Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World 3DS Review

I’ve been so wrapped up in news of upcoming The Nintendo Switch, *the revolutionary home and portable console hybrid. March the 3rd is so close now that I can almost feel it in my hands, which I should have got hands-on with until the weather decided to have it’s way and prevent me from getting to London. If you want to bag yourself one… then good luck! As it stands right now I may not be able to get one myself as foolishly expecting it to be the estimated and only educational guesses at that price range, the actual price range for now, while not outrageous is a little out of my grasp…. there I go again getting carried away with the Switch.. focus.* that I completely overlooked Poochy and Yoshi’s Wooly World. Sure, I knew it was on it’s way to 3DS but I assumed it was going to be a sequel to a game you just wouldn’t think could get any ‘yarn’ cuter than it already was.

I get the feeling they may have had the help from the shreddies knitting nannies here. A sequel it is not! And is actually a port of the excellent Wii U title which we were fortunate enough to have reviewed.
Ports of existing games is no new thing with Nintendo, it is something they have done since the launch of my all-time favorite console the Super Nintendo with Mario All-Stars and have continued to do so with every consoles since and will continue to do so with GameCube and potentially DS as a series ports coming to The Switch.

The game follows the same story of it’s Wii U counter part with Kamek turning the Yoshi clan into balls of yarn and scattering them throughout the islands as he makes his escape. It’s up to Yoshi  a staple character arguably as famous as his best friend to save his kin… not the princess.

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World opts for the more traditional hub/level layout of the Mario series unlike the Mario 3D hub of the Wii U version.
Oddly, although named in the title, I’m yet to encounter Poochy and perhaps he is hidden in a power badge. Instead you are faithfully accompanied by three Poochy pups, which means Poochy is a Mom… Or a Dad, which I don’t believe is disclosed. The pup’s really are a person’s best friend as your loyal minions.. I mean lovable and loyal friends,are not afraid to get stuck right into the action. Just like Poochy and Yoshi.. they just knit sew well together.

In Mellow mode you once again don a pair of wing’s that can help you float and land to safety and you have your trio of pet’s, because one is simply just not enough at your disposal. They act as the eggs you would usually collect from the boxes, which in Mellow mode, will not jump out when you hit it. Instead the pups fire in the direction of baddies, blocks and obstacles and will run straight back to you even after the act of launching them into harms way. They are essentially unlimited cannon fodder that are not to be sniffed at, as these helpful pooches also come to your aid helping you to discover invisible Or not so obvious secrets throughout the game.
Of course turning off Mellow mode will provide more challenge without a safety blanket for more avid than casual players. But Mellow mode is excellent for the younger audience as they will get a feeling of accomplishment and reward for finding and completing the levels with the many collectibles throughout the game, and with just a little help.

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World, while a port, bring’s a host of new features including an adorable knitted Poochy Amiibo. For those that still love to collect Amiibo like myself.

A subtle change in the main games hub is the addition of Pooch’s hut. Additional challenges are found here and if you successfully land on a flower when you jump through the end of level hoop, you are rewarded a Gold rush token. Poochy’ hut is a great collect-0-thon mode allowing you to play a level where you need to meet three level objectives and collect your three pooches along the way, and then Gold rush mode where you chase after Lakitu as he throws out Gold gems for you to try to collect in one go.

All these aspects make this version/port of Yoshi’s Woolly World the definitive version. It is perfect for the 3DS and I’m sorry I can’t shut up about it would also be a perfect addition to The Switch… while they are at it.. Super Princess Peach 2 for The Switch please Mr Miyamoto san.

At risk of repeating myself here, one thing that I love about the series is that it has always been consistently faithful to the original games mechanics which always makes it feel familiar under the surface with an always fresh skin.

For a full game review please head on over to the original review http://justchelseam.com/yoshis-woolly-world-wii-u-review/

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer 3/2DS review

On Nintendo 3DS

You can be forgiven to think that Animal Crossing happy home designer is not a fully fledged Animal Crossing game, but it certainly is.

It also may not be the full Animal Crossing experience you have been waiting for and have come to know and love over the years, but this game oozes charm and is packed with familiar faces aswell as new ones. In fact, from what I have read regarding the Animal crossing Amiibo cards which we will cover later, there is 100 characters involved with this game one way or another.

