Brother Max Snackpot Review and Comp

Lets face it, when snacking and weaning are involved, we mums run for cover as we know that mushy mess is about to descend all over everything. 

Not any more. Seriously. The Brother max snack pot is the solution to that messy problem that is snack time.

With its innovative designed lid, the little ones can get their hands in, however the contents does not fall out.

Take lid off and put the snack in
Pop lid back on

It really is that simple and best of all it works:

As you can tell from the blurry pictures, we gave the snackpot a real good try. I was more than impressed.

This snackpot is BPA free, easy to clean, dishwasher and freezer safe, it fits into any hands, it can e used as a snackpot as above or take the lid off and its a weaning bowl. Best of all I feel is the whole spill proof thing, it really is great as I hate mess, especially the damp slimy, pre-sucked kind. Beboo has no problems getting her little hands in through the top to get through to the food. This would be great for at home or on the go.

The Brother max Snackpot retails at £5.99 and can be found here.

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Give Me Strength!

Yup, you guessed it, its been one of those days.

If it isn’t a grumpy husband its a shouting pops, what is their problem?

My daughter literally has her volume stuck on screeching, full blown fog horn.

I wouldn’t mind but its mixed in with that whiny moany sound that goes right through you.  

Sometimes I literally wonder if its just my child? Most of the other blogs I read have perfect, clean faced, normal volumed children. So I am seemingly alone in this baby mush, soggy toast and sucked haribo encrusted house!


Am I the only one who simply wipes away the baby sick with a muslin? I do not go and erratically scrub with some fancy cleaning product, I am lucky if fairy liquid makes it into any spillage.

Beboo just wants to go, however she cannot do this and repeated falls when you least expect it, you think she could not possibly hurt herself in her play pen then BAM, head plants into the music maker?!


When I just want to sit down and have a drink, I am not allowed, someone or something will need me. Pop’s bum will be ‘hungry’ ie a weggie and she will go insane until its sorted.

Then the dog will fart and everyone will have to know about it!

When you cannot even go to the toilet in peace, explaining a period is near-on impossible.

Someone, give me strength.