Back To School 2016 Is Here

Lidl Back to School Range Start Smart.

Lidl have a great back to school range with all the uniform you would need to send your little ones to school. Lidl have tested their uniforms to make sure that they are comfortable and durable, they are also dermatologically tested to make sure nothing harmful is used in them. The clothes fell well made and have good range with socks and tights to pumps and shorts. The trousers and skirts have adjustable waistbands which is great help with my two. This range is great value for money as we all know how quick the children can grow. A great little feature on Lidl website there is a size calculator you enter your child’s measurements and it will tell you what size you need so there is not lots of standing around in shops trying things on which come on let’s face it is everyone’s worst nightmare. Well done Lidl.


Morrisons Nutmeg Back to school Range.

We love the Nutmeg range, it is always well made and washing great and fits the girls well and they have good sensible clothes that children can wear. There back to school range is no exception. With a full range from vests and tights to pinafores and skirts, everything you need at great prices £5 for a pinafore that feels warm and ready for the winter. Also it has a lovely little detail on, like some flowers which make them feel very girly. The clothes are easy care and tumble dry friendly.  Some of the items like the skirts have teflon shield and clean on which repels water and oils and helps when washing keeping them looking better for longer. Nutmeg has a quibble-free guarantee ifs it’s taken back within 30 days in the same condition




Something that we all dread when they go back school is the letter or text message to say there are Head Lice at school. We are always checking through with nit comb! And making sure we don’t have any unwanted visitors. There are lots are different products on the market these days.

We were lucky to try Vosene’s Lice Repellent shampoo and Conditioning defence spray.  Vosene is a name we know and trust and with these products you can have a head start on those pesky little critters. Together the shampoo which is 3 in one the natural tea tree oil and the lemon eucalyptus gives your little one’s tangle free, squeaky clean hair all with that added help of keeping the head lice at bay. It can be used every day as normal shampoo. Used together with the conditioning defence spray which you spray on wet hair and let it dry as this is a leave in spray. Which will again help keep the lice at bay and shiny tangle free hair.


Another great protection solution for the times when you know there are going into social activities such as parties, sleepovers etc is Hedrin Protect & go spray this can be used regularly like a conditioning spray. Simply spray on dry hair comb through and dry off with with a towel or blow dryer. Great quick and easy with not a lot of fuss to help keep them protected, Hedin also have a full range of products to help with the treatment and prevention of Head Lice.


If you are unlucky enough to end up with the head lice as we know it comes to us all at some point! There are lots of different products to help get rid of the lice we have been lucky (or unlucky if you get my drift) to try Puressentiel anti-lice lotion and lice repellent spray which are 100% natural . The lotion is great and greats to work within 10 minutes apply to the hair when you find head lice making sure all is covered  after 10 mins you are able to wash your hair as normal and then comb through with a lice comb a second application is required after 3 days. The great thing about this product is that it doesn’t have the horrible smell that other lotions have.  There is also a spray which can be used to help prevent an infestation and offers protection up to 24 hours. This also doesn’t smell too bad and is easy to use.  





When it’s back to school one of things that most of them need is school stationery (now really admit it we all over stationary no matter how old we are or even if we need it or not!)

One old faithful that has been around for a long time in the stationary world is stabilo. A trusted brand from schools to offices and has everything that you would need whether it is a small pencil case with some pens pencils and crayons into everything you need for exams or the office highlights and folders to staplers and paper.  We had a selection of items to get us in the mood for going and getting all we needed. Some trio scribbi felt pens, which are triangular in shape which makes it easy to hold for little hands and an unbreakable tip which is great for my littlest as she is still getting to grips with felt pens! The multi talented pencil these are great large colored pencils that can either be a colouring pencil, wax crayon and watercolor. With the xxl lead this makes it easy to colour large areas. Just add water to turn them into water colours. Don’t worry about sharpening them as they come with an extra large child safe sharpener and of course highlighters, they need no explanation! Great products for all your stationery needs.

Brita Fill&gobrita

Drinks bottles are always something they need as these days they are allowed the bottles with them in class so making sure they have a good bottle and water that is ok for them to drink. Then with Brita you know you’re safe they do these great bottles which are a good size and hold enough water for them. It doesn’t leak and will not spill easily if knocked over. All this and you are safe in the knowledge that you have good fresh water that we know from Brita as these bottles have filter disc in them to make sure we have that great Brita water taste.   This is also great for anyone who like the great taste of Brita on the go whether it’s to the gym, down the park or to work. This is a great reusable bottle that is dishwasher safe.



When your little ones are growing up and needing more and more stationary at school but they want something a little different as we like to make learning as much fun as we can. Then Smiggle is the one for you. There are creators of fun and fashionable stationery.  It is designed to be fun and affordable with bold colours and quirky graphics with everything for your stationery needs. There are some great products and these also make great gifts that are something a bit different but still useful.  To give you an idea some of the shop by titles on their great website are scented (who doesn’t love some scented pens or pencils the scented pencils are great with the great smells of coke, ice cream to grapes and strawberries they really do smell) or furry with pencils and bags that are furry and colorful and cute.  Everything you will need to kit out your children for school (or my desk!!) There are pocket money prices to which is great for the older children who want to buy their own things. The list is endless so take a look.

smigglefirst day

First day of school.

