Chemist Direct

I have recently had the chance to go shopping over on Chemist Direct. This website is like one of the wonderful pharmacies that stock everything you need. The ones you find in tiny villages or out in the middle of nowhere. They stock things you would usually have to hunt high and low for, the type of pharmacy I love!

Chemist direct has a very user friendly setup, the site is easy to navigate, even on a mobile device. I used it first on my phone because I like to put mobile versions to the test, Chemist direct passed.

chemist direct

For the sake of this write up I thought I would try and stock up on all the family essentials that every mother should have in their cupboard. I even managed to get generic versions of the products I was looking for, saving me a few pounds here and there. I love if when a store offers generic versions when you search for a brand. It gives you the choice, something which is great for all budgets.

One thing I did find was pet products. Not something I expected but a really welcomed surpise and we really needed a few bits for the pups. So again, I was able to buy it all from one place, quickly and easily.

I did find the beauty section to be a little lacking, but I hope this is something they will look to grow in the future.

The checkout process was so easy, you also have the option of paypal which I love. I brought products that contains Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, so I had to fill out small one page forms about who the product if for, age, why they need it etc, having worked in Pharmacy I loved this. It’s good to see a company regulating these things.

Delivery was also super fast.

Overall I really enjoyed my shopping experience over at Chemist Direct, it is definitely a site I will use over and over again.


I suffered with Post Natal Depression after having Pops. I found out I had it when Pops was two whole years old. I didnt see it and I looked myself in the mirror everyday, some might of called it denial.

Now, I am back on the same meds. After all of the MS diagnosis and the birth of Beboo I felt depression creeping back into my life, I knew not to ignore it, I fear I may always suffer from this horrid illness. You read in all the literature, to do with MS it is a common symptom, this scares the shit out of me! Will I always rely on these tablets so simply feel ‘normal’ Well as normal as I can feel?

PND or any kind of depression is a widely debated subject, does it exist? Is it real? Well I can safely say it is very real. Real for the person who has it and for the family around them. Now i’m not preaching, before any of this happened to me I often wondered if it was real too. See I worked in pharmacy so worked very closely with drugs, there effects and the people taking them. People would come in get there ‘pills’ and go, i’d often wonder if they really needed it or was it all made up, I was so judgemental!

Now, after being in that mind set for the last few years I completely understand these people. I am infact one of these people. Ive been bullied about it, I have had sly, degrading comments made toward me, but I now understand enough about me, my MS and my long standing depression to ignore these people and move on. I do make sure I take my tablets everyday so that black cloud isn’t so black, does this make me a bad mum? No, I feel it makes me able to be the best I can be.

Sometimes I wonder if I use them as a crutch, but right now with all I have been through I wouldn’t blame myself for doing so. 

The one and only thing I know about myself is I am comfortable with the skin i’m in, the wiring might be dodgy but I am who I want to be on the outside and for now that’s enough.