Getting Ready For Summer With Education Quizzes!?

I know, the whole year has nearly passed already and you are still eating Christmas chocolate. I am the same. But we have to push on and go forth in the year and face facts that the 6 weeks summer holidays is looming.

We have six whole weeks to plan for! One thing I personally like to make sure I do is to keep the girl’s minds going in terms of learning. Whilst the six weeks is to enjoy, I think it’s equally important to keep it all fresh in their mind and help keep them on track at school, ready for the next educational year.

That is where Education Quizzes comes in. This pay monthly website has everything you need to keep those little minds ticking over. They even have things to keep those big minds ticking over!

From KS1 to KS3 and plenty of specialist subjects, they have something to keep them going year round!

For the girls, we have been using Keystage 1 and Keystage 2. 

As you can see from the image below they offer the whole range of subjects for each stage. Variety and the fact that this is done online means it is far more appealing to kids.

Boredom won’t be a problem here!

I know throughout the summer holidays this will be perfect because they are rarely without a device close by! Incorporating the two together has made this much more appealing.

The quizzes themselves are all setup to be easy to navigate and super easy to read, Evie is 5 and she can navigate her way through the site without much help needed from me. Liv, of course, has no problems. She likes that she can take it in stages. Take the times tables, each number has a separate quiz, meaning that she can concentrate and learn each number in stages. Times tables are something we will be working on more over the summer.

I won’t lie, I have taken some of the quizzes. I may have got a little carried away however there’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition!

An hour or so, several times a week during the holidays will give the girls a boost in confidence when they go back to school. Of course, the site will be great for year-round learning and it would be something I would like to see incorporated into schools in the future.

There is a monthly fee of £9.99 for use of the site, however when you think about it, buying workbooks and extra bits of material throughout the year can be costly, so I think it’s more than worth it, especially if you have multiple kids!

Education quizzes is the next step in online learning and we are really enjoying the experience.


This is a collaborative post. However, all opinions are my own.



Project Mc2 Camrym’s Skateboard #Britishscienceweek

So it’s British science week, what vetter way to get the kids into science than with the fabulous Project Mc2 New range.

We love this Netflix show, we also love the dolls. Not only are the fabulous for play, but they also bring a bit of science into the mix.



This time, we are looking at Camryn. Camryn is known for her super high IQ, she is a real genius when it comes to the garage. Especially when it comes to her souped-up skateboard. Her catchphrase is “nailed it” 

Camryn is Livs favourite. She loves her quirky personality, so she was especially excited about having her doll counterpart to play with.

Each Project Mc2 doll comes with an experiment to do together. Something that is linked into the character. Camryn of course, has something skateboard related.


On the back of each box comes the simple and easy to follow instructions. This one is to gain access to the blueprint to put her skateboard together. All you need to do is brush it with some H2O (water) and reveal the instructions on the paper!


Liv has been learning about H2O in school, so she especially liked that this had been used.

She was able to complete this experiment all by herself. Which is an added bonus.

I think the Project Mc2 range does a fantastic job of bringing science to life for the kids. We have looked at two other dolls, both with awesome experiments attached.

Of course with all the science stuff they also get a super cool doll at the end of it all to play with. The dolls are stunning to look at, each bringing their own style to the mix. We love that they have ‘joints’ of the elbows and knees, making them super easy to play with, in any situation. NO matter how squashy 😛

The dolls retail for around£29 and can be purchased from any good toy retailer.


Keep an eye out for out video demo, coming soon 🙂





The Very Best From LeapFrog?!

We all know we are huge LeapFrog fans. Their products are second to none and they offer so much in the way of learning and play to children of all ages. But this Christmas LeapFrog are looking to find out what you think they have done best.

They want to hear from you, so head on over to their facebook page and cast your votes now!

Of course we have a few of our favourites here t show you. Games and books that both my girls LOVE. So lets start with the Leap reader. 

The Leapreader is a system that helps and encourages children of all ages to read. If they gets stuck on a certain word, the pen helps them to read the word. So they can read and learn independently.

leap reader

So, our favourites from the LeapReader range are Best friends from Thomas and friends which teachers position words and friendship. This one will be great for Eve, at the stage she is at she needs to start looking at words and how they look.

Second is Livs favourite. Sofia the first, a princess thing. It teaches understanding characters and listening comprehension. She loves to read this to her sister. They are both huge Sofia fans, so this was always going to be included. In my eyes, a must have from the range.

Finally from the Leapreader range is Jake and the Never land Pirates, which teaches number recognition and counting objects. Something which Evie is really in to right now. It also helps she is a huge fan of the show, so it keeps her reading along for longer.

leap pad 2

Next is the LeapPad games. Evie is probably the biggest fan of the LeapPad. The games are perfect for her ages and she really does learn along with them. She is a bright little girly, but doesn’t like you to know it.

