I Might Be Disabled But I Intend To Do It In Style!

Its true, I have sticks and even a mobility scooter! But just because I am disabled, does not mean I cannot do it in style, right?!

So I decided to pimp my scooter, because lets face it, they are not the most attractive of things, so I bring you my transformation in pictures…..

decals pops on scooter almost ready front scooter front of scooter back of scooter finished decals

fun stuff

me doing the basket finished scooter

Sorry about the mess and porky baby legs here and there, but there you have it! You can have a disability and need these aids, but you can also make them look fabulous!

All for under £15 too!

Raising The Profile And Riding The Mobility Scooter!

Yep, I have decided to take the plunge and look into getting a mobility scooter, so much so, I even went for a test drive!

mobility scooter


I will soon be cruising around, finally able to enjoy all trips out. At the ripe old age of 23, which isn’t the nicest feeling, I will be riding around on one of these.

I have also decided, as well as writing a book, I will be looking into raising the profile of MS, looking into something for young children who are affected by parents who have MS and getting more done to help PND sufferers.

Also, all the time, still blogging through the madness. I want to do more to help other people, I have a voice still, so I might as well use it. 

I just need to find out where to start now?!

I also need a nap!!!!