U Hugs Dolls

Who doesn’t love coming up with your own ideas on what your doll should wear and look like. These U Hug dolls do just that, bringing out the creative side of your little ones and help them use their imagination and create games with to play with their friends.

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These are great gifts for if your little one has been invited to a birthday party any girl aged 5 and up will love these and at £14.99 they are a great price. The dolls are released on the 17th Feb so these are a real must have.

They are a set of dolls that can be customised, they come with interchangeable accessories. There are different characters  to collect one to suit whatever your little girls are into, from Starry Fairy who is pink with wings and a wond, Scratchy DJ with her own headphones to Scary baby who’s not really scary and is complete with nappy and dummy and Sassy fashion dolls with great pink and black hair.


Each dolls is their own style so you can change there clothes, shoes, mouths, eyes and wigs to personalise the U Hug doll. These accessories can be interchanged between the different dolls. The doll is made from soft plastic with 16 holes for the pins and their is a compartment in the back of the dolls to store the extra pieces which is great because there hopefully!! will be no more “i have lost my dolls hair!” which we have a lot in our house. The pieces are easy to take out and put back in.

The pins are unique with different ones for each doll, and they have a diamond pin on the top of their head and a unique symbol of the U hugs family. The shoes for each doll are fashionable styles and you can flip them over to create a new design.

Each doll comes with 12 different pins.