My Top Tips For Black Friday

black friday

So, another day from across the pond has made it to the UK, Black Friday and of course, Cyber Monday. All about stores dropping their prices in a bid to get us spending for the upcoming holiday season.

Do I think its worth it? Hell yes.

Companies everywhere are dropping their prices further down than ever before, so if you are looking to do some Christmas shopping, this weekend is the perfect time to do so.

So my top tips for surviving Black Friday weekend are…

Write a list. Sounds simple, but there will be so many people after the same deals as you. So write a list and stick to it where you can. Yes, you will see things you hadn’t planned to buy, it’s going to happen, but make sure you follow some sort of list and don’t get too carried away.

Read the fine print, big stores like Asda and Sainsburys have some amazing deals coming, but some products are limited to one per customer, and quite rightly so, as some of their prices are almost to good to be true.

Be prepared to go to the shops. Many will be having online sales, but the biggest reductions to be had will be in store. So dig out the hats and gloves, because it’s bitter out there.

Next is to keep an eye on sites like Hot deals, they have some early looks at the offers available and a list of stores participating. However, I have found their list of participating stores to be a little lacking as some large toy stores like The Entertainer and Smyths are not included and they are super important for us parents. Although they may end up being added. But, if you are unsure use twitter to reach out to the companies and ask!

Lastly, common courtesy is not needed on Black Friday weekend. Shops will be full of people desperate to get the best deals, they won’t kindly let you grab the last toy or pass you that cheap duvet set their standing in front of, so don’t do it for them. You will only be disappointed and get angry.

So, cards and lists at the ready, lets shop!


Being A #MorrisonsMum For The Bank Holidays

We were given the opportunity to become a #MorrsionsMums on behalf of Britmums for Morrisons supermarkets and we jumped at the chance.


We shop at Morrisons anyway and always love the products, so we were delighted to receive our vouchers and planned our shop for the Bank Holiday weekend, as we had planned a family meal and a day out with a picnic, so the vouchers were very handy.

Morrisons have fabulous  fruit and veg is it the best quality at a good price, I have tried other supermarkets and local shops but the fruit and veg doesn’t seem to last as long. Morrisons lasts for ages I can tell you.

Morrisons also make a lot of their food on site, like pizzas, sandwiches, bread and cakes, so they are always fresh and of high quality. They also make ones for you there and then if they have run out on the shelves which is always a bonus.

My local Morrisons has in the past has made me Hot Cross Buns without the fruit and doughnuts without the jam (picky kids and mother!!!)

The staff  are always willing to help and go that extra mile to help with advice and showing us the offers they have to help save that bit of extra money! They have a great meat and fish department, they cut and prepare a lot of it in store, give advice on how to prepare dishes, different things to try and what are the best cuts for certain dishes.

Morrisons offer lots of little extras too. They have dry cleaning, a pharmacy department and a customer café.

Anyway when I walked into our local Morrisons on Friday, I was very pleased to see that Morrisons had reduced a lot of their prices. They call it their “I’m your new cheaper Morrisons”. Products all over the store have been reduced and they and going to stay reduced, which was great to hear.

I love shopping at this store, we are local to a few Morrisons but Evesham is always been the easiest to get around. Clean, bright and the staff are always very friendly.

I walked around the store with my list picking up the shopping I needed looking out for those cheaper products and I realised that they were on everyday products to, things that you buy all the time, which I was very pleased about, always looking for ways to save that little bit extra. 

The morrisons shop

We were shopping for a picnic and I wanted easy things (things I didn’t have to prepare and cook!!)

We were going on our day out with some friends, so needed to cater for everyone. We got some fruit packs for the kids, Pom bears which is a big favourite in our house and they were on offer to, bonus. Even managed to pick up some mini choc brownies and muffins from the bakery which were on 2 for £3. I needed some savoury bits as I wasn’t doing sandwiches, so I found some little sausages, sausage rolls and cheesy rolls, pork pies, scotch eggs and pizza to cook and have cold. Fabulous easy to do and ready in minutes and will go great with the other good we have planned!

Just some drinks left to grab, so we got some of the own brand kids drinks, which are great and some flavoured fizzy water for the adults, also on offer! There were offers and reductions all over the place.


I had planned to do a family meal on the Sunday so I picked up all the bits I needed, I didn’t have to go anywhere else because Morrisons had everything we needed. Got to the checkout and paid for my shopping which came to £60, which to my delight meant I also got 6p off a liter of fuel as I had spent over £40. The cashier was great and really helpful packing my bags and having a general chat and also not wincing at the childrens noise levels!

Here are my bank holiday family meal recipes:

Layered salad

I use a inch glass bowl as there were 6 of us to feed but the small or bigger the bowl the more or less it will serve.

1 Iceberg lettuce

3 Spring onions

1 Green Pepper

4 Celery sticks

1 cup of frozen peas cooked and left to go cold

1 jar Mayonnaise

1 tbsp Granulated Sugar

Cheese grated.

Chop everything up and layer all this together starting with the lettuce, going down the list and ending with the cheese. Don’t forget the sugar, doesn’t taste the same without it, we know we tried! make this in the morning and cover with cling film and leave it in the fridge. Just before eating stir up and serve.

IMG_0992 IMG_0991


Sticky Ribs

To feed us I use 3 packs of ribs from Morrisons but we are big meat eater’s.

This below will serve 4

1 kg of Ribs

1 onion

1 tsp. mixed dried mixed herbs

Place all this into a saucepan cover with water and bring to the boil and simmer for 30 mins

Make the sauce

5 tablespoons of tomato ketchup

5 tablespoons apple or orange juice (I have always used orange)

3oz dark muscovado sugar

1 tablespoon English mustard

3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

½-1 teaspoon tabasco sauce

All in a jug and stir it up until combined.

