Holiday So far…

So we have been on holiday since Monday, its been the usual holiday madness things going wrong and sinks leaking, however Hoseasons have been amazing about it, unlike Unity where we are staying, there customer service leaves alot to be desired. 

So we have spent far too much time in the amusements but to be fair, we have had such a giggle, so who cares?!

Yesterday the weather was lovely, so Nanny, the girls and daddy went off to the beach!

DSCN0145 DSCN0117 DSCN0120 DSCN0122 DSCN0137

Later on, Nanny decided to go and win the jackpot on a machine! So we decided to capture her joy!



Sorry about the blur, Husband was obviously over excited!

So, after being told to rest, I now ache and feel hideous, all part of the fun I guess! 🙂