Count Yourself Lucky!

Some posts you want to write, you sit umming and arrring about whether you should write it in the first place.

You wonder if it will offend people or cause upset, but part of really doesn’t care about that, its my blog and if your unhappy don’t read it. Simple.

Then there’s also that little saying, the truth hurts. 

See I recently heard something about a member of my family which not only left me dumbfounded, but really quite hurt.

They say love makes you do the strangest things, which is probably true, but at the same time, love should be about loving every tiny bit of who that person is. Not telling them what to wear, do or eat. That’s not love, that is control.

That is of course unless your partner is eating nothing but sweets, crisps and something vile like dripping on toast, this would be the only time it would be okay to maybe mention not eating so much of the previously mentioned food stuffs.

Anyway, this family member had decided that her and her slightly over bearing partner were so much in love, that they couldn’t possibly live another day together.

They had to try and commit suicide together, by jumping off an over pass.

Its been said that it would show the world just how much in love they are.

Personally, it would show me just how selfish they were to commit such an act. Love wouldn’t even come into it.

Firstly for two people in perfect health, with their whole lives in front of them, its just horrid. The amount of times I have lay in bed, in horrendous pain, unable to control my bladder the right amount and trying to understand why I am the one who had to have this disease to look over and see my pain killers and just want it all to be over.

Because it’s never going away. My little family will never get away from it, we will never get better.

But I don’t, because look at what I would leave behind. The futures, dreams and achievements of my family, extended or otherwise. I might not be the most able any more, I might rely on my husband more than I am comfortable with but I am still here. I still live every day with a smile, laugh and I take each opportunity I get sent.

So yes, maybe I do have a reason to end it all, but I also have a bloody good reason not to. 

And secondly, leaping off an overpass, will ruin someone else’s life forever. The poor unsuspecting driver below and their car full of children, would forever be ruined. 

Not to mention the fact one of you could live and the other die. Then how stupidly selfish would you feel?!

I’m sorry if you don’t like my words but count yourself lucky and like I said before. The truth hurts.