Tommee Tippee Has A New Soother!



As a Mum, I think choosing a ‘brand’ when it comes to soothers, bottles and everything else is one of the hardest choices. Personally, I made the choice to go with tommee tippee for both the girls. The brand has been around since I was tiny and they work tirelessly to come up with fantastic products to make our lives easier.

Anyway last week tommee tippee had a silent launch of their new soothers range. The range was created to make shopping for soothers quick and hassle free. Did you know 1 in 3 mums buy soothers on impulse whilst out shopping?!

I blame the lack of sleep personally 😛

Tommee tippee has taken away those silly impulse buys, they understand that when it comes to soothers, its trail and error. This is why the new range comes in four different types; fun, anytime, nighttime and air. Perfect.


The new large long flat teat is very much like the bottles and its super easy for young babies to hold in their mouths, making the acceptance of said soother, much easier.

The range starts at birth and goes all the way up to 18 months. Or if you are my children, until you decide.

With some gorgeous designs and selling at a fab £4.79 for a twin pack, I can see these being a huge hit with the littlees!