The Great British Sewing Bee Sewing Studio

My oldest has been doing sewing club at school and is watching me while I’m using my sewing machines and desperately wants to have a go but I have always a little wary until now with  The Great British Sewing Bee Sewing Studio for ages 6 and over from around £43.00.

Now I am a fan of two things, number one sewing and number two, The Great British Sewing Bee, the show was and still is awesome and something that pushed me and Liv into the sewing world.

This is a fun and safe sewing machine for children to be able to get involved with sewing.

The machine comes with an easy to follow instructions in the form of a handy booklet. This machine is ideal for both a  beginner and someone who is more experienced. Everything your little one will need to start out is in the included in the box, including a first project kit for a clutch purse. There are a number of kits available from phones case to blankets.

There is a foot pedal so it is like a fully working grown-up machine, two spare needles, bobbins and a needle threader to help with that all-important task. There are patterns for the clutch bag and an assortment of fabrics.  Hours of fun can be had with this and is a great way to get your children involved with something else away from a screen. Sewing is a great hobby that could develop into something more. There are endless possibilities that can come from this sewing machine, clothes for dolls as well as people, bags and teddies. Liv loves being able to sew along with at me at home and I like knowing she has a safe machine to sew from, one that performs like a fully functioning machine that I would use. 

This is a great gift for Christmas and with the compact machine it will not take up much space and easy to store.

Here’s something made by Liv!

Zoomer Zupps Tiny Pups

Great little interactive toys from ages 4 and up and at a cost of around £15 they are a great price too.

The girls love all things small and are really into their animals so these make great gifts and good for a gift if they are off to a birthday party.

The Zoomer Zupps pups are like having real pups in many ways, They respond to touch pet them on their heads or press their nose and they make puppy sounds. As you play with them the happier they will get.  Their eyes light up and with 5 to collect they each have their own unique look and a secret trick that they will do for you.  The come with a collector card to help you know what you have to collect or to have your favourite dog from a poodle or a beagle.  With these Zoomer Zupps being pocket-sized, it makes them even cuter!

They are well made and easy to use for the little ones, so great for these little hands Eve has!! 

The Zups Pups will bark & love you in their own special way the more you play and interact with the puppies. There is also a handy on/off button to save batteries and your blood pressure in the middle of the night 😛 .  They do require batteries but they are included.

There are lots of dogs in the Zoomer family big and small that are interactive and fun to play with. Not just dogs either, they have dinosaurs too!


Toys From Shimmer and Shine!

If you have you ones in your house then I’m sure you will have seen the tv programme Shimmer and Shine, they are twin genies in training who grant wishes for Leah who is their best friend and as they are still in training the wishes don’t alway turn out how they want them to and Shimmer and Shine have to sort out their magical messes. When they all work together to make sure they can put things right, by doing this it teaches our little ones to learn from their mistakes.

Our two girls love nothing more than a bit of dress up and role play and to be able to look like and have some of the items form one of their favourite tv programmes they were over the moon with the Shimmer and Shine Pony Tail assortment at and the Wish Come True Purse Set, these help them get into character. This new collection makes ideal presents and keeps your little one’s imagination going for hours.

The Pony Tail Assortment helps your little one have lovely long hair the same way as their favorite Character, We had Shines lovely long sparkly blue hair. The ponytail is easy to fix to your little one’s own hair, all you need to do is put their hair into a bun and the pop the pony tail over the bun and use the hair on the ponytail to go over the bun and put the comb into to ponytail and flip it over. You might need to use bobby pins or a slide to keep them into place. With a lovely jewel on the hair band this completes the look.


The Shimmer and Shine Wish Come True Purse comes with a play brush, two bangles, stickers and a magical wish necklace. Your little one can decorate their brush and purse with the stickers. Then with the magical wish necklace they can turn the gem and make a wish. With the purse, bangles and necklaces they can use this to help their imagination and to play with their friends and get into charter and to have hours of fun.

From ages 4 and up the Pony Tail Assortment is only £9.99 and the Wish Come Turn Purse is £19.99


And if you weren’t singing the theme song in your head throughout this review then I’m not sure you are a real fan 😛

Betty Spaghetty Is Back!

With the girls growing up and so close in age it’s always nice to get them toys which they can play with together and help teach them to share. They love dolls big and small and like to play with toys that help with imaginary play, so when we got the chance to review Betty Spaghetty they were thrilled.


Betty spaghetty has hair like spaghetty (hence the name).  She has her best friends with her and they are ready to get the party started.  Betty Spaghetty and her friends Lucy and Zoe come equipt with share and swap party clothes so they are ready for a party, or Betty, who is in her sleepover gear ready for when her friends and herself can have a sleepover.  You are able to share their outfits, hair and hair accessories to create new and different looks all the time.

The Deluxe Betty Spaghetty mix & match set for £29.99 for ages 3 plus has over 55 different accessions from different colour hairs which can be changed from doll to doll these can also be made into plates or use the accessories to help style them for the party, hair clips , beads and shoes and much more you can even change to doll’s arms  which are bendy to suit whatever they are upto the possibilities are endless.

betty spag

Your little ones can get to decide how the dolls look and what they wear to help them really get involved with the game that they are playing bring the dolls to life. There are many different dolls to collect so your little ones will never be bored with the different styles and ideas that can be had from the Betty Spaghetty dolls. These dolls are a real must have and your little ones can even take dolls to a friends house and mix n match the clothes and accessories.

Chubby Puppies

I don’t know if you have seen the advert, but myself and the kids have and we are obsessed.

Those cute little chubby puppies were always going to be a hit in this house.

chubby 1

Each chubby puppy has its own theme. This one was the fashion carrier set, with the boxer chubby puppy. He comes equipped with key, handbag and  even a bakers hat and hot dog costume. He is catwalk ready for sure.

This little chubby puppy just loves kitchen themed dress up. So he can alternate between being a hot dog, or a cupcake! Pop all his outfits and accessories into the carry bag and you are ready to take your puppy anywhere.

And of course, these puppies do love to roam. It’s rare they stay still, which makes them all the more fun. He can even run with the key in his mouth, which is great for a quick game of fetch.

The girls have several chubby puppies and putting them together really makes for some chubby madness. They do have a noise, but it is one I can put up with. They can often be heard rustling away in the bottom of the toy box, which is an experience in the middle of the night 😛

They take 1 AAA battery which is fabulous. It lasts ages and is super easy to get hold of. So your puppy need never be without!

These puppies are truly great for role play. Children can interact and get something back from the toy itself. Eve can often be heard chatting away to her puppy.

We like to try the drop test with toys, our two are extremely clumsy, so toys need to be able to stand them and occasionally Yoshi when he gets hold of them and it is safe to say these are next to indestructible. No amount of puppy slobber or dropping off the sofa has affected them whatsoever.

Spinmaster always comes out with exceptional toys and the chubby puppies are no different. 

The different set retails for around £15+