Smells And All – Marriage

When you get married, you forget about just what you are agreeing to in all the excitement.

It’s all about dresses and loving each other in this fairytale life you imagine.

The day is amazing, the gifts are amazing, the party is amazing.

Five years later and you are sat with your marriage certificate looking for some fine print that states they must wash at least once a day.

I mean come on.

Not one person told me I would have to deal with all the smells he throws my way.

Am I meant to do it with a smile on my face?!

Can I tell him to open a window, or does the marriage thing mean I just have to cover my nose and power through?

There should be a clause or some clear guidelines in those vows.

Whether you married a nose picker or a finger sniffer, you just have to grin and bear it.

Thems the rules!

Stinky feet, sweaty pits and closed in farts. You just have to deal with it.

You have to sniff on through it, all the time still loving them.

So we do it, stink and all.

Because that’s what love is. Right?!


Dear you, you’re a mess…

Dear 15/16 year old Chelsea.

If your reading this it will enforce just how amazing you are. We have created letter time travel, we are in-fact incredible.

I know where your sat and what your doing. On nanny eve’s pink chair, listening to Norah Jones on repeat, crying and singing. I know future you is amazing. But seriously get up, pull yourself together and dump that loser of a boyfriend. He is making you look like a total loon. It is doing you no favours, he will keep doing it, he is simply a vile creature.

You will find someone else and he will make you very happy, so stop pushing those girlys away, put on some slap and have a giggle. Being 16 is easy, trust me.

Stop eating so much fudge from the sweet shop your working at, it will make you go up 2 whole dress sizes, yes TWO!

Talk to your best friend, she does not hate you, she will fool around with your current boyfriend when your not together but he is a loser and she knows this! If you had taken my advice you would have been well shot of him anyway! 

Please know all your womanly instincts are true, yes all of them. He will however make you feel like you are the one going mad but in fact he is the mad one who enjoys messing people up. He is a good liar and he will convince your friends you are insane, but one day you will talk to them and they will see sense, just like you need to do.

You will make up with your best friend, she is young too, we all make mistakes.

You will meet Callie, try not to loose touch for those few years, she ends up being there for you alot. She will however try and push ‘him’ off a ladder, I know you will stop her. To be honest he does deserve it. 

One day you will meet Kevin, go with it if you like, but he is a massive fool, he will force you into one of the worst situations ever. You will want to turn around, you almost will, but don’t, you do get another chance and it turns out to be amazing.

When you are 20 you will have sight problems that you will ignore, you really should see someone. I know you won’t. You do however end up with MS, yes ultra sucky, no it is no fun, yes its hard, but I will do my best to make sure you are okay. I’m still working on it.

Well I will end my letter by saying, pluck your eyebrows, dump the lanky tosser, go out with your friends and GET A LIFE! Don’t waste school arguing with friends and the lanky bloke. Have fun. Life at 15/16 is one big party! Love life and find yourself.

Kind regards 25 year old you, the more shaved tattooed, badly wired up you.

P.s Don’t drink the champagne off the fat boy, it has something in it. Don’t mix you drinks, purple sick is not cool.

This is an entry into the Legal and General #youngerself competiton.

A Little Love From Debenhams

Sharing the love is a must in the blogging community, there are so many different people sat behind computer screens that you suddenly open up to, start sharing your life story with and then eventually they become something more. They become friends. Friends you turn to in your hour of need, to rant to or to just have a giggle with on the days when a giggle is needed. 

Well for me, I was stunned when I received something in the mail the other day. It was a stunning Guess bracelet from Debenhams sent to me by the stunning Ruth from Rock ‘n’ Roller Baby. Turns out this amazing lady had picked me and the beautiful Emily from Family Four Fun to receive a bracelet, from Debenhams up to price of £60.

How amazing is that? To have someone think of me, to cheer me up when she knows I have needed it recently. See these people are not just faces behind a screen. They are real people, people I have met and had a giggle with. They are friends.

So, I would like to say a MASSIVE Thank you to Ruth, you and your sparkle never fail to make me smile! 

So, now its my turn to pay it forward, to share the love within the community. After thinking long and hard I chose two people I hold very dear. Firstly Stephanie Mamo from Miss Mamos World. She is my best friend and my rock and she deserves a treat. Also the wonderful Erika from Eclectic Enchantments. She recently made me a stunning new wedding ring and in turn has opened her own business. She has a huge heart and is always there to listen.

So there you have it girls. I hope you love what I picked out 🙂


The Innocence Of My Girls

They drive me mad, some days I just want to hide in the corner, away from the sticky hands and shrieking. 

But mostly, I just love them. For every bad day, there are many good, and the best thing is there innocence. Its something I will do my best to help them keep, so they can be carefree children for as long as they want to be…

It the bathtime fun:

innocence 1


The seemingly edible sand?!

innocence 6

The endless bouncing:


innocene 5

The cheeky tongue poking:

innocence 3

The static hair:

innocence 4

And the endless swinging:

innocence 2

That remind me of the innocence that both girls have and there love for everything and anything going. What reminds you of your kids innocence and love for life?! 

Gtech AirRam, My New Best Friend.

We have been lucky enough to review a Gtech AirRam hoover and sweeper, the amazing cordless, lightweight vacuum cleaner, which really has changed the way we clean!

DSCF1465 We have had so much fun with these fab vacuums, it really has turned the cleaning into fun for everyone, even the four year old can do it!

For me hoovering had become something I was not really able to do, most vacuums, whilst they boast being lightweight are still incredibly heavy. Making the hoovering next to impossible for me to do. With the Gtech AirRam this is not the case, as well as being cordless they incredibly lightweight, even I can carry and use them on the stairs with ease, which is no mean feat trust me!

The AirRam Hoover was really easy to put together, simple easy to follow instructions so in a few clicks it was put together. The battery that comes with it needs a good charge before the first use, this can either be done whilst in the unit or on its own, which is great. I have to say I was really excited to use this, so I let the girls run wild then decided now was the time to give it a try.

I was more than impressed, I even tweeted about it, yes I know I now have a slight Vacuum obsession. It was so easy to use, a simple on and off button and away you go, the swivel on this vacuum is really something I have never seen before, no longer is it a mission to get into the corners!













With the added bonus of the handle for ease of carting it around the house, it was really amazing. I cannot tell you how nice it is to be able to do something like this again. Its even easier to empty and can be used on our wooden floors and carpets with no complicated changes.

I really cannot stress enough how easy the Gtech AirRam is to use, it might look small but it but really does have power behind it and picks up all the little bits lying around.


We also reviewed the Gtech AirRam sweeper, which look alot like the old fashioned push along sweepers, however this battery powered sweeper has become my new best friend, it is great for picking up the endless ‘bits’ the kids leave around. You know the kind, you clean turn around and then they have done it all over again? Yeh, the sweeper sorts that as it is no longer a missions to clean up the bits. It sits really easily in the charger and the battery lasts ages. Its compact and super lightweight with a really easy to empty filer. Even Pops loves to vacuum now, she seriously has a sweeper obsession!



We really do love the Gtech AirRam, for me it is a blessing and for the girls, its hours of cleaning fun 🙂

Head over to the website to find your nearest stockist, trust me, you won’t be disappointed!