TalkTalk Calls Boost, Lets Get Chatting…

So finding a decent calls package for the home phone line can be a right pain in the rear, but TalkTalk have come up with some amazing packages, home for AND mobile, which, lets face it, is a rare sight.

Starting from as little as £3 a month you can get a whole 100 mobile minutes. This for me is amazing in itself. When I was a teenager, I ran up plenty of bills calling mobile phones, in the hundreds range, this would have saved me several ear bashings from the parents!

Next they have the 1000 mobile minutes boost for £5, this could save you up to £50 a month and is perfect if you find yourself calling mobiles more than you should. This boost would be essential for any home with teenages, see above for the reasoning behind that…

Then we have  the International calls boost where you get unlimited anytime calls to the 36 most popular landline destinations including Australia, USA and Europe for £3.50 a month. Fab if you have family that live abroad!

Also they offer the 500 global minutes boost. which comes with 500 minutes to call landlines and mobiles in 100 international destinations including india, pakistan and china for £5 per month. This is great and pretty much an all rounder when it comes to calls. Its covers you for so many things and saves plenty.

These packages from Talktalk are really second to none at the moment. They offer so much for such a small price. As someone who spends far too much time on the phone, its perfect. So, if you are looking for a really fabulous, affordable and worthwhile phone package then any of the above would be perfect!

TalkTalk Homesafe Review

Some readers may know, but we are working with TalkTalk this year. Trying out all they have to offer and this time we have been looking at TalkTalks Homesafe, their very own all round internet security.


Now with the girls growing up and devices being so readily available and easy to use, internet safety is important to us. Especially they amount of time the kids are online playing games etc.

Homesafe is great, its built in so it protects all the devices that use the internet in the home. So even whilst surfing a my mobile, I am still safe. Its free for all TalkTalk customers, so no expensive licensing fees or renewal. With it being built in it also means there’s no complicated programmes to set up, it just takes a couple of clicks on your online account and away you go.

The dashboard is really user friendly, with simple easy to understand options and many thing like virus notifications, homework time and kids safe having simple yes or no options. Meaning its easy to turn off and on when the kids aren’t around.

Always handy.

From spyware protection to email do’s and don’ts, this simple built in programme can protect the entire home via just one quick click online.

The Hubby recently obsessed about having protection for his phone, being a big gamer he downloads many roms to play and was often worried about what could happen to his beloved phone. Needless to say, he got some antivirus for his phone, one that took up loads of memory and slowed the thing right down. But now thats not an issue with HomeSafe, because its built in, it means it can protect anything that logs onto the wireless.

I know with the girls getting older so quickly, the other features like homework time and kids safe will come in handy, ha, I am one step ahead for a change!


Zombie Land From TalkTalk

zombie 3

Zombieland is part of a rising storm of comedy horrors involving zombies. Since it’s 2010 release there has been plenty springing out the woodwork and being made available for the first time in the UK from different shores.

It has a well known class of actors being Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenburg, Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone.

zombie 1 zombie 2


Jesse Eisenberg is wondering the roads of America surviving and getting by with his list of rules to make it in the post apocalyptic zombie littered world. He gets picked up by Harrelson, who plays a rowdy lunatic who takes great pleasure decapitating zombies in any creative way or weapon he has to hand. With this as his chosen hobby his new companion is quick to join in.

On their road kill pleasure they encounter two young ladies, it appears one has been bitten. They are desperate to get to an amusement park which they hear is clear of infected. They soon become a quartet and start to go on a zombie killing spree trying to out do each other on the amount of kills they get, with the ladies being as ruthless and destructive as the men. At times the team are taking on hordes of zombies and in some cases encouraging the hordes to form. And yes you may have heard there is a cameo of Bill Murray who generously lets the group into his home for a night they will never forget…I they live through it! It is almost laugh a minute material and takes a funny twist on a genre that is usually dark and serious.

Zombie land is available from the TalkTalk box office!!