Thinking About Trying Again? Adding To The Brood?!

Are you thinking about trying again? Adding to the family? Building upon your brood? Are you?! ARE YOU?!?!

Why, why would you do this to yourself? Have you not read my parenting woes?

Please do.

Well, if you are thinking about dipping your toes into the considerably murky water that is “having more children” then just read on and take heed. 

Firstly think about the age of your current monster child, you might think a small gap would be lovely and they will play together in perfect harmony all perfect and such like. 

Think again. 

That does not happen. I have about two-two and a half years between mine and some days, it is hell.

I am literally expecting Satan himself to come a’knockin. Okay, maybe a tad dramatic, but really, its no picnic.

Picture it. You have done all the things your mummy mind can think of, you come to a halt and can feel a good old sit down coming on. You perch your bum on the sofa and relax. 

“CAN I HAVE A DRINK?” Up you get, do the drink then head back to rest those feet.

“CAN YOU WIPE MY BUM” Up you get, wipe the bum then pray you are allowed a seat.

Its quiet, you have finally scored a sit down to have some well earned brain farts….

“MMUUUUUUUUM BEBOO IS EATING MY HAIR” Pops then delivers the obligatory smack to the small child then the tears start.

You do the whole explaining thing, don’t hit your sister, she doesn’t know hair is not edible blah, blah. Then you have to listen to an almost four year old tell you how she hates her sister and asks to send “it” back. 

Yup, it turns out, the whole love thing does not come easily to the little people, much like letting mummy have any kind of personal space.

So if you think you are ready for a regular ear bashing, no peace, no time to do anything but stop the small one from bouncing on the dog, looking at the clock in hopes bedtime is nearly here. Having fights about who’s bowl is who’s and why she is wearing a Minnie Mouse top today, then by all means go ahead. 

Don’t come crying to me when you need a sit down 😛


Recovery, Roids and Rolling With The Punches

So although the cold is still gracing us with its presence, I am feeling good. I finally feel human, thanks to the steroids I can finally enjoy Christmas in all its flashy glory and I intend to do it with style! 

Last year was hard, probably one of the hardest Christmases I have ever had, well so far anyway,  I didn’t think I would ever get to enjoy this time of year again, however last year is fast becoming a distant memory, which is fab.

In a way I really don’t quite know how I feel about my MS, I think blocking it out of my mind is the only way I can really get on and live my life. For the moment anyway, I start my tysabri on the 18th, I am sure it will once again remind me of the fact that I will always have Multiple Sclerosis, no matter how much I try and ignore it. 

I finally have the energy to enjoy the time I have with the girls, I am aware its because of the steroids, however I really don’t care, I am going to enjoy it as much as I can before it starts to wear off.

Also, this week I have learnt that my eldest is the most dramatic person I know. 

Serious, this girl could win an award!

I have no idea how to stop this and it really is driving me mad, I never realised just how bad it has got until now.

I need a plan!