New From Schleich

We all love animals young and old.  When we were children most of us had a farm or some animals as toys we have been lucky enough to have Schleich animals. These are a brand of models and figures that are well made and help our little ones with imaginary play. The range includes anything from the everyday farm animals, which as you can see are stunning and the animals we have at home as pets, to those that are more imaginary fairies and elves to knights and dragons. 

There is a huge range available you can find them to buy in many places such as toy shops and garden centres and some are for pockets money prices they make them great toys for little ones to collect.

The animals themselves are so realistic smaller versions of the real thing. From cute cats (which is a real winner in our house) and dogs to elephants and snakes. Some of the types of animals have more than one. From different breed of dogs dalmatians to german shepherds.  To animals in different poses. There are so many available there will always be something to bring a smile to you and your little ones face.

Our favourites are the forest animals with hedgehogs and squirrels, These new farmyard animals from Schleich are also a winner. The detail on them is incredible and they have already made their way into in daily playbox. 

They also make great ornaments in your little ones rooms or like we do we have them in our welsh dressers (we collect sheep)

Schleich have been around for many years and are a trusted name, with a hand painted finish and widely available with gift sets and lots of accessories from barns to fences. There is everything you need to for your little to build up a farm or even your own stables.

They also do a great range of models of dinosaurs too for your little monsters.

They range from about £2.99 and for ages 3 and up.

Pet Parade Play Garden – CATS

I know.

I can’t quite believe I’m writing that.

Pet parade now has CATS.

For anyone that doesn’t know. Evie, my youngest, is obsessed with cats.

Now I’m not talking about she likes cats and would love to have one. I am talking obsessed. She has cats on her clothes, her toys are cats, cat bags, cat hats and even cat sunglasses.

And yes, she would love a cat. But Skye doesn’t like cats and this is something that will stop us from having a real life cat. But it’s okay because we love Skye.

So now having one of her favourite toys, Pet parade, have a cat version also, it’s like Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one.

pet parade 2 pet parade cat 1

This is the play garden, which is a cat’s play heaven and even comes with cat figures, much like the dogs from pet parade.


This set is easy to put together. vJust a few strong clicks has everything in place. The water feature is my personal favourite. It looks so real!

This little set is perfect for some cat role play. They have everything our furry friend could desire. Evie has had hours of fun playing with this. Even her small cat teddies have been in on the action.

Like all other Pet parade pets, the cat has moveable features and magnets. Meaning you can take it for a walk with the supplied lead and it even plays with the ball.


This set would be the puuurfect addition to any toy box. 😉

It retails from around the £25 mark, however you can find some savings if you search.

Little Live Pets Lil Mouse Trail


I’m sure that you all know in our house that we love all things small and Little Live Pets kill 2 birds with one stone.  We can have the pets in the house with all the problems of cleaning, walking, little accidents and making sure the girls take care of them and don’t leave it to us!! Which I know I did when I was little with rabbits and my rabbits had babies!!!

So little Live pets are a great alternative to having real pets.

There is a great range from birds, with or without their own cadge. The bird will sing, tweet and respond to your touch, comes in different colours with their own identities. Then we had have the Tweet and talking owls mother and baby who talk to each other, you can help mummy owl take care of her baby and again they will respond to you touch and tweet and tweets back with happy sounds these start from £17.99

We were lucky enough to get the new Lil Mouse House Trail and our very own Lil Mouse Staria who is a sleepy little mouse. There are 6 different Lil mouses to collect each with their own personalities and different colours suitable for boys and girls. They move and sound like a real mouse with over 25 different sounds and need 3 x LR44 batteries available from £12.99.

You can get your mouse its own house that is portable so your little one can take their pet with them, which is also a big hit in our house little pets and a carry house bless. There is a wheel to keep them entertained and you can watch what to see how your mouse is or you can open the door and let him play outside in his own play area. This can be connected to the Lil Mouse House trail which is a great addition to the set where you can watch your mouse or have your friends mice over and watch them spin in the playzone, ride on the see-saw or slide down the ramp. There are plenty of tunnels and rooms for the mice to hide and play. This creates the idea that the Lil Mouse is alive and is going about it his mousey business. available from only £14.97 which is great value and these make great gifts for your little ones friends on birthdays and parties.

This will keep them entertained for hours and me too.


The Perfect Pets!

So Pops has been going on and on and on about having her own pet. We already have a dog, so the choices were limited, however Pops was adamant she needed something that was hers, something she could look after.

So the hunt was on!

With her birthday coming up, I have to admit, its the perfect excuse to do the whole “early present” thing.

We ventured to the pet shop, which had the normal array of stinky rodents! We were originally thinking hamsters, however after looking at it, for one they would have to female, as I could not explain the whole big old hamster balls thing, not a conversation I need! 

So anyway, females smell, like piss, yum! Also Pops loves a cuddle and hamsters do not appreciate a squeeze, no matter how much convincing you do! 

So hamsters were a no, those nibbley little bastards simply would not do. 

Next comes the bunny. Now as a child I had bunnies a plenty (after unknowingly having a girl and boy) In those days a bunny was a bunny, it needed the usual food, water and shelter, plus the odd cuddle (and maybe a walk on a bunny lead) Now however, they need spaying and injections, they also tend to be nippy.

So a bunny was a no.

Then it dawned on us, a guinea pig, it was perfect. You can keep them outside or inside and they like a good cuddle and the odd squeeze and rarely bite.


I was a little sceptical,  but they have been great. We have two lovely guinea pigs, luna and snowflake, who Pops can look after and love until her hearts content!

I never realised how perfect the little critters would be. They don’t need too much doing, no faffing with jabs etc and super cuddley!

So if your looking for a pet for your little’un then why not get a guinea pig? Pops can use it to learn some sort of responsibility and have something of her own.