In the Night Garden – Fun & Learn Projector


In the Night Garden is a big favourite in our house, so much so,  it’s part of our bedtime routine. You follow the main characters of Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy  and Makka Pakka on their adventures along with their friends which include Tombliboos, the Pontipines and the Wottingers in the very colorful magic forest. It’s a great program to designed to relax and calm the children before bed.  Each character has its own little story and has some fab quirkiness.

At the end of the programme one of the charters  will have a bedtime story, which is created by the magical gazebo that sits  in the center of the garden the story is about what happened in the episode. The bit we all love is sometimes the characters dance under the gazebo and we all join in. Then one at a time they go to bed. with Igglepiggle going off on his little sailing boat.

There are all sorts of In The Night Garden products available from KD.



We have been looking at the In the Night Garden Fun and Learn projector which is suitable for ages 2+ and requires 3 aaa batteries which are included. This is a great learning toy, as you turn the light it will play a different tune from the program for the charter that is projected from the torch. There are two games, one to help learn colours, numbers and shapes and the other, discovery in a little quiz. Something I always get a little too involved with.

Boo loved the projector, unlike her sister, she is a huge fan of the dark. So had a lot of fun lighting her room up with her favourite characters. One of the things I did like about the projector was how calming it was, at the same time as being super colourful and engaging, it had a calming feel to it. With a twinkly tune to lull Boo to sleep!

Not something I think she expected.

The torch will turn itself off if not played with, so great for taking to bed for the little ones. Even good for those that are not such fans of the dark. Like all toys from KD, they are built to last, which is always a massive plus.



Cbeebies sweet dreams with squidge


£20.00 for ages 10m+

We had the opportunity to review the Cbeebies squidge the lovely able Cbeebies character sweet dreams toy. This was a hit as Cbeebies is on a little in our house to say the least. This is a great toy for getting the children into their bedtime routine, so they understand when bedtime starts and they also have some comfort while they are getting to sleep in their own bed.

He plays the Cbeebies bedtime hour tune by pressing his tummy, press it again and he will stop straightway, he also glows in different colours when you give him a gentle squeeze as the tune plays this will help any little clam down ready for bed. He is also very soft and huggable which will make him a great favourite bedtime toy. The tune and the lights do not last for very long which is also a great idea for the little ones that go to sleep quickly and it has an on off switch too!!!!! You can all sing along with the song as the words are printed on the back of the box so the is no excuse for nanny and grandpa not to join in!!!!

Boo has loved playing with the squidge and now gets even more excited when she sees them on the TV, she is a huge Cbeebies fan, so her “squidger” was a welcome addition to the toy box. For me, it’s a massive bonus it helps at bedtime. Now she is getting older she is becoming like her sister at bedtime, wanting the light on, with her squidge gives him a cuddle and is usually asleep by the time he turns off!

He does need 3 x AAA batteries but these are supplied with squidge when you by him

There are also other Cbeebies toys available from Chatty Bugbies to a wooded sorting puzzle

The Amitriptyline Hangover

So roll back a few months, I was not sleeping. I was exhausted from even trying to sleep, but just completely unable to switch off.

Once I was asleep I would sleep, it was just the whole getting to sleep part I was struggling with.

I think I ended up using nytol for around 4 weeks, I think given how tired I was, I would have tried anthrax if I thought it would send me off to sleep. 

Knowing what I know about drugs, I knew becoming dependant on said antihistamine was probably not the best option.

So when the time came to see the man in charge of, well, me?  The first thing out of my mouth was “please put me to sleep” I informed him about my longing to nip into the anesthetics suite when I was on my way to my infusions, just for a quick nap. 

He We laughed.

But that didn’t last long because I WAS KNACKERED.

So he gave me Amitriptyline. I knew a little about the drug and he said it would help me drift of into a normal sleep.


So although Amitriptyline is not really used for sleep, reports show people who do use it, have a real sleep.

So, the first night I took it. Two hours later I was asleep. 

The whole night, I slept. 

But the next day I had to wake up for some appointment and my did I feel like death. 

