Living Each Day, Because That Is All We Have

I have started to turn a corner, taking each day as it comes and dealing with it the best way I can, far from perfect and a little flaky, but what choice do we have?

I find that fact that I have this disease forever, a hard one to take. I cry and shout and yes, I have doubted myself and wondered if its worth being any more. Its not a nice feeling, or one I find easy to deal with especially as I have no choice in the whole thing.

I guess as humans we do what we can to survive, because really, we are programmed that way. So when life throws you a lump of steaming shit, you grab a cloth and start cleaning.

Just so happens with MS, the steaming shit throwing is constant and relentless. So we adapt, in a sense maybe we buy one of these fancy JML cloths. Go from there and keep trying. 

I tend to be the giving up type.

However with two little buggers monsters needing you every day, you really don’t have the giving up option.

I wish other people would see how life changing and debilitating this disease is. So many people know of it, however they simply know nothing about it.

I guess ignorance is bliss?

Or simply ignorant, I can’t decide?