Kidcampz are a great new brand who have really transformed the art of tent making into, well, an art?!

They are sets which come together to make a tent with a difference. We gave one of thees sets a run for its money. In the pack were; poles, the end attachments for joining the poles, a huge tent cover, clips, velcro straps, pegs and a nifty holdall bag. Oh and instructions of course, but after the first time they become obsolete! 

See this is a tent set with a difference. This tent can be any shape and size you wish providing you have the right amount of poles, however as it can be used with chairs, sofas and any other unsuspecting piece of furniture, the possibilities really are endless regardless! 

For the purpose of this review however we made a simple square tent, granted it was a larger than average square tent, so much so, we had to adventure into the conservatory to complete it. See the photos below:

Assembley time

See, so easy, everyone decided to help, even Beboo was able to have a go putting it together, she may not have been the most helpful toddler at the time, but she tried 😛

The basic structure was easy to complete and once the top was on, we soon found it even had doors, which Pops was very excited about, I think it made the whole thing more ‘real’ The tent covering if very large and basically a huge cube shape, which means it is really versatile as far as fitting the structures go.

finished tent

Now the day we did this, Pops was over excited and I quote “just wanted us to hurry up” but since doing this, we have made a house shaped one and my sister even had a try at using the dining table to made a really huge den for the girls.

Needless to say, the Kidcampz tent was a hit with everyone, even Nanny and Gramps came to have a look!

The fact it comes in a cool holdall bag also means it can be taken anywhere and transported between here and nannies with ease. I think come the summer it will be a great addition for the garden also, meaning its ultra versatile!

A Kidcampz tent would make the perfect gift this Christmas, so go on, you know you want to!