-tested and compression-tested in LeapFrog’s Quality Lab for durability and child safety. LeapPad Platinum includes 8GB memory to hold up to 40,000 photos or 100+ game apps*, two cameras and video recorders and 10 apps (Music Player  with 10 songs included, Pet Pad Party, Pet Chat, Photo Fun Ultra, five utility apps and a choice of one app download). App download requires wireless internet connection and parent account.

Award Winning LeapFrog Learning Library Featuring Just for Me™ Learning Technology

The LeapFrog library of 1,000+ games, videos, apps and more draws from a proprietary scope and sequence of more than 2,600 skills informed by the latest research Games and apps go beyond maths drills to spark creativity and logic, foster a love of reading and social understanding and inspire scientific thinking and more. LeapFrog’s exclusive Just for Me™ Learning system personalises select games up to 10 ways from remembering curricular progress across games to receiving immediate feedback on answers, automatically adjusting learning levels and providing hint button tutorials.  These unique collections of teaching tools work together to create a personalised learning experience that keeps children challenged, engaged and confident.



LeapFrog Imagicard (RRP £19.99 per game, for children three to eight years old) will be available online and at major retail locations in August 2015. The LeapPad Platinum tablet (RRP £99.99, for children three to nine years old) will be available in green and pink online and at major retail locations in July 2015.


LEAPFROG Princess Party

We love leapfrog, the kids are always excited to try their new toys, books and much more, and admittedly I am too. We were lucky enough to be able to have a Princess party with Leapfrog to spread the fun to our friends and family. We had an afternoon, mainly playing on the LeapTV, which all the girls LOVED.

Leap frog stuff

We received some amazing things from Leapfrog, including a LeapTV With Princess Sophia game, A Leappad 3 with princess maths (big favourite) Four stunning dresses and some accessories for the girls.  A Leapfrog reader with several books and some party bits to make them feel extra special. We had someone pull out last minute, however towards the end of our party we had some friends come round, who were adults, who had as much fun playing the games as the kids!

I took great pleasure in laying everything out all nice.

I think it was the Princess in me!

LeapF Party 1

Eve and I got ready for the party when daddy went to get the other Princesses from a long day at school!

LeapF 2

Soon everyone was here and after having a quick play with the LeapPad 3 each, they were all so excited to play with the LeapTV together.

Now I think Princess Sophia was aimed at slightly older children than Eve, but Liv and her friend got the hang of it pretty fast. They were soon wandering around the village and on their flying horses. They soon discovered the LeapTV comes with son pre-loaded games. One is a Tamagotchi style game where you can look after and play with a pet.

Eve LOVED this game, as did our slightly older guests, we were all soon joining in with the washing and jumping.

After a long day at school getting the girls to sit down and read was impossible, however later on in the evening was sat down with the leapreader and read some princess stories. I sent a leapreader and book home with a guest so she could join in too.

Overall we had an amazing time, even grown adults enjoyed the games and kids tech. Its no surprise LeapFrog as a brand is a huge favourite.

Take a look at the pink madness……

lepaf 3

Thank you LeapFrog, We Love You!!!!