We Have Chicken Pox!

Yup, it’s hit the house running and we are counting down the days until it strikes the smallest one.

Pops has been great, seeing as she is literally covered in itchy spots, her spirits are high. She has been napping in the day, which is how this all started, she disappeared off for a nap at the weekend, we went up to see if she was okay and BAM, spots.

Its odd really. I worked in pharmacy for a couple of years, I gave advice on how to deal with chicken pox almost every day yet when it hit my own, my mind literally had nothing. 

Oh, a little bit of advice, sometimes turning to google is not the best idea. Suddenly its not chicken pox, suddenly its something extremely rare, something so bad you haven’t even heard of it, like pink walrus syndrome. 

Yeh note to self, stop using google for every little thing. Polio was eradicated and pink walrus syndrome is something you just made up.

And sometimes, a sneeze is just a sneeze. Even if it makes you pee a little.

Also, a few days ago it was mine and Hubby’s wedding anniversary. Four whole years. We were both blessed with not seeing each other all day, what more could a married couple want?! Yes, I jest, life sometimes gets in the way and whilst it would have been lovely if someone could have magically whisked us away for the day,that did not happen. And I think it was raining anyway, so I would probably have chosen to stay indoors, less risk of getting rain hair.

That’s never attractive.

Nevertheless, I still love him, and he’s still here so I am guessing that love is reciprocated?

Anyway, I must go and prepare for a night of mind numbing TV.

I will leave you with Pops…



Children’s Cooking With The English Table.

Children love to cook. Especially my children, so when we were sent some beautiful children’s cooking equipment, it gave Pops the perfect excuse to get in the kitchen and do some cooking.


The English Table have some really beautiful and amazingly priced cooking equipment for both Children and Adults (of course) and we really enjoyed taking a look around the website and seeing all the lovely things they sell. Seeing as I have an obsession with green kitchen equipment, this was perfect for me!

We were sent:

  • Chefs hat and apron
  • Beautiful butterfly cake tins
  • Cutters
  • Mixing bowl complete with all the little sized accessories Pop’s could need.

As you can see, Pops took to the kitchen with her lovely Auntie to create some amazing creations and using her bowl and measuring spoons she was even able to take part in all the complicated measuring and mixing!

Finished baking

 She was over the moon with her new equipment and was pleased with all the goodies she had made!

Now, I am lucky enough to bring you a great competition to win one of two of these sets (pictured below, not including Pop’s obviously) which would be perfect with Christmas coming, so please follow the instructions, UK Only and good luck!


Win competitions at ThePrizeFinder.com

Flying Fairy By Flutterbye



Pop’s loves fairies. so when we the chance came to review the flying fairy by flutterbye from Spin Master, I jumped at the chance. The Flutterbye fairy is the only flying fairy that can really fly. It comes equipt with a display stand, which charges the fairy and helps launch the fairy into flight.

The stand takes 6 AA batteries, which were not included. It would have been nice to have the first set included.

Now, this fairy is a little hard to get to grips with at first, however they do have this great website, Flutterbye Fairies, which is a great tool when you get a little stuck in getting the fairy to fly. This was a great source of information when getting her to fly.

When you have got to grips with the whole flying thing, it is surprisingly easy to use. Simply click her into the base, plug the little cable into her and let her charge. When she is fully charged, unplug her and press the button on the stand to watch her fly.


Pop’s was amazed that she got to guide her around the room using her hands.













Each fairy has 5 minutes of flying time for 25 minutes of charging, which is pretty good, although I think my impatient four year old would beg to differ!

There are three different colours of the flutterbye fairies to choose from, so something for everyone.

With a little bit of practise and patience, Pops loves her Flutterbye fairy and has gotten used to the steps needed to get her up in the air! We have been playing with her for a fair few weeks now and she is still going strong.

A Flying Fairy By Flutterbye retails at around £34.99, which I fully expected. However if you have a fairy loving child and want to create a little bit of magic, then this really is the perfect toy.


The First Day At School

Today was the start of a new chapter in our crazy little lives, today Pops started school.

Now although she went to playgroup four days a week, its still a big change. I mean playgroup is right next door, I could hear her playing outside when we went into the garden and I just had to pop in for a coffee when I wanted to see her. I could take her out of playgroup when I needed to and on the days I wanted her home, she could stay home without concern.

Now its different. Now we have to play by the rules and she has to go off and start her own life. I can’t drop in randomly and this is like a forever thing. Well for like 12 or so years anyway and I am not sure that she really quite gets that yet.

I know there were more tears from me than her. But I did make sure I didn’t show her this, me being a snotty mess would have been the most unuseful thing ever. I held her hand as long as I could and felt her little squeezes when she started get a little nervous, but all in all, she was so brave.

Much braver than her Mother who sobbed in the car.


Anyway, here are some photos from before she left…

IMGP0268 IMGP0264 IMGP0265

As you can see, she has not quite got the hang of posing.

She had a good afternoon and did some drawing and even wrote her name which she loves doing. I am proud, sad, pleased, scared, and all those other emotions we Mothers feel, but I will also really miss her being not being home and not being my full time partner in crime.