Mi-Mic Microphone

The Mi-Mic great Christmas present for any young girl or boy that likes to sing and perform either in front of the family or in their rooms, however, if they are anything like Eve, they will need a captive audience.

With different colors available to suit all tastes, you will find the perfect partner for your little one. 

With the Mi-Mic Bluetooth karaoke speaker you are able to sing along to any song direct from your device. You can add extra effects to the vocals by using the echo dial. The mic has 7 coloured lights that add to the performance!! And will flash along to the beat.

The Mi-Mic is Bluetooth compatible which is easy to pair with a device and with 2,5 hours of charging time via a usb connection with a lithium battery and up to 4 hours playing. You can be up to 10 meters away from device giving it a great range. It has full controls on the side within easy reach while singing you can pause, fast forward and rewind and of course the all-important volume control. The mic also has an sd card reader for music. The Mi-Mic will give you hours of fun as a great gift or even for some fun at a party.

Evie has had great fun with the freedom this Mic gives. I don’t think you can quite appreciate it until you have had on it on full run, on full blast, in the house, for several, long, loud hours. But let me promise you, this is the mic that can keep up the pace and have you all belting out tunes until the sun comes up. Or until mummy has heard its raining tacos for the 52nd time today and she just needs to hear something else.

The Mi-Mic is a love it hate it kind of toy. I love hearing the girls sing the sweet songs and belting out my own on the odd occasion, but I wish the girls didn’t know how to operate the volume!!!!!!


The Pepper Pig MicroPhone



Any regular readers we know our love for Pepper pig, and any regular visitors will know how much my children and I love noise, so the pepper Pig Microphone from Inspiration Works was the perfect addition to the toy box.

Now we have had many a microphone since Pops was around 9 months. All of them pretty okay, but nothing quite like this one. As well as being a great size for Beboo to hold, it has so many different settings and songs to sing along too.



What more you you need? 

This brightly coloured musical toy is pure genius as far as Mummy and Daddy are concerned, and we have both belted out the odd tune or two. Much to the dismay of the girls. It has two great game modes and a great question mode, where Pepper asks questions and you can answer using the tick and cross buttons.

So add that to the many tunes and amplified voice and sound control, you really do have the perfect toy for any, rather noisy, musical Pepper fan.

It was simple for Boo, Pops and Mummy to figure out. Which is especially useful with two very eager children. The voices used are those of the characters from the Pepper pig TV series, which gives it more of a familiar feeling.

The Pepper Pig microphone retails for around £10, which is a really fantastic price for the quality of toy.

Everyone has enjoyed playing with this, whether belting out a tune or playing the built in games. I think the girls even enjoyed chasing Narla when she tried to have a play!