Lunch box Money Saving Tip.

Probably the most boring thing ever, the lunch box. Thinking of something different to put in this damn box, really does taunt me.

It also bleeds me dry of money, its the the silent assassin of the food budget, boxey little bastard. 

Anyhow, on a recent trip to the range, me and the sister found a great little money saving tip, so simple, but perfect…

jelly pots


Yup, jelly pots, WITH LIDS! Amazing, who knew?! Well Pops loves a good jelly, so this would save us a fortune on all those little jelly tubs, plus she got to make the jelly too!

pops n jelly 1 jelly 2 jelly 3 DSCF1381

After a few hours in the fridge they were ready to go! You can use any flavour and add fruit if you like, easy and cheap!

mum n jelly

Yes, I like it too, the next lot will make it to the lunch box, I swear. 

Anyone got any other money saving lunch box tips?! Come on SHARE 🙂