Dear Mr Cameron.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It’s been a long time coming, this letter to you.

The voting slips came in the post and I didn’t really know what to do.

Which box should I tick?

Do I close my eyes and just do it quick?

Or do I talk it through and deliberate for a time?

See Mr Cameron the decision is important to me,

My vote counts and I feel its about time you stand up and listen to the people who you just don’t see.

I understand there is no quick fix,

But did you have to pull the most vulnerable into this mix?

See it’s people like me Mr Cameron who are suffering the most.

Because its people like us who are least likely to boast.

A free car, a blue badge and undeserved money?

When in reality that is simply just not funny.

Mr Cameron Sir, have you ever been unable to work?

Have you sobbed so hard at something that does nothing but lurk?

Have you been told there is no cure and slowly your body will break down and fail?

That no matter how hard you try or scream or cry or shout you just can’t cope with something of such a massive scale.

Have you ever been told, Mr Cameron, that they just don’t know why?

Why you are where you are and how you can do nothing but cry.

Cry at the unknown life you and your family will face.

Cry that one day you will be a shell of who you are with your inevitable fall from grace.

Of course Mr Cameron I am talking about the changes to the benefits for the disabled.

The people who are just not physically abled,

To fill in your forms and attend the interviews to prove I am what I say I am.

Are you surprised in the lack of reapplications from the people of whom you don’t give a damn.

The people who struggle to get out of bed,

The people with that monster lurking in their head,

We already struggle to function each and every day

So why Mr Cameron do you make this the way?

Where we exhaust ourselves worrying about that money,

When our lives will forever be far from sunny.

Can’t you help us try and be all we can?

And do it from the moment this all began.

Because Mr Cameron we can’t take anymore.

We need help to survive, to get through the damn door.

So Mr Cameron If you want my vote,

Help the disabled, believe what I wrote.

Put yourself in my shoes and try and understand,

This is not at all what we all had planned.

Make the services and benefits fully accessible,

Because any more of this fight would be reprehensible.


My Boobs Are Not For Sale!

Ahhh, the great breastfeeding debate. Yes, we were given boobs for a reason, that reason being to feed our children, however for some of us, this is not possible.

And now, they are trying out a new initiative, to pay people, in vouchers, for breastfeeding for certain amounts of time.

Well I am sorry but my boobs are not for sale!

They say they will only ‘role it out’ if it works, which of course it will. I am sure that plenty of mothers who live in deprived areas will be happy to breastfeed for the extra money, god knows we all need to try and get extra money where we can and seeing as you get the first payment after six weeks, I can see some women being only too happy to do so.

But personally, I think this new ‘initiative’ discriminates massively. 

Not only to the people who find it near on impossible to breastfeed, but for women like myself, who have no choice but to formula feed. Should I have another child, I would need to stop my Tysabri for 9 months. This will induce all kinds of crazy madness in my little brain, so when the time comes, I would have no choice but to go straight back on it.

At the same time as receiving steroids for the relapses I would have had during pregnancy.

I would need these things to function, to give me back what I may have lost for those 9 months. To give me the ability to get up in the morning. Basically these things keep me up right and I would rather be a walking talking mother who has to formula feed than a bed ridden mess who would try breastfeeding, but would probably, eventually be hospitalised. 

How unfair is that?

I don’t get that ‘choice’ other mothers have. I already rely heavily on drugs to survive and spend one day a month having my IV, so that fact I am already different to most is very apparent in my life, now I have the fact I am medically unable to breastfeed therefore cannot bring in these much needed extra vouchers.

So I won’t get these lovely ‘rewards’ Which to me feel a little bit like bribery. Like they are trying to turn my Boobs into a commodity. 

People should have the choice to breastfeed like always. If they know the facts and still make the choice not to, then that is their own personal choice, they should not be bribed into doing something so many of us cannot do. 

Not for sale

Getting Benefits Is EASY!

I have heard it so many times, getting benefits is easy. Well I have news for you, its not! 

Plus, we are not all ‘scroungers’ life is getting more expensive, the cost of living is rising beyond belief, and not everyone can have high paying jobs.

Like most things right now, you have to fight for it, you have to continuously provide proof of everything, over and over again. 

Its something that really gets me down and grates on my nerves. Its not the fact I think I think we have to have it, its the fact the numbers say we are entitled, so we do claim for them, however they are forever changing the goal posts, giving families so much more stress.

My husband has worked full time forever, literally and I worked myself until I was pregnant with Pops, now he has had to drop his hours to be at home for me more. When you inform one person, its all okay and changed. Then the next one in the change sees the change and thinks they are getting more money AND working full time, when really, its because you dropped. But to prove to that person you have dropped the working hours, you need wage slips. But to have wage slips you need to have worked it first.

Meaning you have to go two or three months with less money, a lot less, before you can prove you had the rise in one part was because of the drop in another.

It means you then start getting a little behind for those two months, giving you even more to deal with. Its catch 22.

I am really grateful for all the help we receive, but the truth is, we are only where we are today because we fight like hell to prove the truth, because sadly there are those who abuse the system, giving everyone who needs that help a bad name. 

Take the bedroom tax for example. We don’t even have a spare room!!!!!!!!

They have not thought of everyone’s circumstances and the fact they are all different, meaning we then have to fill out more forms and gather more information to fight it.

Its the same with the new disability payments, I fought to get the very minimum, I don’t use it for nice things, I use it to pay for the hospital carpark when there are no disabled spaces, and the petrol to get to the hundreds of appointments I have had. Now its even harder to claim, there are ‘categories’ are some people have to be interviewed by a Doctor, one that does not even know them.

Neurological diseases are so difficult to understand, not even my GP really gets my MS and the treatment I am having, so how can a complete stranger decided wether you ‘need’ the money or not?

Life is getting so much more complicated and it makes my eyes water!!!

Bloggers Gone Bad

Me and my blog have not been around long, however I have seen a couple of bloggers who have gone bad.

Now I am not talking about mean, as such, I am talking about greed. Its no longer about the personal aspect, its also, or more so about the monies!

Now don’t get me wrong, I take on sponsored posts, however I am careful not to over do it and keep them out of my main feed, because for me, my readers matter. They take the time to come here and read my ramblings. Also when I started my blog, part of me was all for the free stuff, however after 9 months, I realise its far from ‘easy’ alot of work goes into reviews and now I am not afraid to say no.

I also make sure, that like my sponsored posts, they don’t clutter up my main feed.

Some bloggers make reviews there thing, which is great, people want their views on things which is pretty cool. However as review items are often gifted to bloggers, in return for an honest post, I find it a bit shady when a blogger starts selling the item on.

For a start, I tend to only review things I need, it makes sense. If I have something I don’t need, I give it to someone who does OR to charity. I do not sell it on for next to full price. 

I find it to be much like, looking a gift horse in the mouth.

They have facebook pages full of items, amounting to hundreds of pounds. Also they tend to pop up in places like preloved and gumtree, again selling for next to full price.

It simply does not sit right with me, if you don’t need it, say no. Simple.

Next comes power, some bloggers think, that because they have been around a while and have lots of readers and get loads of free shit, that they have power. They start acting like they are beyond other people, like they simply don’t have the time to answer a tweet, reply to a comment or take part in discussion.

Goodness me, they are much to ‘high up’ for all that taking part and being nice shit. 

So, that for me, is what happens when a blogger goes bad. It is fairly rare, as most blogger I have come across, are lovely. However, they are out there and I felt they needed a badge.