The funny thing about the Animal Crossing games, is that you think it’s odd as an adult to enjoy and get into. Fact is my wife and I spent A LOT of time playing Wild World. And my daughter and I spent A LOT of time, playing New Leaf. (We have not spent near enough time playing Let’s go to the city, and I would have to sell a kidney for the Population: Growing! game). There is a surprising amount of Adult gamers that play and love the series, No matter their online status, and here I’m talking especially, The Nintendo life team (also seen to be Tomodachi Life fans :-)).

As a fully fledged villager having dabbled in stocking a museum, being a Mayor, there’s also a crucial role existing in the games.

The introduction to the game introduces you to the Happy home designer team as well as preparing your character. What’s this, Tom Nook again!?? Everyone’s favourite ludicrous business man is your new employer, as you will be working for Nook’s homes.


There is quite a generous Body feature palette to use to get your desired look.

Once you have constructed your character, reminding Tom and his vague memory of who you are, it’s time to meet your fellow colleagues, Lyle, Digby and Lottie.HNI_0034

The ability to transfer your New Leaf character/s here would have been a great touch, but you are starting from scratch.

Lottie will train you in your role and get’s you straight onto an assignment. But first you need to get into uniform. As well as the changing room being on the next floor, you will also notice a barber chair which you will be able to use to change your appearance when you want to change things up. Your work uniform is supposedly able to be accessorized in the changing room also.

Your first clients home will be immediately recognisable if you are a fan of the series. It’s a basic starter house. The client has a few prized possessions in a box that they would like you to incorporate in the design of the home. The rest of the items is upto to you. Using the items tool you will have a small selection of items. In this design you will learn all the basics you need to know about how to place, move, rotate and discard items. You may want to find out those spare stylus’ you have digging around for a mishap, as using one will certainly make thing’s easier.

When you feel that you have finished the room design, speak to the client who lingers near the door. they will give you hints if the job is not quite finished, and r, you may not have noticed that there are now other items and tabs now available in the toolbox.

Once you have the seal of approval from the client, your work on this home is done.

The previous games have had a different way to save your progress. (And be badgered by  Resseti the Mole if you haven’t saved the next time) So it’s no surprise that the save feature has changed once again. This time around you will need to go to your desk at Nook’s homes and start your  notes. Saving is also automatic after each job you finish.

A mere ten minutes into trying this game, my Daughter is desperate to get on this and try it out. Though she’s wanting a girl character, not a male character and playing as Daddy. So we need to restart the game, or, I would have thought, exit the game and choose a new character at the menu. Creating a new character is not as straight forward as it was on New Leaf. The option to restart your game is somewhat hidden and you are restricted to just one character profile. To create a new character you will need to press and hold YXAB at the same time as soon as the Nintendo 3DS logo appears and before the title screen, a box will pop up asking you if you are sure you want to delete. All of this information will be in the games manual and I do highly recommend you read it prior to playing. If you have the digital game, there is a manual option at the games menu.

Watching my daughter nurturing her budding interior design was eye-opening. Placing objects in a way that at first glance I thought was wrong, but on closer inspection, ways I wouldn’t have thought of that also makes sense as it creates an illusion of freeing up more space while looking like a natural position. I feel this has been more of a learning curve to watch my daughter work away than what I would have learned from filling out the rooms in my own way.

Here’s some of my favourite picks of her creations











The game may be called Happy Home Designer, but you will be asked to design an array of building’s, not just homes. A face you should certainly remember is the hard-working Isabelle. she will be handling requests for public facilities to be built.

What is a nice touch is that aswell as designing homes for people, you will also be responsible for where the homes will be positioned on the village map. The clients will give you some preferences as to the area and surroundings they feel will be ideal for them, however i get the feeling they are quite easily pleased. Other factors that will be included in the clients needs will be thing’s such as a play area if they have children, amenities a garden and a variety of other things. You will also be s for the design and layout of these so your work will be both indoors and outdoors.HNI_0052

Along the way you will unlock expressions your character can use to interact with other animals. They are accessible on the touch screen by tapping the happy cat icon.

Your main hub will be a town area around your office. Any boarded  will be upcoming projects for you which you can start by talking to Isabelle.

From what I have played you will not be able to quite roam the village, but you will be able to visit existing clients houses. After all, like the weather their taste and needs will change.

