To Pee Or Not To Pee?!

Yeh, this is a post all about piss, pee, wee, whatever you want to call it and whatever makes you more comfortable. So since my last relapse a few weeks back my whole peeing mechanism has not been the same, no I never knew we even had a peeing mechanism either, well, you know what I mean!

Whilst on my steroids and over the recovery period, all my muscles ache so bad, even the slightest touch hurt so bad but the worst thing was my bladder, every single bloody time I went to pee, my bladder refused to listen to my head and it was mega owchy the more I waited, I’m guessing that’s because I was pushing the old bladder against its will.

Who knew going for a simple piss could be so very complicated?

Its the same with the old bowel when on the roids, having a poo is literally like running a marathon, you would think I would shut the door at times like this.

Anyway, more recently things have got better, but in true MS fashion my bladder still likes to bend the rules and ignore the old brain from time to time, not emptying fully and then sneaking out the last little bit when you least expect it, thanks for that bladder, which makes going to the toilet an incredibly surprising experience.

Surprising in the way that I am 23 AND surprising in the ‘oh shit didn’t expect that kind of way‘.

Giving my daily life that extra, well, edge?!

Well, I guess I need to give the old pelvic floors a bash and see if that helps, really do not need my bladder emptying after pulling my trousers back up, now that would be an interesting story. Maybe I will still to the maxi dresses for now?