Livs firm favourite is the My little pony Friendship magic, mathematics game. This game teaches probability, multiplication, adding and subtracting and percentages. It is for the ages 5-8, so perfect really. She is really able to get to grips with number on her own. Something she loves to do.

Next is the Frozen reading game. This game teaches word building, grammar, handwriting and spelling. Evie likes to copy this game as it goes. She struggles to do the tasks,  but they are more suitable for when she is in reception. So this game will grow with her and hopefully give her that little edge.

Lastly is Jake and the never land pirates Maths game. We love Jake. You can probably tell. And this game is fantastic for Evie. It teaches number recognition, sorting, shapes and counting. So perfect for little ones just starting out with maths. I think games like this will help give your little one the edge when they move into school. Another wonderful thing about Leapfrog.

Finally, we have the new and the wonderful LeapTV.

leap tv

The LeapTV has so much to offer. From gameplay, learning and hand-eye coordination.

Firstly is Blaze and the monster machines science game. I think me and Eve love Blaze the most. In fact I am sat here singing it. This game is wonderful for problem solving (and keeping Eve calm at the same time) simple machines, number recognition and physical science. It is the perfect game to ease kids into science and a little bit of maths.

Then Doodle craft. This is something Daddy and the girls love doing together. It teaches creative expression (something Liv is wonderful with) Art and drawing, spatial reasoning and sorting and classifying. The game enables you to build and create your own world. With missions and the ability to design whatever you like, it helps them remember to have fun with it!

Lastly is the Frozen game. This teaches number sequence, place value, addition and subtraction and 2D and 3D shapes. This has been great for Liv now she is looking at shapes more. She already loves the characters, so they fact she can play along with them and learn at the same time is a huge thing for her.

So. These are out favourite titles from the different systems. Make sure to try them out and don’t forget to vote for your favourite!!!!!

Bizzy Bitz


We are always looking for something new to keep the entertained without using a screen, giving them a chance to use their imagination rather than relying on the computer. So when we were offered the Bizzy Bitz we jumped at the chance.

They were invented by two people who had both worked with children for over 25 years. You may think another construction game the same as all the rest, but these use a ball and socket style system. This comes with an assortment of colours and shapes. There are a medium size so that they are easy to hold and play with for little hands, but they are still flexible and sturdy enough to assemble and to take apart time and again

These are great toys that kept all the children and bigger children in our house quiet for hours. There are endless possibilities to make from vehicles, people and birds to musical instruments, a cot for the baby you have just made and an airplane. Hours of fun to be had and will help get the little ones imaginations running wild.

There are many  other things that the Bizzy Bitz is helping the children do without them even knowing it, dexterity, helps with developing spatial awareness, gets everyone playing together young and old. helps with early engineering and mechanical skills along with encouraging problem solving and enhancing brain development

There are many different ranges for the different age range starting at 3+ in different sets six sets from a 36 piece set up to a 850 piece set starting from £2.49. You can pick and choose the set best geared towards your little builders. Some also come in plastic boxes with lids for great storage. These are a great gift for a special occasion or if you want to keep some toys at nannies these have endless possibilities and will help keep them out of mischief. They come with easy to follow instruction books so they have a good start on what to make but once you start you will be well away before you know it. Another plus they don’t fit up the hoover so they won’t have bits clogging it up!!!


LeapPad Platinum

leapfrog platinum

Leapfrog is always a great addition to any household with young children, they are great tools to help children learn alongside having fun at the same time. as well as feeling like a grown up with their own tablet.

There are many different Leapfrog products on the market and all can work for you in different ways to suit the needs of your little ones.

We are dare I say it a gaming family and the girls are no exception to this, but we do like the leapPads as they are learning as well as fun. The new LeapPad Platinum is no exception to this and we are very pleased to be able to review it.

The first thing that we see is how tough it is the toughest LeapPad eve, it has a shatter-safe screen which is 7” and the case that it now has round it is an energy-absorbing one, which is a relief as the biggest is a little clumsy!! It’s still going strong at the moment!!!

The screen is a high res one and makes a great difference. With a 8gb memory there is enough room to store all the things your children want too. The battery is rechargeable so it’s great to go on long journeys in the car!! It has a camera and video recorder, this is a great feature and the girls love it recording their dancing and games. They can also connect with their friends on peer-to-peer enabled pad to be able to play together.

For parents peace of mind as it connects to the internet there is Kid-safe which means the browser will only feature contact that has been approved by LeapFrog but parents can have a hand in this too. which is great in this world and you don’t have to keep checking up on them all time just from time to time. The library has 1000+ games, books, video, music and more.

It comes with 6 bonus Leapfrog imagicard digital games and interactive cards along with 10 apps and the pet pad party which you can also play along with their friends.

This is a great tablet for kids 3-9 years and retails from only £99.00. There are also extras like cases, headphones and more imagi cards available too.