I’m Sorry

Today has been a bad MS day, days like these really do make you wonder why and how.

I often sit and wonder how I got here. How it was me who ended up having MS.

Some might say it was karma.

At times I might agree with them.

It makes you want to apologise for all you have done and all you now cannot do.

I am sorry for the lies I told.

I am sorry to the people I hurt.

I am sorry for not being ready.

I am sorry for for not loving my sister then, like I do now, for taking her for granted.

To my girls I am sorry for not being all I can be.

Sorry for bringing the nasty disease into their lives.

Sorry for being a burden now and in their future.

Sorry for the days when I simply just can’t.

To my husband I am sorry you had to care when you were young and now as you get older.

Sorry for not always being the best wife I can be.

Sorry to all of your for our future, I can’t see it being pretty.

I am most sorry for the fact the sorry is not enough, sorry will not make this go away.