Netflix #Streamteam March

This month is going by so fast. With Easter events and the kids breaking up from school, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going right now.

Also, with so many bugs going round the kids seem to have a constant stream of colds. So the overuse (not a thing) of Netflix has been paramount.

I have completed Warehouse 13. Watched Olympus has fallen twice because that man, is yummy. BUt it’s been the kids who have been watching more this month.

And it’s no surprise really with the fabulous new releases:


Relive your childhood with your little rascals by watching shows based on old-school kids toys.

The Adorable Best Popple Pals love helping their friends but every time they do it seems to backfire in hilarious ways.

The whole huggable gang is back, bringing tales of caring and sharing to a new generation.
Journey to the enchanted land of Equestria, with Unicorn Twilight Sparkle and her friends.

Teenage Pac and his loyal crew face the ups and downs of adolescence whilst protecting Pac-World.

Follow Sonic the Hedgehog and his siblings in his troublesome adventures.


Enjoy a different kind of binge this Easter with these top food related titles.

Passion, Chocolate and Johnny Depp… what more could you want?

When chef Carl Casper’s plans for opening a restaurant in LA fails, he returns home to Miami and debuts a food truck instead.

Find out what’s inside the kitchen’s and minds of six
international culinary stars in this Netflix Original Docu-Series.

So this month has been epic for the kids with all the toys turned TV shows on.

Also this month Netflix challenged our little ones to take the blogging reins for the day. So Liv wrote a nice little piece on my her mummy is the best.


Head over to my twitter to see what she had to say.

So, come join in the fun and sign up to Netflix today!

Beat Bugs Now On NETFLIX


The Beat Bugs are charming, funny, adventurous, and have a knack for getting themselves into mischief and mayhem. Each of the five friends (Jay, Kumi, Crick, Buzz, and Walter) has a distinctive personality, and they display the charm and energy of five knockabout, lovable kids. They are best friends who band together to explore and learn in an overgrown suburban backyard, which to them is their entire universe.


This fun animation series is inspired by the music of the Beatles – sung by international music artists. Most interestingly Sia sings “Blackbird” and P!nk sings “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.” Other renditions of iconic songs will feature from James Bay, The Shins, Of Monsters and Men, Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Regina Spektor and Birdy. James Corden also joins musical cast.

NetFlix #Streamteam October!

It has been a while but we are back! This month I have been bingeing on Netflix. I hold my hands up. In all honesty is has been pretty old school, I am rewatching misfits which is just an awesome show and also trying to watch the returned and pretty little liars without getting them muddled up and ending up in some odd dream!

Liv has been pretty obsessed with Netflix as of late also. She is LOVING the project MC2 show. We had the chance to have a play with Adrienne doll on youtube and the character who plays her on the show saw the video and left a message for Livs.

liv tweet

I don’t think she will ever get over that one!

So what have you been watching this month?!

And what is new on Netflix?!…


Now Streaming

Now Streaming



Some awesome bits for the kids!

I am so looking forward to some scary bits coming on for Halloween. Ben and myself watched Insidious 2 on Netflix the other evening and I had to sleep with the TV on!!!!

Dont forget you can sign up to Netflix here and get the first month free!

Netflix #StreamTeam June

So this month really has been me time. Mainly due to the release of season 2 orange is the new black.


Truth be told, i hadn’t watched series 1, but when I read about it I decided, why not? So I watched. And I was hooked. This is one of the funniest shows I have seen for a while. Loved all the characters, especially Chapman obviously. And just found the whole storyline so gripping.

If you have not seen it yet then firstly, why? Go and watch it, secondly its about the lovely Piper Chapman (above) who has to do time for something that happened two years ago. It follows her prison life and all the dramas she faces. It also tells the story of some of the other inmates along the way.

Its based on a true story, someone actually went through some similar stuff, which makes it more loveable. A fabulous series exclusive to Netflix!

Why not jump over here to see how to make a fabulous cocktail to go with long evenings watching Orange is the new black?!



Remember you can subscribe to Netflix too, its simple, easy and only £5.99 a month! 

Netflix In May


This month on Netflix has been a good one. The kids have enjoyed many an animal film. Personally I love animal films, my sister always cries, no matter what the outcome, so we tend to keep her away from them.

We have to have something for everyone, to make sure everyone has a turn. So Pops had rango and was a big fan. Even daddy was having a giggle. Then Boo loved Clifford the puppy days. Then for me, I had Harry and the Hendersons. A classic and a must see for the girls, they were highly amused that someone had a big hairy human in their house. I didn’t want to correct her.



Running with the clifford theme Netflix have a great recipe for making a puppy sandwich.


You will need
2 x slices of wholemeal bread
1 x wholemeal pita or 1 x slice of wholemeal crust
Your favourite sandwich filling
Cream cheese (optional)


1. Make a sandwich using two slices of wholemeal bread and your favourite filling

2. Using a sharp knife, cut out a shape that resembles a pear or light bulb (wide and round at one end and narrower and rounded at the other)

3. Using either pitta bread or the slice of a crust, cut two teardrop shapes and then tuck these inside the sandwich so that the rounded section is at the top and the point is downwards

4. To make the nose, cut a slice of cucumber skin and then shape it into a round edged triangle and put it in place

5. For the eyes, take a slice of cheese and using a circular cutter (small cookie cutter), cut two oval eye shapes. Cut some more cucumber skin and using an apple corer or very small circle cutter, make two pupils from the cucumber skin and place on top of the cheese ovals

6. To finish, cut some small curves of cucumber skin using a round cutter and place above the eyes. To give the eyes and nose a more lifelike appearance, use a tiny dot of cream cheese to highlight these