Zuru – Hamsters In The House


Yes, we are halfway through the year and we will soon be turning our thoughts to Christmas!!! Yes, I said it, anyone who knows me will know I’m almost done! But we are always on the lookout for next toys for the girls, they playsets, little things and animals and when we got the opportunity to review the new Hamsters in the House from Zuru we were very please and they are new to the market.

These are of course small (very cute) fluffy hamsters that Buzz, Scoot, Scurry and Zoom around their little town going about their everyday business. They “come alive” (which is great when the girls want  a hamster but aren’t yet old enough to look after a real one) There are 9 different hamsters to collect all different colours and are battery powered. There are sounds and phrases when the hamsters go through hotspots set up in the playsets. There are great and helping to create role play with the little ones.


We had the supermarket with Periwinkle she has a track for her to scoot around the supermarket doing her shopping with her with her own trolley for all her shopping, a cash register and plastic food to make it like a real supermarket.  Ages from 4 years +
There are many add ones to buy to create your very own hamster world that all connects together. With lifts, cars a stage and what every hamster needs a styling studio lots more sets to collect this is a great gift that the little ones can keep on collecting.

Pl-ug Build Your Own Den Kit

We love making tents and dens with the girls but it always involves a lot of books, pegging, tapping find a sheet that isn’t one of nannies best ones!!, it falling down, us having to come and rebuild it time after time and a lot of shouting is always involved and it seems that not much play happens.


Well look no further this build your own den kit PL-UG from LouBiLou is great, really easy to use and even easy for the kids to do for themselves. It comes with everything you need:

The Canopy to give you cover, so no more using nannies sheets.

4 Grips to easily fix the sheet (don’t forget to tie a knot in the end, this stops any pulling through)

2 clamps to secure to tables. Doors or shelves (ones fixed to a wall of course)

2 hooks which make it easy to fix to chairs (and double up as a great captain hook hand!!)

2 suckers to fix to windows  and 2 pegs to secure into the ground.

It also has a keep out sign so no unwanted visitors will be coming in.

Each fixing interlocks with grips on the canopy so that you can have different ways of attaching it to the furniture, trees or anything that is suitable this is very versatile and you will always be able to find something to attach the canopy too.

tent col

This is very simple be a great product that is great for imaginative and creative play, helps with teamwork and it can be used outside so good old back to nature and fresh air. From 5 to 12 years but I think with will be used beyond this in our house we all like a bit of den building!! With ideas on the box to help you get in the swing, the ideas are endless. From around £22. Great gift idea too. LouBiLou have loads of stunning gifts and toys to offer. 


Pet Parade Play Garden – CATS

I know.

I can’t quite believe I’m writing that.

Pet parade now has CATS.

For anyone that doesn’t know. Evie, my youngest, is obsessed with cats.

Now I’m not talking about she likes cats and would love to have one. I am talking obsessed. She has cats on her clothes, her toys are cats, cat bags, cat hats and even cat sunglasses.

And yes, she would love a cat. But Skye doesn’t like cats and this is something that will stop us from having a real life cat. But it’s okay because we love Skye.

So now having one of her favourite toys, Pet parade, have a cat version also, it’s like Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one.

pet parade 2 pet parade cat 1

This is the play garden, which is a cat’s play heaven and even comes with cat figures, much like the dogs from pet parade.


This set is easy to put together. vJust a few strong clicks has everything in place. The water feature is my personal favourite. It looks so real!

This little set is perfect for some cat role play. They have everything our furry friend could desire. Evie has had hours of fun playing with this. Even her small cat teddies have been in on the action.

Like all other Pet parade pets, the cat has moveable features and magnets. Meaning you can take it for a walk with the supplied lead and it even plays with the ball.


This set would be the puuurfect addition to any toy box. 😉

It retails from around the £25 mark, however you can find some savings if you search.

#DocMcStuffins PARTY!


This Pet vet Doc Mcstuffins party was all about making the toys better! All the boo-boos and owches needed to be dealt with and my did we have a que!

We started off just generally playing, everyone needed to settle and say hello as the girls invited friends from their old schools. So it was nice to see everyone!

Firstly we played stick the boo boo on the patient and after deciding where to place said boo boo, each child was blind folded and spun. FUN! Eve was the winner on this occasion. Much to her delight.

Then we played what’s missing from the Pet Vet bag. This is a new toy in the Pet Vet range and it is amazing! So sturdy, full of the right equipment. The older girls were better at this one. Much to Livs delight. Can you see whats missing?


Then came food time. By this time everyone was ready to munch on all things yummy. As we had already had a pre lunch, we did a smaller spread, but it went down a treat!

The other mummies were very impressed so far and even commented on how great it would be to be able to buy the items as a kit. Fabulous idea.


We even let them decorate the DOc Mcstuffins cakes!

Then it was another game. Help Findo find his way to Doc. Now this was my favourite and myself and liv were especially over the moon when we finally found the way. It’s harder than it looks you know!


Finally it was free play. We decided to let Eve have this one. She was so desperate to be Doc and her friends were a little shy on the matter.

So she went to work on fixing all the soft toys people had brought along 🙂

evie stuffins

Overall we had a fantastic time. The new series go amazingly with the toys and the kids really loved bringing their beloved Disney character alive.

Inside Out Goodies From Disney

This year Disney Pixar’s summer movie was Inside out, and we saw it 3 times!! It was a real hit with our biggest girl. We are on standby for the DVD to be released. It’s a cartoon about a young hockey loving girl named Riley and her emotions, who are these characters that we see in her mind helping her through a difficult time in her life moving to San Francisco. The emotions of joy and sadness are put to the back of her mind and anger, fear and disgust take over. Most of the film is set inside Riley’s mind and how her emotions keep Happy or Fear keeps her safe. The emotions change reacting to her circumstances and creating her memories. It is a funny film and enjoyed by all of us.

So when we got the chance to take a look at some the movies merchandise, we were very pleased. There are a great range of items out there from the Disney store to suit anyone who loves the film and to suit all budgets.  


You can get all of Riley’s emotions as talking dolls which are great very good quality. We had the emotion disgust who is green and has a removable green dress with leggings and great sparkly hair. She says 11 phrases from “Whatever” and “That’s not completely horrible to “You like Hugging” and the voice is very realistic to the movie. There is a memory ball where you can put your own image that you want to remember. From ages 3+ and retails at £15.95 this is really fabulous Disney product the price point.


Yes Christmas is just around the corner, it will be here before we know it  so if you’re looking for a gift for a young child then there are some great ideas like the Inside Out bracelet pens which make a great stocking filler. 5 pens that can made into a bracelet or they can be joined all together. They have charms with some of the characters from the film on, and at only £8.95 they can make great party bag fillers also.


Last but not least we had some sticky notes. These are great for our household, as we have to make notes and make sure we remember things!!! different sizes and bright colours so as not to be missed. with the characters from the movie on them also, they make it super fun for kids. The sticky notes also come in a great book to keep them all up together so they are there when you need them. These retail at £9.95


Inside out goodies will be on many a Christmas list this year, so head to the Disney store for some emotional bargains 😉 see what I did there!?