A Big Fat Fathers Day Gift Guide

So here a few things to give you some inspiration for fathers day gifts. Something for every man and for evererasmicy budget. Enjoy…

Firstly we have a great brand for anyone looking for a bargain this fathers day. Erasmic, some really great goodies for shaving and with prices starting from £1, you really can’t go wrong. Erasmic off some really traditional shaving products, from a really lovely shaving cream, to a great brush for applying it perfectly. Erasmic have put together a fantastic range which really does work.

moose head

Next is Moosehead. I know hubby is always struggling to find something to keep his hair in place. I think we may have tried everything out there! Moosehead not only smells amazing, but it keeps his hair in place. Both the dough and the paste have passed every test so far, I think I might even have a try! Moosehead retails at £3.99 and is available from amazon.

Next is a firm favourite from my dad, the range from wilkinson sword. These trusty razors are fabulous and the hydro five range is no different. With five blades and three different vibration wilkinsonswordsettings, it really is one of a kind. Adjusting the shave helps stop skin irritation. I think given the chance I would maybe sneak this one for myself, but I think he would notice somehow. A razor like this makes a great gift, as well as being super useful, it really does work. This set retails for around £12.99.

golf balls

This is my favourite I think, a light up golf ball, for the golfers who play well into the evening. These new golf balls from LUMilife and LED, they light up when you give them a good whack, which of course my Dad will do!

Perfect for playing well into dusk, these golf balls make finding that hidden ball just a little bit easier. A pack of three balls retails for around £12.99 and I can imagine they will be very popular, especially when the nights start to draw in.

morph suit

This might have to be my husbands favorite. The Iron man morph suit. He is a huge marvel fan so this was perfect. The characters available are Iron man,  Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain america and Dead Pool. Each suit has something unique to the character to it. Take for example the Iron man suit. There is a pouch for your smartphone, so you can download the app and then the suit really comes to life. “Select the Zappar section. Give your phone to a mate, tell them to stand back a few feet and get them to zap the code. Strike your perfect Iron-Man pose, hold your palm out and activate the blaster”

Amazing, right? This full body suit has kept Hubby entertained for hours, I have to do all I can to stop him going on the school run in this outfit. Not sure people are ready for tat yet. Another great thing about these suits are the fact you can drink and pee in them! Who knew?! These fabulous morph suits retails for around £45.99 and are perfect for big marvel fans.


The Defender series from Otterbox, a great way of protecting your phone. Like many people, my husband is very clumsy. As are my children. And maybe me? We tend to drop everything and the kids tend to smear our nice things with food and paint, never a good combination. But now we are fighting back with this phone case from Otterbox. This case has several layers so protects to the highest degree. It has been through some rough patches and is still going strong, so its looking good! The Defender case would be the perfect gift for any man who loves his phone. I know my husband would be lost without his. They retail at around £3cargo0.

Who doesn’t like a cupper? Well no-one I know thats for sure. So this little gem from Cargo is the perfect little gift. This mug retails for £5, so its perfect as a gift from the little ones. Shaped like a tankard, its a really manly mug, one I can’t see myself stealing anytime soon, so Dad is safe.


Bluebeards Revenge, I love this brand. Their whole branding is fabulous, not for the bum fluff brigade and all that. This fantastic shaving brand has so much to offer, from shaving cream to eau du toilette, which smells amazing! It does come with a rather amusing love life warning. I can see why. This luxury shaving brand is just stunning and I expect it to go from strength to strength.

 Brita, a rather unconventional gift but I think he will love it. This great water bottle is perbritafect for anyone looking for the perfect drink on the go. Brita is a well known and trusted brand, on which is always creating something new and exciting. The Brita fill and go has become a popular item in this house recently. With Brita being known for its filtered water, you can now have this water on the go. Its easy to fill and clan and comes in a different range of colours. Now Hubby is looking to start getting fit, this has been the perfect addition to his routine and if perfect for when he is out on his bike. Probably not the most obvious gift, but super useful.


Patchwork. We are big Patchwork fans after having some lovely samples for Christmas. Now they have a great new basket perfect for fathers day. The quiet night in hamper. The great thing about this hamper is having the ability to choose what goes in. So you can completely personalise it for the lucky recipient. They retail for around £30 and make the perfect yummy gift for a night in. Another great gift to have with this would be some lovely Artisan tea, the perfect cuppa before bed.



Another greaIsland Black £59t gift this fathers day is shoes. With summer well and truly here, the perfect pair of sandals would be the perfect gift. Hotter shoes have some amazing sandals this season.

