Winter With Scruffs


Winter is coming and my brother in law has a new job this year and will mainly be working outside in the cold!!! He has been looking for good winter gear for his first winter outside. So we got the chance to play with a jacket from Scruffs and we jumped at the chance.

Scruffs is a company that leads the UK market in workwear for men and women and still continue to give style as well as function and performance. There sell everything you would need from knee pads and safety glasses (which look like very cool sun glasses!!) to safety boots and waterproof clothing.  Scruffs pride themselves on making sure are looking good but still making sure that you clothing is keeping you warm and dry or protecting you.

We had the Classic Thermo Parka to review. The quality was outstanding so well made and looks great could be used for both work and play (or not in my brother in law’s case as he does tend to get a little messy!! so it will be just for work!!). The fabric was is hard wearing and waterproof with a rating of 4500 mm. It is fully padded quilted lining for extra warmth. The hood can be removed and has a fur trim. There are great deep pockets and the elbows panels are made from Cordura to make them more hard wearing. This is a great jacket and I have been reliably informed that it is a great coat and very warm. This retails from £79.95.


Karcher For Kids?!

20150619_141856 20150619_141903
I knew from the off that this was going to a hit in our house as water is was a great loved product in our house,, from muddy puddles to helping grandpa clean the car or making potions in a bucket the girls love it.

So to have their own pressure washer they can use to help grandpa clean his car or clean their own scooter and bikes made them over the moon.

With a lot of children’s toys they don’t either work at all or not in the same way as adult ones, this is not the case with the Karcher pressure washer and from only £19.99 it is a really good toy as well as teaching them about keeping their things clean.

With wellies on and hose pipe connected to the tap we set to work pressure washing everything and anything, even the dogs got a quick wash!!!!!

Its lightweight and easy to carry even for the littlest one from ages 3 upwards it works well enough to clean the foam off the toys or dogs!!! It has two different interchangeable water sprayers one with a fine jet and the other with an open jet.

This is a great gift for a birthday or christmas presents for both girls or boys.

Now, this doesnt have the power that  a normal pressure washer has, but it’s for children, so thats a given. But it is great for little hands.


John Deere Madness

So we have recently been playing with some of the amazing John Deere toys from TOMY, being an ex village girl myself, I knew both girls would absolutely would love them and I was not wrong.

john deer

Getting them out the boxes was the first mission, one which was both easy and fun!

john deer 1

So we were sent the The Monster Treads Tractor which has lights and sounds and even came with batteries which is also a massive bonus, Pops loved this one and it went more than perfectly with the scenario she had going at the time!

Next is the Johnny Tractor and Allie Gator set which is perfect for little hands, which Beboo has plenty of! This great little push along set is small but perfectly formed, with happy faces to boot! The perfect little set for any outdoor fan.

Lastly but by far not the least is the Fun On The Farm Playset, it comes with an amazing 20 whole pieces and even comes with animals and two whole farmers to drive around the tractors (and animals) which was THE biggest bonus for Pops, she was officially in love. As was her sister due to the fact the were perfect chewing size. As well as that it comes with some farming machinery, to keep the farmers and animals busy..

john deer 2

As you can see, we decided to take the whole gang along with us on a day out to really put them through there paces, a test which they did not fail!

Both the girls really do love these amazing John Deere toys, they are both super fun to play with and really amazing quality. I think we will be having many more days out with them for years to come.

If your little one loves tractors and in-fact anything to do with farms, then the John Deere range is perfect as they have affordable toys that suits a wide range of ages. Head over the TOMY and check it out!

Summer Means Swings!

So now we have been given a hint of summer, the girls are getting prepared for the outdoor fun together, so when the chance come to own a double swing set they were more than impressed!

It begin with the ‘men’ being all clever and putting it together.

Swing set

We have been lucky as you can see above we also have a bucket seat for Beboo, so can enjoy all the swinging fun too! This little is great, easy to put together and fabulous quality which is a huge plus, due to the fact it will be used for years to come! Needless to say, the rain came however the set still has pride of place at the top of the garden!

Growing up I always had a swing set, it is one of those things I believe every child should have, I used to spend hours swinging in the back garden, watching the clouds go by.

For me I believe its all the more important, as I cannot take the girls for a swing in the park alone, so having this set still gives them that chance.

Big Game Hunters do some really amazing wooden swing sets, hard wearing, top quality and some even have rope ladders and slides!


I think in this day and age its really important to get them out and about as much as possible, so being able to choose from Big Game Hunters, wide selection is great, the are also super affordable which is great for any busy household, especially as the wooden frames tend to be great for when you have a few children wanting to use the set at once and lets face it, when ones goes, they all do! 

So if you are looking to make the most of the garden this summer, head over to the garden games website, they have a massive set of wooden and metal swing sets, plus they have some incredible outdoor playhouses!

Go on, take a peak 🙂