Wish I was There Photo Comp – Giddy Up!

Now it may not be the place sunshine was born, or be the top of everyone’s list, but to us, it’s a place where we have made memories a plenty. I am of corse, talking about Brean.

We have had fun come rain or shine and made the most of each day we had together, to be a family and enjoy the here and now.

As Beboo is only young, it has been important to me to stay close to home. Should we have any problems or illness, we are close enough to head home and make things all better. Yet still being far enough away for a holiday.

One thing we all shared on our most recent holiday was Pops’ first fair ground ride. I am a total wimp, so kind of expected her to follow suit. But she was so confident and completely put me to shame. I couldn’t have been more proud…


Yes it was cold and rather damp, but she didn’t care. She went on every ride and this particular one more than once. I was so proud watching her go round and i have to say, it was very amusing watching her bouncing along!

Our holidays are far from exotic, but we always make the most of what we have. Often spending less means we can spend more time doing things we wouldn’t normally be able to afford. Like endless goes on the fair and the Husband spending far too much time at the amusements.

But such is, well, holidays?! 

This is my entry into the Wish I was There Photo Competition.