This pair of mens sandals retail for around £59 and are worth every penny. They are made to the highest standard, something you can really feel when your used to wearing cheaper alternatives. Hubby likened them to walking on clouds, which is high praise indeed. A pair of shoes from hotter shoes would make anyones fathers day fantastic, they really are second to none.neutrogena

Lastly we have a super useful shampoo. Thier first release in 30 years a fantastic new product from T/Gel. Although this may not be your first choice when it comes to gifts, but it may have to be the most useful/thoughtful gift going. This new T/gel is a shampoo and conditioner in one, which is great in itself but it also offers a flake free scalp, something most men are after if were going to be honest. Perfect.


So thats it for my big fat fathers day gift guide, more great gifts coming soon 🙂


Pet Peeves…

Yep, pet peeves, we all have them. A noise, word or even a simple gesture that we cannot stand.

I know with children, you have to face your pet peeves, or at least sit next them whilst they happen. Trying to ignore the thing that grates you up the wrong way.

If it was my husband, I would have clocked it and dealt with it before it had started in some cases, I know, I’m intuitive and he is cruel forgetful. But at least this means I don’t have to sit there tutting and shuddering. I can simply get my views across with my loud moderate voice.

Anyway, what is my pet peeve?

Well, where do I start……..

Firstly its chewing, more commonly in the younger or the downright rude, whether its food or the evil chewing gum, chewing gets me every time. Its relentless and loud and to be fair, it can be helped. No-one wants to see your food going round. Also, chewing gum with your mouth agape does not make you look cool, rock star you ain’t! 

Next comes making grunting noises when you eat. I am sorry, I really am. But still, I don’t get it?! Why are you doing it? Why does eating make this involuntary noise happen and why when I point it out, are you able to stop?!

Then its mumbling. I cannot stick a mumbler, the on purpose kind I mean. I know, what’s wrong with me right?!  WRONG, what is wrong with the offending mumbler more like! Saying it so I cannot hear it will not make me listen intently, in-fact repeating myself over and over to try and figure out what the mumbling is all about makes me even more peeved.

It defeats the object!!!!!

Lastly, for now, is picking scabs. Yuck. Especially the giant ones which are not ready to come off anyway! STOP, its rank and it will scar, why not just leave it alone?! Its vile and it has no purpose, so please stop.

So yeh, those are a few of my pet peeves, what are yours?!


Monday afternoons

Well after my amazingly amazing blog this morning I wasn’t going to blog again today, but after the afternoon I have had I want to, whilst it is fresh in my mind, or I will forget all these crazy emotions.

Yes I am afraid this post will be a downer. Who doesn’t like a bit of drama? Me that’s who.

Those of you who read my blog, you will know I have MS, those who don’t, well now you do, but more importantly, where have you been?! Anyway, this afternoon my MS nurse Jane came over. She is my new MS nurse as I live in a werid place across to county borders, so my care is shared between both, mostly at Gloucester Royal, but she is easier for me to see as she is based in my town and can come to my house. We did the whole talk as she didnt know too much about me as they don’t share alot of info across the border! I am used to talking about it all so it was not an issue for me. We talked about all my symptoms, things I didnt even think of, for example my bladder, it is not the greatest and as of late my bowls have been slow, she informed me it was very likely both of these things were related to my MS and my brain giving muddled signals. Whilst mid conversation I forgot what I was going to say, she said that was also a massive symptom. Although I knew all this I has never put two and two together. Anyone with MS will know the worst and hardest symptom to deal with, fatigue, with it only starting to rear its head again today I feel horrid. It was only last night I was saying to Cal how I had much more energy, I think I jinxed myself. Jane told me I looked exhausted and she really had not expected me to look and seem so tired. 

We discussed everything and I mean everything. It was almost like a counselling session, which was good as she understands. I kept crying which I hadn’t done for a while. I explained the more I seem to fight the worse it gets, she said it was common and I was to try and not fight so much, but at the same time not let it take hold. She suggested the middle ground of managing it the best I can. This is easier said than done. I know a few people see me as lazy, but if they spent a day in my shoes they would see that is not the case, I literally cannot physically go on. Jane suggested I start to take naps, which is possible but just another way I am having to adapt. 

She had been talking with my new neurologist, Mr Warner. He has said I will be starting treatment come September, its just finding the right one. Jane talked briefly about how they work and a few different examples, she mentioned a monthly one which would be given as a day case through IV once a month. I hope this one is not the one I will need. I see enough of the hospital, I don’t need more reasons to go.

She also said how some people need MRI’s once a year sometimes more, this pisses me off as I hate them. I was also informed that if they see no new brain activity on the scan I will have to wait until I have another attack. This frightens me now I know how they feel, although I do not know when they are going to hit me.

All of the info just re-enforced how random and unpredictable MS can be. No-one knows what is next, or when something will next happen. I hate this. It makes me want to run away and hide.

As much as I was glad to talk to her, all this new and old information made me remember I have a neurological condition, the steroids have given me a rest, so to speak but now its coming back at me like a massive bus with bus rage! 

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. No-one and this sucks.