New Teletubbies Toys 2016!

Yay! The day is finally here when we can reveal to you what’s in the box!


It’s the new collection of TELETUBBY toys! They have been remodelled and brought into 2016 and so beautifully too.

The new range of plush toys look stunning. Gone are the hard plastic faces which have been replaced with soft and cute ones. Each character is available in 6 inch plush and 8 inch talking plush. The talking plush have a list of iconic phrases, making them the perfect companion.

Dipsy mid lala po

They even have the Lala talking nightlight which lights from her tummy!


Each character also comes in a little figure with their favourite item. My kids love these. They are all for little figures!

tinky poooooo noo noo

Look, they even have a Noo-Noo!!! Perfect to collect over time.

Then they have the Tubb Custard Machine is amazing. It’s new to the TV series, so naturally it’s awesome. Kids cab pull the string on the Tubby Custard machine and all four of the Tubby’s spin around in their cups as the Custard machine lights up and plays music!


Or course there are so many more toys, which will all be available from mid-January. So make sure to grab the as soon as you can, I can see them being a must for kids this January.

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So this very special box arrived the other day. It’s a tip top tubby secret, so for now, I will have to keep you guessing. But with the Teletubbies back on our screens, you just know the contents of this box will be epic!

Evie loves the Tubbies, we are huge Cbeebies fans anyway, so it was a given really. Liv enjoyed it when she was younger, so the fact that it is back on TV now is amazing.

So, remember to come back here on the 11th of January to see what’s in the box!!!!


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