This can all be made ahead (i’m a great fan of making ahead) just leave the ribs in the sauce pan in the water and put the sauce in the fridge.

Who you are ready to cook, put the ribs in a shallow oven proof dish I use my roasting tin cover with the sauce and put in oven for about 30mins gas 6

With this we have wedges, brought are ok but you can’t beat homemade.

Old or new potatoes work fine (a good way of using up the little ones!!) about 1lb is enough for 4 but again it depends, in this house who is eating!! Cut into wedges

Place in hot olive oil in a roasting pan. Put a sprinkle of garlic salt and mixed herds on for some tasty wedges. But you can also leave them plain. Cook with for the same time as the ribs

And serve.

For the salad, ribs and cakes it was around £2.75 per person. Which for all that is pretty amazing!

I made some vanilla and chocolate fairy cakes for pudding, but that ones a secret 😉


Today I Had A Wee.

Okay, so I have been thinking whether or not to write this post all day, but if I don’t, you won’t really know what it feels like to be me right now. So I have decided to stuff what everyone will think and simply be honest.

People with a nervous disposition may want to turn away.

So today was stressful, we decided to go shopping in Worcester. From the get go, it was the most unsuccessful trip ever. We gave Beboo a drink, as usual, however she decided to pour it all over herself and me being the biggest turd, did not have a change of clothes.

So Primark was our first port of call.

Apart from people standing in the middle of the walkways, which I totally do not get and do not appreciate being evil eyed when I try and get by, its a WALKWAY. We found the appropriate garments for a total of £2 (Yey me) and proceeded to pay.

Whilst paying Pops decided she needed a wee now. Great. I  now needed the lady to hurry the hell up and try to find a toilet in town. Hubby spotted M&S had a toilet, so off we went.

As Beboo needed changing due to the big spill, we all needed to go.

We walked all the way to the back of the store to the lift, which was out of order. We had to make a dash to the second lift, so we dodged all the grannies and made it to the lift. Only to join a cue. 

Yup, it seemed the whole of Worcester needed to get in the lift the same time Pops “NEEDED A WEE”

We stood and waited for our turn in the lift, the really slow lift. Then once on the right floor, we needed to locate the toilets. Alas, another cue. 

Hubby whipped Pops into the mens and I dashed to the disabled toilet. Yes, I do have the right to use one, despite all the lovely comments the older generation deemed necessary.

I changed Beboo and decided to go to the toilet as I was there.

So I did.

Then we regrouped after the toilet’tastrophie, I felt very a little stressed but carried on regardless.

I was wondering around and suddenly discovered I needed a wee again, however my bladder gave me no forewarning and decided that now meant now.

Yup, I weed myself.

Now, it has to be said it didn’t feel like I had at the time, but low and behold, I had.

On returning home, as well as changing the beds, I sorted myself out, and I cannot tell you how nice dry pants felt.

However I sat on the toilet, wrestling my icky pants off Narla, it hit me again, just what this disease means.

I am guessing your day was better than mine?!

Tesco, Cakes And Egg Sandwiches, My Day

So my day was normal, which I like. I feel less shitty and my muscles are so much less painful, although prodding still hurts.  

I have so much going through my mind right now I just don’t know what to do with it all, its exhausting. I met a woman this week,  called Kerry. She also has MS and works with my local MS society branch. It was really lovely to meet someone who knew how I felt.

We talked alot, it was nice to know she understood why I was a yawning mess, she listened and understood my anger. It almost felt like a release having her to talk to, to hug and to cry with.

I plan on working with her  to do something for younger children whos parents have MS. I am really excited about it all, just need to keep going and make it happen.

Tesco was a right ass today. Woman stood smoking by her car in the parent and child space we needed, man took our disabled space when we decided woman was taking far too long with her fag. Big machines on the shop floor and a meat isle crammed full of people. It was a bitch of a trip, but I did it. I walked it. We only really needed to get salad cream for the egg sandwiches!

I am sorry my post might seem boring, I am just tired and could really do with a nap, also pomegranate juice is vile. 

My sister got me these cakes, to cheer me up 🙂


Please Help, I Think I Need New Legs?!

Its true, please, I think I just need new legs then it will all be sorted. Promise!

Okay, so maybe I did too much walking today, maybe I should have sat down for two a bun or something, but in my defence I did take my stick.

So that makes its okay.

Conscience wise anyway.

Not sure my legs, hips or back will understand.

Those three body parts are incredibly judgemental, they also don’t act there age, I think they may have forgotten they are 23 and not 70, you could say wise beyond there time. I simply say, shit. 

Its days like these, that I want to enjoy, I end up regretting the most. Not because I spent them with Hubby, no, that would be easy. I would have left him at home. No its because I end up paying the price for spending time doing something other than popping to the shops, or playing with the girls.

It really makes me angry that I am sat here living with this stupid, inconsiderate disease. I don’t know why I am bloody angry, its a wasted emotion because there is nothing I can do.

So a lovely day, going round the shops in a local town, finding an amazing second hand dress and still not being able to afford it, has ended up in me sitting at home with a hot water bottle and support pillow, eating  two huge ice buns and sobbing about the dress.

God I feel sick. God I want that dress.

So, tomorrow looks like a day to abuse the Gabapentin and the Husband. Poor man, patience of a wasp saint.

Oh, also don’t tell my MS Nurse about this. Its better she doesn’t know!!

Also I am aware I do not “pop” anywhere, the term “limp aimlessly” did not fit right.