My Very Own I Have Never,

So whilst on twitter last night the lovely @donna_trinder tweeted about a blog post she had written on her lovely blog  about 10 things she had never done. It was a really great read. I decided I would steal the idea, with my own weird, over-sharing self, so here it goes:

  • I have never read 50 shades of grey. Yes I know, unheard of, but I found no harm in my socially unacceptable form of erotic fiction.
  • I have never read or seen ANY of the twilight films. Yes I must live under a rock or something.
  • I have never seen Avatar. Stuck under that rock I tell you.
  • I have never been abroad. In-fact I don’t even own a passport, how sad am I?
  • I have never been skiing. Odd one but very true.
  • I have never smoked a cigarette. I know you all think I am lying, but I really have no reason to, I really have not done this, I have such an addictive nature it would not be wise.
  • I have never taken drugs. What am I, Amish?
  • I have never drank tequila. Should I? I’m sure something you drink with lemon and salt cannot be nice.
  • I have never been in a gay bar. I need no words here.
  • I have never followed through. I feel with this one I am far from missing out, cannot be a nice thing to do.
  • I have never had a one nights stand. Nope never, could not imagine ever having the want or need.
  •  I have never had a bikini wax. No I am not a bear, I simply do it myself.
  • I have never been skinny dipping. How ever I would love to do this one.
  • I have never had a spray tan or sunbed. I am a casper, I am afraid this one simply does not interest me.

Well there it is, some facts about what I have never done! I would love to read some of yours, I feel its helps people get to be nosey  know one another. Hope you enjoyed.