Princess Peppa’s Palace

We are great  lovers Peppa Pig in our house. If you are young or old. When it’s on the TV you will always find yourself watching it,  sometimes i find myself being the only one watching it!!!

For anyone who does know about  Peppa Pig it’s a  pre-school cartoon that follows the adventures of Peppa a pig and her family and friends.  Her friends are all different mammals from dogs to rabbits and sheep that talk and act like real people.

Peppa’s friends are the same age as she is and she has a younger brother, George, In the episodes they do everyday activities like going to playgroup, swimming to riding their bikes.

princess peppa

Their extended family is also involved.They wear clothes, drive cars and talk but you still have the noisy the animals make there are lots of snort like pigs especially from daddy pigs and doing what pigs do best which is jumping in muddy puddles (who doesn’t love muddy puddles!!)

We had the chance to review Princess Peppa’s palace, now we were very excited about this and we are very into princess and castles at the moment. It is from around £49.99 and from ages 3 years +. With this playset comes 3 articulated figures including princess Peppa of course and lots of accessories all the regal furniture that is fit for a princess including chairs, a bed everything you need for the bathroom, a lovely mirror so princess Peppa can see how pretty she looks in her crown. There is even a jelly in the kitchen ready for a grand ball, and not forgetting the chest for storing the treasure in.

princess peppa 2

The playset itself has 2 balconies for Peppa and her friends to look out over their estate! It is decorated inside and out to look like a castle complete with flags. It all packs away with the accessories inside so that it can all be kept together.  With rotating doors, this is a great new toy from the Peppa pig range and a real must have for Peppa fans. There is endless possibilities for imaginative play and will keep them entertained for hours. It is well made and thought out your little one will be in no doubt who it is and how it the different items come together to make up the game.


Fisher-Price Little People Musical Dancing Palace

fisherprice castle

Fisher-Price is a good old family trusted name.  Fisher-Price started out as wooden toys for children they have always given great attention to detail, safety and making sure you little one is getting all they can out of play, with a lot of research before the products are developed.  They used bright colours and the toys are robust and made for the age range they are targeted for.

We were lucky enough to get the Little People Musical Dancing palace to play with, as you know we love all things little and all things princess so this went down a storm.

The castle is produced along with Disney Princess so little one can have a disney Princess and castle just like her big sister but made for them to be easy to hold and play with. It comes with Princess characters Belle and Cinderella and Belle’s prince can be put on the dancer floor where they can go spinning and twirling around. With sounds, music and phrase when you spin the lever on the dance floor. It plays 2 favorite Disney songs Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo and Beauty and the beast.  When you open the door to the castle a fan fair will play. This all helps bring the games to life.  There is a great winding stair case just like in a real castle do the princess can make their grand entrance. There are different rooms like a dressing room and bedroom and a dining room this can add to your little ones imagination and more games can be played.

You can also buy some of the other Disney Princess like Ariel and Aurora, Cinderella and her friends and many more. There are other buildings available like Cinderella’s ball or Ariel’s Boat or Cinderella’s carriage which would make a lovely addition to the Castle.

From 18 months to 5 years, you will need 2AA batteries it does require putting together but very simple to do,  from around £41.97

LEAPFROG Princess Party

We love leapfrog, the kids are always excited to try their new toys, books and much more, and admittedly I am too. We were lucky enough to be able to have a Princess party with Leapfrog to spread the fun to our friends and family. We had an afternoon, mainly playing on the LeapTV, which all the girls LOVED.

Leap frog stuff

We received some amazing things from Leapfrog, including a LeapTV With Princess Sophia game, A Leappad 3 with princess maths (big favourite) Four stunning dresses and some accessories for the girls.  A Leapfrog reader with several books and some party bits to make them feel extra special. We had someone pull out last minute, however towards the end of our party we had some friends come round, who were adults, who had as much fun playing the games as the kids!

I took great pleasure in laying everything out all nice.

I think it was the Princess in me!

LeapF Party 1

Eve and I got ready for the party when daddy went to get the other Princesses from a long day at school!

LeapF 2

Soon everyone was here and after having a quick play with the LeapPad 3 each, they were all so excited to play with the LeapTV together.

Now I think Princess Sophia was aimed at slightly older children than Eve, but Liv and her friend got the hang of it pretty fast. They were soon wandering around the village and on their flying horses. They soon discovered the LeapTV comes with son pre-loaded games. One is a Tamagotchi style game where you can look after and play with a pet.

Eve LOVED this game, as did our slightly older guests, we were all soon joining in with the washing and jumping.

After a long day at school getting the girls to sit down and read was impossible, however later on in the evening was sat down with the leapreader and read some princess stories. I sent a leapreader and book home with a guest so she could join in too.

Overall we had an amazing time, even grown adults enjoyed the games and kids tech. Its no surprise LeapFrog as a brand is a huge favourite.

Take a look at the pink madness……

lepaf 3

Thank you LeapFrog, We Love You!!!!