Blogging, It Is What You Make It.

Its true, for most things in life really, you only get out what you put in and blogging is no different. it is what you make it. These last few months I have taken many a train trip to London and I have attended many events. I have met so many lovely people and companies and I have pushed myself and my blog into so many different opportunities.

Sometimes going out of your comfort can be good.

I could sit around and wait for people to find me, however I figure, why wait for them to find me when I could just as easily find them?!

As a blogger who is part of many different communities, you hear the word ‘blagger’ thrown around far too much. I hate that word, its so unflattering. However,I don’t see anyone asking of looking for reviewing, competition or collaboration opportunities as a ‘blagger’ I see them making the most of what they have and pushing there ‘brand’ further.

For me, people who use that incredibly unflattering word, are people who simply hate the fact that other people are going and getting these exciting opportunities. Its jealousy. 

A really vile emotion.

The fact I can stay at home with my children and give something back to them and my husband, means so much to me. As well as raise awareness of MS and make some amazing friends along the way.

So for anyone who is wondering how to get going in this blogging world, I say, join in and go and find the things you want to do. Don’t be afraid to speak up or to send that first email.

Last weekend I went to a really fantastic blogging conference in Manchester, one which I will be writing about over the weekend. The conference taught me that blogging really is what you make it, you only get out what you put in, it may take time but it is totally worth it!

And also, please remember, never let anyone put you down, most people in the blogging community are amazing, however there are a select few who simply ruin it for themselves. Ignore it and carry on 🙂

You Make Your Own Future.

Its true, we all make our own future, whether it be good or bad we are the ones who give the final say, the yes or no’s.

I find that to be so true in the world of blogging. Some people throw around the term ‘blagging’ when it comes to reviews and other opportunities, I don’t see it like that at all. The way I see it is, people are not going to come looking for you, if you want more from it and for it to go further you have to find your own opportunities. 

Something which there is no harm in, after all, how are these people meant to know about you unless you stand up and say “I’m here!”

I have seen comments about wishing there were less bloggers these days and too many people are doing it now, I believe this to be a load of old crap! The people who see it like this, I think, are probably either jealous or they simply think there is not enough to go around, when in actual fact there is.

I love the diversity and amount of people out there, its a big place is the world wide web and there is plenty of space for everyone! 

I have gone from having nothing for myself, to having this little space and the chance to make a difference. This year I have so many things on my list to do and I intend to take every opportunity that comes my way, because I won’t always be able to and I intend to make the most of my body whilst I still can.

Next time you find yourself wondering whether to say yes, just do bloody do it because if your anything like me, you’ll only think of reasons not to, reasons that perhaps are not really reasons at all, more like excuses.