Just Steph

So, I went to London and had a great time, something which I will cover over a few blog posts, London is far too big to cover in one blog post, but firstly I wanted to talk about Steph.

Steph was my roomie, we took on London together, got lost a few times but still, we did it.

Now meeting someone online can be an odd thing, we have been friends for a while now and we talk most days, however talking to someone online and spending time with someone face to face are two completely different things.

To be honest, it didn’t occur to me until I was sat waiting in the posh hotel, that we could possibly be in for the most uncomfortable and silent 24 hours ever.

We might not click?

It would mean one of us would have to make some insane excuse as to why we cannot do the other over night events together that we have planned.


me and steph


Thank GOD that didn’t happen!!

We clicked and it was such a massive relief! 

In-fact we over shared and laughed far too much.

Me have MS is always a worry for me, in the way other people often don’t know what to say or how to ‘treat’ me. Some fuss far too much and that really grates on my nerves, but Steph was not that person.

She didn’t fuss once, but she always made sure I was okay, by a look or simply doing something without asking. She is one of those people who does all the fussing on the inside.

I had the “shut up” and “don’t be stupid” when I was assuring her I could hold the masses of stuff. She either just grabbed it and walked on or suggested an alternative.

It was lovely.

I didn’t need to ask to stop or for help when I was feeling it, because she knew.

Without being soppy, I know I have made a friend for life, thanks to this here blog 🙂


Off To London…

So, tomorrow I am off to London for a sleep over with the lovely Steph. We have a nice hotel room, after almost being stuck with a manky box, I don’t care what people say, if it could be yucky, I am not staying in it. 

Just saying.

B&Bs should not be allowed to use fake pictures!! Thank god for trip advisor.

So I sorted that problem and found a nice place to stay that is close to our first stop on Wednesday.

As well as having a nice room, we have a lovely meal lined up, three events on Wednesday and I have also been promised a burger king.

I would say that its the perfect couple of days really.

I have to say, I am very excited. Steph and myself are doing two stay overs together next year for various events, and I am sure we will find something else to do inbetween!!

We may even have the time to go and check in with the Queen?!

Personally, I think the Queen is more excited about this than I am 😉

I have dyed my hair four times, yes, I know it sounds rather dramatic, but if you had seen my hair, you would know why. I also have a big-ass spot that I have squeezed once, and it has now decided to come back bigger and owchier than ever to punish me.

Always when you are going somewhere?! Such is life I suppose. 

Oh and the puppy was stood underneath me when I did the red on my hair, so got hit by one of the low flying blobs. We cleaned her off as soon as we caught her, however the dye seemed to work fast and she now has a red patch on her head!

I swear some days she is like my shadow, which can never end well, as we experienced today. 

Anyway, I will post all about my few days away on my return.

Hope you are all doing something lovely this week?!