I literally felt like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards twice, thrown out of a tree and had someone shouting in my ear ALL NIGHT LONG.

I had been warned about the after effects at the pharmacy. How I would feel if I woke too soon.

I felt like satan had licked my brain. It was vile.

I had an Amitriptyline hangover. The worst kind of hangover ever.

And the only way to get rid of this hangover was to sleep. Sleep was the key.

So thats what I did!

Now, instead of feeling like I had danced with the devil, I wake up feeling like I had a real sleep. Kind of like a normal person does.

I need to make sure I get between 12-14 hours, but thats fine. As long as I can wake up ready to face my version of life, I’m good.

Thank god for modern medicine!

Recovery Is Imminent!

So last week was fun. Spent most of it sleeping in bed, with a drip in my arm. Saying that, it did stay in for the whole three days, which was a big shocker to both me and the nurse!

The disappointment and drudgery of life is starting to go. I think I am finally taking control and getting back on track.

I guess when I was going through the rough patch I should have considered a relapse. It never really occurred to me, I guess the tysabri helps loads, but does not make me invincible. 

Probably need to remind myself of that from time to time :/

I guess thats the thing with a lifelong condition. Other people get to fully recover, be cured. But people like me don’t. We just get to have a little bit of normal before falling into a Multiple Sclerosis state.

Then we’re right back to where we started.

During my relapses I tend to always go into a little bit of a lost state. I sit and doubt myself repeatedly. Worry I will never again find my kind of normal.

But I do.

I just need reminding and reassurance from time to time.

So I guess that has been my last few weeks, and contributes to my continual silence.

A silence I hope to break, eventually. Right?!

The Hotel Ibis Euston London Review.

So recently myself and Steph, my bloggy buddy took a trip to London. We had a few events to attend, one of which was at the Ibis, but more about that later. Anyway, we had the chance to review the Ibis hotel in Euston, who were celebrating there 1000th hotel opening.

So firstly the room review, now the Ibis is a budget hotel, I am a little bit of a hotel snob, so I wasn’t expecting anything too nice. But I was wrong. As soon as we walked in, we were both very impressed. Staff were lovely, very helpful and made checking in super easy. They showed us where the bar was, the restaurant and also where breakfast would be.

Finding the room was as easy as check in, it was sign posted really well, so it saved us getting lost (as per usual) SO before opening the door I was imaging something small, fairly simple and I was not really expecting to ‘love it’. How wrong I was. The room was huge for a Central London hotel. There was a desk, seating area and plenty of storage for all our bits and bobs! Perfect!  They also had flat screen TVs, which were lovely.

The Ibis have these beds which boast the ultimate nights sleep, they were firmer than I like, but saying that, we both slept really well. Well that was after asking for a room fan and extra pillows, oh and free wifi, which the Ibis has. That is my ultimate test for a hotel you see. If that can provide me with those, I am taken, They got me both, nothing was too much trouble and trust me, I tried to be too much trouble. The bathroom was nice, had a full size bath with a shower over the top, which was perfect for us.

Entry bathroom 1 bathroom 2 the room

Even the breakfast was lush, it was serve yourself and they had everything. Literally. I may stockpiled the food just a little.  Overall I really loved the Ibis, it was fantastic value for money yet still felt like 5* service. The only thing I will say, the room could have done with a couple more power points, but then again, we bloggers bring far too many things that require power!

Next we had the event, this was all about finding the ultimate sleep an amazing group of explorers took a bed up Devils mountain in order to find this ultimate nights sleep. They literally carried a bed up a mountain?! Crazy! Anyway, we had the chance to meet with the explorers, hear their story and see first hand what they went through to have the ultimates nights sleep. Here are some photos, so you can get a feel for the evening. 

Event 1

Then came the explorers…

event 2

The last two photos were off the screen, its pretty amazing I think you will agree. We had an amazing time, meeting these amazing people and at the hotel, heck when  we were out the cleaners came in, cleaned everything and even folded our jammies! 

You can find out about their journey in a little more detail by checking out this website.

Both myself and Steph were given a two night stay free of charge in exchange for the review, however all opinions are my own.