We Are #KurioFamilyBloggers Our First Look…

So, we became Kurio Family Bloggers thanks to a heartfelt plea from Ninny. She will be using the Kurio XL tab to create youtube videos for her new channel, as well as playing the many games.

These are few of my own initial thoughts on the Kurio XL…












The Kurio XL is a 10 inch tablet, designed specifically for kids. It comes with a charger, a stand and this lovely rubbery case. The sheer size of the tablet was first thing that hit us. Its the perfect size for Ninny as she struggles with her eyes, so with the Kurio XL she is able to see everything clearly and comfortably.

A couple of years back we actually won the original Kurio Tab, so we were really excited to see how much it had changed over the years and whether improvements had been made.

They have.

The display is crystal clear, easy to navigate for both adults and children. The Kurios best feature is the safety aspect, it’s a tablet which is designed to keep the kids safe whilst online, and make it easy to use for little people. It has come a long way over two years and it seems to have harnessed all the changes needed, it’s grown with technology and it really is something I will be recommending.

The Kurio XL tab comes with 50 preinstalled apps, which have kept Ninny entertained for hours, other than Youtube, she has not asked for any other apps to be installed. WIN!

Being an android based tablet, this means you have access to everything the play store offers, as well as the fabulous educational, fun apps the Kurio store offers. A huge bonus.

The XL tab also has aHMDI port, which is something we were thrilled with, it makes it super easy to connect to the TV.

By far the most intriguing thing for me was the whole “motion” aspect of the Kurio XL, not something I have seen in other tablets, especially ones for children. I was looking forward to seeing how they have incorporated this into the games.

Ninny was recently playing a cooking game, in which she has to bake a cake, I noticed she was using the motion control to pour ingredients into the mix and then into the other bowl, it was lovely to watch her interaction with the tablet grow and I can see the Motion aspect of the tablet is something she will explore further in weeks to come!

kurio 2
kurio 6








Over the coming weeks, both me and Ninny will be posting updates on the Kurio XL tab and exploring everything it has to offer, so stay tuned!




My First Relapse Of 2013, And It Hurts.

Yup, so this is my first relapse of 2013. I am pretty chuffed to have got all the way from November to April, however it seems, all the time was for the vile disease to plot this attack.

My left arm, left eye and horrendous shooting pains down my neck. Not to mention feeling like I have been beaten up by 10 big wrestlers. 

I spent last night trying to stop the pain, trying to sleep and crying. I know a total mess.

I am on day two of tablet form steroids. Which give you instant gut rot. I have to take FIVE a day for five days, as well as two omeprazole for my tummy, an array of painkillers and the usual tablets.

They taste vile and create egg burps.

I have not been able have to have IV this time as my veins are simply lost. Iv is much easier on the stomach and make me sleepy, I would much prefer that than this.

I know from last time when my veins packed in after the first day, that tablets are not forgiving. They are rough and make you feel hideous for about two weeks after. I am struggling to pick Beboo up. It hurts, both physically and mentally.

Mentally I am a mess, for a multitude of reasons, I always vowed to be honest, so I am. I keep crying and finding myself feeling at a loss. I have no way out and no choice in what happens.

Its days, weeks and times like this that remind me, I am not the one in control any more. Not really.

Not really sure what’s happening next, other than a scan and maybe back to Tysabri, as I know my lovely MS nurse wants the best for me. She is amazing, she’s on her week off and has been there for me still, no amount of texts and questions is too much. So glad I have her. 

Right, I must go and wash myself, or at least try. God bless the adapted bathroom. 

I will leave you with a thought.