I can honestly say, the home design aspect of A C New Leaf was not my strong point, and something I did not care much for. But having playedthis, and in the short space of time seeing my daughters imagination take hold and learn valuableidea’s of her furnishing positioning. It would make me return to New Leaf (and hopefully future A C games) with a new fondness and understanding of layout and design.

12063864_426594980870460_2907434017134793815_n11214145_426594984203793_2819898708684815309_nOn the Super Mario Maker review I touched upon how Amiibo card collecting was a great idea and throw back to yester-year. If this is your cup of tea an you’re an A C fan then you will be delighted to know that A C will have its own range of Amiibo cards, and as mentioned earlier, 100 ofthem so far and a special Animal Crossing Amiibo cards collectors book to keep them in.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Amiibo collectors cards are to play quite a big role in the game. You can use them to invite other villagers to a clients home, the animals will interact with each other and should the visiting animal take preference to a piece of furniture they have seen, this will be ‘stored’ on the system memory when you touch the Amiibo card to the NFC, which will be the touch screen on the ‘new’ 3DS, and by using an NFC portal (purchased separately) with the 3 & 2DS systems. The furniture the animal remembers will be added to your catalogue and can be accessed by using the Amiibo phone, located in the Nook Homes offices. The Amiibo phone will also allow you to call clients to offer any further help with their home design. You can also get the visiting animal to remember any furniture you like to be used on future projects.

As usual with a lot of games you can screen shot (take photo’s) pressing L and R shoulder buttons together, be sure to take photos of your projects and whatever catches your eye. Your images will be saved to your SD card so you can put them on your Computer and share via fan sites and social media, and create projects of your favourite moment’s or memories of the Animal crossing series. There is also the option to share to the Miiverse by tapping the icon on the touchscreen.

New Nintendo 3DS Review

New Nintendo 3DS


Speculation and rumors were rife when Nintendo were supposedly to  announce a new console at E3 2014. However the big reveal turned out  to be little more than a new 3DS system, but with some neat  improvements.

The improvements are:

Added buttonsds

Return to the Iconic Super Nintendo controller button colors.


Taking the best features of the 3DS and 2DS, some buttons have been relocated for easier use, these include: The Power button relocated to the front bezzle of the system. The Volume slider is now on the left side on the top screen similar to the 3DS slider. The Stylus relocated to the front bezzle next to the power button and also has a firmer grip in it’s housing. The Cartridge slot is also relocated to the front bezzle neatly with less chance of accidental ejecting a cartridge while playing.

C-Stick added
Mainly, the C-Stick will free up buttons for camera angels.
Below is a list of current compatible games for use with C-Stick:

Resident Evil Revelations

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

Super Smash Bros 3DS The C-Stick main use here is special attacks for Game characters.

Other potential Compatible games on the new 3DS for the added buttons as they are essentially a Circle Pad Pro, should include:

Monster Hunter 3 G

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy (Japanese only)

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Resistance

Dynasty Warriors VS

Nano Assault EX

One Piece Unlimited World RED

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 2nd

Steel Diver: Sub Wars

amiiboThe New 3DS has a Built-in NFC for Amiibo. This is behind the touchscreen and you simply place an Amiibo character on the touch screen to activate.

Stabilized face tracking will give more stable viewing as you are moving the console around and getting the most out of it’s built in gyroscope. The face tracking technology will follow your gaze and adjust itself as you and the system move. This will be perfect in titles such as Face Raiders.

zbuttonsAdded ZL and ZR buttons. If you’re adding the C-Stick you’re going to add the ZL and ZR buttons. These will come in handy for any further remakes such as the N64 games and any other game wishing to make the most of the new buttons.
No doubt games in development will utilise the C-stick providing more precise gaming and buttons to carry out more actions.

Extended battery life by a whopping 2 hours more than the previous 3DS system.

FP Changeable face-plates. These are easy to install but will require a  precision screwdriver.



fp1 There is already a fantastic  selection of changeable  face-plates available to  buy,  and official ones at that.

The only qualms I could find  with the system is, the SD card  often ejects  itself, mainly due  to the system taking a knock when  children get their  hands on it, (which is the point) but it’s a pain to have  to take the rear  cover off each time to get to it. The seating of the ZL and  ZR buttons  could have been raised for easier use, or set out like the circle pad pro.


And some more great news, is that the New Nintendo 3DS, still supports original NDS games.