This year it’s the turn of the littlest she is ready has done her days at her big school and is looking forward to going in September. Not sure what the first day of school we be like who will worst (well we know it will be auntie Cherry as she cried when livie was at sports day!). A great way to get them to feel ok about going to school is with a book, and not just any book a personalized book from Signature Books. This is lovely bright and well-illustrated book from Born Gifted is about a rabbit which is where they use your child’s name, and her first day of school all the scary thought they may have and worries are sorted out in the book which is great as a memory and also to help you talk together about the first day of school and anyone’s worries. Head over to Born Gifted to grab yourself one!

chatham 2

Chatham Shoes

One of the worst things to buy are school shoes. Which ones to get? What sort? Will they last? Are they sensible enough for school? How much will they cost ? and are they worth the money? This year 2 weeks before the end of term we had to buy my oldest a new pair of shoes as she outgrown hers and I wasn’t going to be able to make her last another 2 weeks in them, so we just bought a cheap pair as she is growing so quick. We have decided that shoes will be the last item to buy,  but we were lucky enough to have the chance to review 2 pairs for both girls from Chatham. This is a company that makes shoes for Ladies, Men and Kids it is based around footwear for sailing, boating and country footwear. Their footwear is designed to be functional, comfortable and more importantly when looking at school shoes “durable able to withstand anything that nature will throw at them”.  There are a great range of shoes for all families and all events. The children’s shoes are unisex which is great if they don’t wear them for long due to out growing them they can be passed on. They are tough and look long lasting but still are very comfortable even when you first wear them. From around £39.99 they are a great price for school shoes. You might even find something for yourself to check out their website.

Chatham 1

Kid Kanteen

One thing that we always find it hard to find is a good flask for school, gone were the days of the old style ones we had that were small and more colourful versions of a thermos flask. There are so many different sorts on the market but finding one that doesn’t leak is the first important part, nothing worse than wet home work or even worse wet sandwiches, one that will not break and is easy for them to use. We have tried lots but the Kid Kanteen is like a camping one for kids!! Its great will not rust or shatter, does not impart flavours and is easy to clean the top can go in the dishwasher but the body is better cleaned by hand.  The lid is easy to remove and refill with a sports cap and another cap there should be no leaks.  From around £13.75 and comes in different colours.  Great products that can be used for camping, days out, sports.


With the nights drawing in making either you children are safe walking to school or yourselves is important. These slaplit slap bands are great for anyone who needs be been seen school run, dog walking, biking or out for a jog. They are LED slap and wrap bands that can go on your arm or leg in less than a few seconds and easily stored on a bag or pocket. Once on they are made of reflective material and will flash or light up so you can been seen and have extra protection. They run on batteries which can be replaced and come in a variety of colours from round £8.49


Lunch boxes and bottles are the must have items for all schoolers. At some point they will need a pack lunch. With that being said, with lunchbox food being so much more diverse these days, you need something that will help keeping things cold in the summer and maybe a warm something in the winter. Thermos have a fabulous range which offer everything you need to keep your loved ones tummy full at lunch time!




Back To School With Clarks

Back to school is here. Shops are filled with stationary, parents are rushing to get the basics, then rushing back to gather all the things they forgot.


There is one shop however that makes the whole back to school process a little more, well, streamlined.

Clarks. It’s almost like an institution, I remember going there as a child and now I am taking my own child.

I feel old. 

That aside, we went to Clarks to get Liv some new school shoes. She’s starting a new school, so we have had a complete uniform overhaul, and that includes the very best school shoes.

The process at Clarks is easy. Take a number, take a seat, wait for your number and the assistant takes over. Its moved into the “modern age” so seamlessly.

Clarks 3 clarks 2

The range of shoes on offer were fabulous. All ones I would even wear myself! Liv chose this style and then went to work on making sure they were the perfect pair.


By making sure they are easy to dance, jump and run in. But most importantly the jumping part. They couldn’t be too heavy, that made jumping impossible.

So we settled on the above pair.

The shoes were a perfect fit, wide enough to fit her feet comfortably, yet long enough for some growing room. Which is very important when you are 6!

Having the right shoes for school is a must. The cheaper shoes can often look appealing, however they are almost always quick to fall apart, with little to no support for growing feet.

Clarks shoes have always been second to none for growing feet. They have the perfect fit as they take into account the width as well as length. As both my girls have wider feet, its an important aspect. They also have the perfect support for arches inside the shoes, something which will help your littles ones feet grow comfortably.

So, get yourself down to Clarks, take a number and let them take a little bit of the stress away with the perfect pair!


Hi-Tec Inspired By Life Apollo Trainer Review.

hi tec trainers

Finding a pair of comfortable trainers is often like searching for a needle in a haystack. However this is not the case with these great Hi-Tec Apollo trainers. Although these trainers are designed for running, I decided to test them round the shops. With two small children, it often feels like a marathon.

I am pleased to say, I was comfortable from the off and didn’t get the usual sweaty, achey feet.


These trainers feature  performance suede mesh upper, which help the feet breath. The also have a ortholite mid sole sock liner, this helps fight odour and keep moisture away, perfect for when you are running or rushing around chasing children. The sole is a vibram sole, this is from heal to toe, this makes it so much more comfortable. Also a rubber toe bumper helps with stability, which for myself is a real bonus.


This Hi-Tec trainer comes in many different colours and has a double lacing system for a tight fit and super light weight wise.

I don’t often wear trainers, however these were comfortable from the get go and the lovely pink colour, well that’s simply an added bonus.

These trainers retail at £49.99, which for the fit and durability is a great price.

Back To School With Vertbaudet

Yup, its back to school already. I am so not ready (emotionally) but we are almost ready in terms of uniform!

One of the biggest and most important uniform buys is the school shoes. They need to be long lasting, have grow room, be super tough and if you are Pops, look good! So I was mega impressed when I found out about the fantastic school shoes that Vertbaudet stock. Not only do they have a massive range, but they are also really affordable which is great when you need to save the pennies.



Now the lovely people from Vertbaudet are giving YOU the chance to win a pair of shoes for your little one, lets face it, they grow far too quickly so these will be a must 🙂

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