Holidays And The Here And Now

So we are home. I made it through another holiday with two under five, it was manic but we all had a lovely time. One of the biggest reasons I went away was to escape, to be away from my life just for a little while. I was able to dose up on painkillers and forget my MS just for a while.

Yes I used a wheelchair and my stick and yes I am absolutely shattered now, but both me and the girls had a great time. It was all about them and having fun.

Of course inside I cannot really forget, but I think the fact there was nothing there to remind me and for that short amount of time I could block it out. I am aware I will pay the price, however the memories we made were so worth it.

Also the fact, back home our house was being pulled apart was another big reason we went. It was nice to come home to no mould. I cannot tell you how fresh this house feels with all the new vents and fans.

One of the nicest things we discovered was that Pop’s loves rides. Who knew?!

She went on every ride that accepted her wristband more than once. This girl really got her monies worth.

pops rides 3


pops ride 2

pops ride 1

pops rides 4

She had a great time, she spends so much time being there for me, it was nice to  be able to give her something back.

So, now I have to say I am bit lost as to what next, but the break really has let me put myself back together after having a really tough few months. I feel ready to face the world.