Yes, Why Wouldn’t I Want My Kids To Smoke?!

Yes, I mean why wouldn’t I want my four and one year old kids to smoke, sharing is caring after all?!

No, I have not gone mad, it seems other people feel the need to force this habit upon my children by lighting up and blowing the smoke directly at them? Why do people do this, since when has it become socially acceptable to blow your second hand smoke on my children when we finally venture out to the shops?

Its disgusting and gross.

Its your choice to smoke, each to their own and all that shit, just don’t proceed to think its okay to blow your smoke over innocent passers by, especially the smaller, sticky kind. 

I mean people don’t even bat an eyelid whilst lighting up in the middle of the street with all the people that don’t smoke and all the children that I hope will never smoke.

I am not a hater of smokers, if you want to do it that is your choice, no, I am a hater of people blowing there disgustingly rotten smoke all over my children!!!!!

Its not just cigarette smoke either, with all these teens thinking they are the dogs bollocks for smoking weed, when, in-fact the simply smell like dogs bollocks. YOU ARE NOT COOL! It is also not cool to do it in the street around all the previously mentioned, small sticky people. Its a drug, one I do not wish for my children to inhale!

Come on people, keep your habits to yourself. I dont randomly walk up to you and start picking your nasty flaky skin, so don’t blow your shit in our faces.