Barbie #BeSuper

be super

National Superhero day is not just about Batman, Spiderman or Superman it’s about the superheros amongst us in our home too. We have two small ones here of our very own, the girls are superheroes in their own rights and more than a lot of children as due to my MS they have to do more for me than most 3 and 6-year-olds have to do, and also put up with a lot more stopping at their nannies every week, and having my sister look after and do some of things I should be doing but are unable to do. They take it all in their stride that is why they are our superheroes.

We were lucky enough to be given the new Barbie in Power DVD and some of the new Princess Power Barbie dolls to review and party with. I have never thought about it before but there aren’t really many Superheros for girls and this is the start of things to come from Mattel.

In the film Barbie transforms into a superhero and inspires girls to discover their inner strengths and to celebrate the simple and smaller acts of being super. Most superhero stories are based on good Vs evil but not Barbie she uses powers like friendship and forgiveness to defeat her enemies. The film is great and the girls really enjoyed it and love having their very superhero to relate to

Some great dolls have been brought out to accompany the film. There is Princess Power Super Sparkle, Princess Power Corinne Doll and Chelsea Superhero doll. Princess Power Super Sparkle transforms from a pretty princess to a superhero by pushing the gem on her bodice and she spins to reveal a cape with stars and sparkles on it and twist her body back to make her a normal princess again, she has great pink wrist cuffs and a pink tiara that turns into her superhero mask from around £15.49 Chelsea Superhero doll rides a scooter so that she can launch into action quickly. She fits on the scooter and stays there while she rides along, from around £10.00 Princess Power Corinne Doll has lights and sounds and needs batteries that are included. She has a butterfly on her shoulder that when you press you hear a kiss and then her bodice becomes sparkly and flashes and then lighten bolts appear on her. They retail from £11.49 With the dolls the girls can make great stories over and over again they will have hours of fun and will help learn along the way.